What Is Website Grader?

A website grader is a service that will grade the quality of your website or blog. A perfect score of 100 means you are doing everything right.

We would all like that!

How does your website grade?

There are many websites that offer this service as a way to get you to come visit their site.

Website Grader

If I Google search website grader, or how good is my website, one of the first sites that comes up is web site grader which is run by Hub Spot.

The explain the benefits here.

You have to enter your website url and email to find out how your site grades against key metrics like performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security. Now they have your email address so this is a good trade for them.

Free Grader

Freegrader.com makes it even simpler. Just enter your website url and in a minute or less you will have your grade. I am using a Blogger blog form Google and scored an 80.

The only thing they say I am missing is scheduling software that could cause me to miss out on opportunities to grow my customer base. Not really sure what that means, but everything else looks good, so Google knows what they are doing. 🙂

The bottom line is we all want to have a good website or blog that is providing a quality experience to our visitors. We also want to rank on Google and everyone can stand to make a few improvements if needed to achieve that.

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