Why Doesn’t Affiliate Marketing Have A Bad Name?

Affiliate marketing is different then network marketing in one primary way.

In affiliate marketing you are not sponsoring new members into your business.

Your primary focus is selling products or driving traffic to a site to get a click or maybe have a lead form filled out.

So, why doesn’t affiliate marketing have a bad name?

Here Is Why!

In network marketing your primary focus is recruiting new distributors. I can’t think of any other business model where so much of the success is tied back to the sponsor and not the distributor.

I think that’s the main reason affiliate marketing doesn’t have a bad name like network marketing does. If you fail in affiliate marketing it’s your fault. You didn’t sell enough products to hit the income goals you have.

If you fail in network marketing it is almost always the fault of your upline or of the MLM company itself, or so we think, Right!

The primary reason for this is so much of the success in sponsoring new members is tied to using somebody in the upline as an example of just how much money can be made when you joined that MLM company.

We all like success stories that make us think we can make a lot of money ourselves.

In reality that was never going to be the case. The people who make the most money in network marketing would be extremely successful in other businesses as well.

Are You An Entrepreneur?

The people who fail and network marketing are generally not salespeople or entrepreneurial in nature and would fail if they tried to start any business of their own.

The Internet is doing a great job of helping people who failed in network marketing before succeeding this time.

The reason for that?

Internet marketing skills, combined with social media marketing, make it possible for anyone to master traffic generation and email follow-up strategies.

These are the same strategies that work selling anything online including affiliate marketing products.

However, I can guarantee you that if you join a network marketing company, and don’t get quality traffic to your website, your not going to sell products and sponsor new distributors.

If you join an affiliate program, and don’t get traffic to your affiliate provided website, you’re not going to sell products either.

The difference in the end is the affiliate will blame themselves, where the network marketer will blame their sponsor, their upline, or the network marketing company itself, and that is not really fair.

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