10 Blog Ideas For Seniors To Start

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In this article we will look at blog ideas for seniors to start. Seniors are big on communication. That is all a blog is. You are communicating your thoughts, wisdom and experience to those who may need the pointers to help them get ahead.

It doesn’t take much to write a blog and if you do not know what one is, blog is short for weblog. A weblog is basically an electronic diary or newspaper column without the personal details or newspaper backing. Continue reading to find out blog ideas for seniors to start their communicating.

The hard part about starting a blog is thinking of the ideas to go with. The good thing is that even if there are lots of people writing in the same area as you, they do not have your experience or knowledge. There is always room for one more to make their unique contribution.

Blog Ideas To Get Working On

It is always tough to get a blog or a business going. Finding the right idea, then the right hook to get people interested, as well as knowing what to say are always difficult. But once you get an idea then the other parts of a blog fall into place.

Here are some good ideas for blogs that should get you thinking about what you can write about on the internet:

#1. News blog- be your own investigative reporter, editor and publisher. Get the news out that the mainstream media is suppressing and ignoring. The world needs more of these blogs

#2. Sports writing- the same goes for sports. You can be the inside man that gets the information people want to know about.

#3. Information- local information, what to do and see from a local’s point of view, special events, their times plus admission to all these things are handy and convenient for tourists to know about

#4. Podcasts- instead of writing and remaining behind the scenes, talk about controversial issues, religion, local events and more. The only difference is you will be doing your blog in front of a camera and not from a keyboard

#5. Be a story teller- just like your dad and grand dad, spin some good tales and post them on your blog. People are looking for quality entertainment and this is one way to provide it.

Blog Ideas For Seniors To Start

#6. Lifestyle reporter- talk about how the golden years do not have to be sad and lonely. Make suggestions, tips and other thoughts on improving those retirement times everyone dreads. Being a senior doesn’t mean waiting to pass on.

#7. Be a critic- not every critic reflects the real talent of the chefs in your city nor the entertainers and their efforts. Take time to eat at those places or watch those entertainers then give positive or negative reviews. This will keep you moving and get you out of the house.

#8. Be a world traveler- just like food and entertainment, travel the world around you and let people know about your experiences and adventures. You do not have to leave home to do this although it helps.

#9. Write about sporting activities- talk about great fishing holes, hunting spots, the rules, regulations as well as the equipment needed. You can also add in archery and similar activities to keep your content unique

#10. Pen something on health & finances- two key issues that are on everyone’s minds today. Older adults would love to hear where they can get cheaper medications and save money.

Monetize Your Blog

You do not have to fund the blog out of your own pocket. There are ways to help bring in some revenue to cover your expenses and make a little extra income. Once you have decided on the idea your blog will be about, look into these areas to see if they help you pay the freight:

Sell your e-books if you have them- this is a good way to get your presence known and share your experiences

Create online courses- these help people retain what you talk about plus help them get better in their chosen field

Use affiliate marketing- you can sell different products to those visitors who like what you write. It i snot hard to do

Allow advertising- there are banner ads and other ways to sell advertising space on your website

Sell something- these can be products that you make, can obtain cheaply or your friends have products they want to sell . There are lots of options for this opportunity

Receive donations- everyone is doing, almost, so jump on that bandwagon and see what revenue is sent your way

Start a consulting business- work your own hours and marry it with the contents of your blog. You set the fees and the payment schedules as well as your own hours

There are more ideas to monetize your new blog and a little research will help you find them. Pick the ones that will work best for you and your preferences. Or if you are able, fund your blog yourself and not have the worry of selling items, etc.

How To Do Your New Blog

Now that you have a new idea that may work for you, starting the blog and running are the next steps in the weblog process. Getting the idea is hard but now you have to put that idea into reality and here is how you do it:

Come up with a list of topics to write about
Know what NOT to talk or write about
Consider the intentions or purpose of your blog
Scrutinize the competition and learn from their mistakes or find new ways of doing things
Do some brainstorming so you do not run out of ideas or things to talk about.

How To Make Money Using Blogs

Let’s get more into detail about how to make money blogging…..

Google Adsense

First way how to make money using blogs is using Google AdSense. This type of making money does not involve taking people’s money.

The main purpose of Google Adsense is to provide content and links to people who are visiting the site. The links and content in the site is the main thing that provides people with content.

This means that these links and content are the ones that actually are providing people with profit. When people click on the ads they are actually paying Google for the traffic that they provide to them.

The downside to this method is that you do not have control over how many ads you put on your site and it does not provide any control over what ads you put on your site. Also it does not provide you with as much profit as the two other ways I will be talking about.

Best Way

In my opinion the best way to make money using blogs is this. Search for the keywords that are related to what you are going to create the blog for.

Once you have found a keyword that you are interested in, start researching other related keywords. With SEO software you can get the monthly searches and the yearly searches.

You will want to build up a good foundation of related keywords so once the foundation is established, you can start researching for the blog post titles. From there you can start your blog and let Google do the work of getting you traffic.

Now that we have established how to create a blog for free, the next step is how to make money.

1. Use Affiliate Marketing.

This is a great way to make money on the internet. Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products and making a commission for every sale that you provide.

To get started, find a product related to your blog. When you find the product, you can add the affiliate links to your site. From there you can get a sale and with every sale you provide, you will provide a commission.

2. Another way to make money on the internet is by using blog services.

This will entail you providing your blog to a company. There are many companies that will pay you to provide them with traffic and subscribers.

These services are really great and the money really is great. One service that stands out above all others is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you a blog, a domain name, and a traffic backlink for every visitor that you provide it. You will also receive a percentage of the product each time that they sell a product through your blog. For those of you that have been blogging for a while, you probably know what a blog is.

3. Another way to make money on the internet is through advertising.

If you create a blog, you can advertise your blog’s content to get money through ads. Google AdSense is an advertising program that will pay you if someone clicks on your ads. If someone clicks on your ads, you will receive a set amount of money.

4. Join an affiliate program.

If you want to make money even faster, there are people that will give you a list of products that they think would be of interest to you and then they will send them to you. This can be done by joining affiliate programs.

If you join one of the best affiliates is Amazon. This is because Amazon has a huge selection of products to choose from. You can select the products that you want to receive by joining Amazon, placing your ads in their system, and then they will ship them to your address. There is also free shipping to your address.

Summary: How To Make Money Using Blogs

These are only four ways to make money on the internet. There are lots of ways to make money on the internet but the ones above are the best.

As you start to make money on the internet you will also start to get commissions from different affiliates. You should get commissions for the time that you spend working on your blog and when you receive money from various affiliates. You should get a share of that money.

There are people out there who make thousands of dollars every month. There are also people out there who make nothing from blogging. It depends on how you set your goals. But if you set your goals low, you will be successful.

FAQS: How To Make Money Using Blogs

Is blogging a good way to make money?

It is certainly a good way to make money online, however it has its problems. One of which is that you have to have some good writing skills. Many people use blogs as a way of expressing their thoughts on any subject however it is not a very good way of making money online. One of the ways that you can make money online with a blog however is by adding Google AdSense ads on it.

How do bloggers get paid?

In any industry, there are many ways to get paid for your time or talents. Blogging is no different. If you create or moderate enough blogs, you will be able to find a way to get paid for your time. It takes hard work and time to build up enough blogs in the first place, and maintaining them is another thing. Common ways to get paid are by the impression and by the click. Google Adsense is what we use. Payments from affiliate programs come in various ways including direct deposit, Paypal and by debit card.

Some final words Blog Ideas For Seniors To Start

Once you get past the difficult part of finding the right idea for you, your new blog should fall into place and give you a nice direction to follow. You can always upgrade or refine your work as you gain more experience and confidence.

Take your time as there is no rush. You will want to do the blog right and be seen as someone who can be trusted. Go with those blog ideas for baby boomers to start if you can’t think of any yourself.


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