Why Network Marketing Will Continue To Grow

I can summarize why network marketing will continue to grow in 2 words.

Free Enterprise!

If you offer free enterprise to people with little to no government interference you see people who jump on the chance to start their own network marketing business everyday.

Network marketing is a business model. It is not a scam and it is not a hobby.

Products are sold by the network marketing company to distributors at wholesale pricing and to customers at retail pricing.

Network marketing will continue to grow because it is not a pyramid scheme like many people think it is.

Actually it is just the opposite.


In network marketing today distributors use Internet websites to sell products directly to their customers. Network marketing is direct sales and that is another reason why it will continue to grow.

Over the years the Federal Trade Commission has gotten involved with various network marketing companies to get this point across.

You must have retail customers if you have a network marketing business.

This isn’t to say that you as a distributor can’t just join the company and by products for personal use.

I personally am in favor of that because there are so many outstanding products online you might as well personally use and buy at the wholesale pricing level.

However, that’s not going to make any money.

To make money you need to be selling these products.

Sponsor Distributors

I do know that people focus on sponsoring new distributors and their business more than they do retail selling.


Unless you sell a big-ticket product there’s not a lot of profit selling products and earn you a small commission. However, if you want your network marketing business to grow you need a combination of retail sales and sponsoring new distributors.

Internet Marketing

Network marketing will continue to grow because the Internet is making it possible to do both of these things much easier than in the past.

I happen to feel that network marketing businesses have only scratched the surface in terms of how they’re going to grow in the future using the Internet.

We haven’t even seen the next great thing yet. It hasn’t been that long ago that Google revolutionized the Internet with paid and organic searches.

Facebook is not very old either.

Network marketing will continue to grow because the opportunities to promote products and the business model will continue to evolve and that’s a great thing.

Should you start a network marketing business?

Maybe, maybe not excavation point

Ask yourself this question, am I entrepreneurial?

That would marketing will continue to grow as more people who are entrepreneurial discover it as a legitimate way to start a business and be in profit very quick.

Only you can answer whether it’s a good business model for you.

Because it’s so inexpensive to start a network marketing business you may want to do so just to find out if it would work for you or not.

This is another reason why network marketing will continue to grow. People are willing to take a chance on it because they don’t have a lot to lose except some time.

Of course I’m all in favor of people developing large network marketing businesses because I’m a network marketing blog writer.

The more people that start network marketing businesses the better as far as I’m concerned because I know a certain number of those are going hire me to write blog articles for them!

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