Where To Get Blog Content Writing Help

You may think it is odd that someone who makes his money writing blog content would offer sources for blog content writing help. Aren’t I sending potential customers away and losing business?

30 years ago I worked for a heating and air conditioning company. We had a service company that fixed broken furnaces and air conditioners.

One of the owners decided we were going to start a parts department and sell parts to home owners who wanted to try and fix their own equipment. His theory was we would make money selling the parts and when the customer couldn’t do their own repair they would call us and we would go out and fix it for them anyway.

We would make money 2 ways instead of one. I have a similar theory in referring to good sources for training on writing blog content.

I know many people just are to busy to keep their blog up to date. Some will never be bloggers because they are not good at it, or they just do not like it.

They will give learning how to blog a try, but give up and call me to do it for them. With that in mind let me give you 3 excellent sources for training on how to be a freelance writer.

This stuff applies to blog writing and other forms of writing for money as well. After you check it out, if you decide you do not want to write your own blog content for any reason, come back to me and let me write quality affordable articles for your blog so you don’t have to.

1. Check out Maggie Linders Freelance Writing Riches website. Subscribe to her email newsletter as well. This is really great stuff!

2. Angela Booth has an excellent Fab Freelance Writing Blog of her own where she offers writing tips and sells ebooks and reports for more in depth writing training. She has a free email newsletter as well.

3. American Writers & Artists, Inc.
is the place to go for training on every different way to make money writing.

I have bought some of the training from various writers and it is really good. Of course you can do a Google search of your own and do your own research, but these 3 should give you plenty of free and paid training.

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  1. Maggie

    Hi Jeff,

    I didn't see this until just now. Thank you so much for mentioning my site. I am glad you find my resources useful. All the best to you!


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