Who Should Moderate The 2016 Presidential Debates? I Have An Idea!

The debates are about 6 weeks away and in the 4 week period from 09-26 to 10-19 there are 3 Presidential Debates and 1 VP Debate.

This is going to have a big impact on who wins this election despite all of the gloom and doom being spewed out by the left wing media about how bad Trump is doing right now.

I see talk online about who should moderate the debates heating up as well so here is my idea.

– Hillary picks one moderator for debate 1.

– Trump picks one moderator for debate 2.

– Facebook runs a contest where we all write in a candidate. Most votes is the moderator for debate 3.

For the VP Debate just let Pence and Kaine ask each other questions. Nobody watches it anyway, especially if there is a good football game that night.

Will my idea happen?? Probably not, it seems to fair!

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