What Is Your Plan To Make Money Online? Here Is An Excellent Blogging Blueprint

Now in my 14th year of making money online I have seen and heard just about everything.

In reality there are several ways you could make money online.

That means there are several ways you could not make money online as well.

Regardless of which way you decide to make money online you need a plan. Sometimes this is referred to as a blueprint, but that is hard to come up with on your own.

So, what is the answer?

Find a blueprint for making money online and follow it. I love this idea because if you stick to the blueprint you will make money.

If you stray away from the blueprint you may or may not make money. You have no one to blame but yourself.

Here is 1 blueprint for making money as a blogger. This will automatically give you a plan to make money online with a blog if you follow it and put in the effort.

Blogging millionaire Yaro Starak offers a free download of version 2.0:

How To Make $10,000 Per Month, ‘Working’ On Your Blog Only 2 Hours Per Day. 

Over 150,000 people downloaded version 1.0 which is real testament to the following he has.

Here are success stories for people who used version 1.0:

I love the fact his blueprint is meant for people who will work 2 hours a day. As Yaro says “this is not meant to be a full time job”! You are going to learn how to create a blog sales funnel. You will also learn how to create your own digital products to sell.

As you can already see this is more then writing articles and calling yourself a blogger. You really do need to learn bow to blog unless you want to become another blog failing statistics.

Did you know 94% of all blogs fail to make money. 80% earn less then $500 a month.

That doesn’t stop people from starting a new blog. That is not the problem.

Starting a new blog is easy because it is so simple and it doesn’t cost much. You can buy a domain name, set up hosing, and install a WordPress theme in minutes for less then $10-$15.

You can start a free Google blog at Blogger.com in a couple of minutes without a domain name and hosting. However, it will still not make money unless you do the right things after you have it set up.

One more time here is the link to Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 How To Make $10,000 Per Month, ‘Working’ On Your Blog Only 2 Hours Per Day

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