10 Ways Boomers Are Making Extra Money

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Side hustles are not just for millennials. Even baby boomers can engage with side hustles and increase their chances of making more money. If you are a boomer who is looking for such ideas, you have come to the right place. Here are 10 such prominent ways boomers are making extra money. You can get to know about those methods and start a profitable business venture on your own.

1. Working as an investment advisor.

If you are a person who worked as a financial advisor or on a similar career, you will be able to become an investment advisor and share knowledge with people who are keen to grab your knowledge. You will be able to share great ideas with other people on how to get the most out of their money.

Millennials prefer to get investment advisors from the boomers. That’s because they believe that boomers are more effective with managing money.

Therefore, you will not come across any major challenges when you are trying to find people to buy the services that you offer as well. It is better if you can go ahead and get the Certified Financial Planning certification. Then you can easily boost your credibility and expertise.

2. Offering property maintenance services.

Any boomer who has a good understanding on property management can start offering property maintenance services. You will not have to do any hard work.

Offering consultancy services to the property owners on how to take good care of their property and manage it would be enough to help you with increasing your chances of securing success. Make sure that you use all your life experiences to deliver effective consultancy services.

Then you can impress the customers who obtain the services from you. This will add more credibility to your business venture.

3. Become a medical claims assistance professional.

Ways Boomers Make Extra Money

If you have a good understanding about medical terminology and health insurance plans, you can become a medical claims assistance professional. Lots of people go through struggles when they are trying to obtain their medical claims.

You just need to provide your support and assistance to such people with getting their medical claims. You can use your knowledge to check if the clients have been billed accordingly for the services offered. Then you can handle the paperwork and support people to get their claims in a timely manner.

4. Become a nutritional consultant.

There is a high demand for nutritional consultants out there in the world. That’s because everyone is looking forward to living a healthier life. This is a great opportunity that a boomer can have in order to proceed with making some extra money.

It is better if you can get the required certifications, so that you can bring more credibility to the services that you offer. As a nutritional consultant, you will have numerous opportunities to share your knowledge and make money. Most common option out of them would be to conduct 1:1 coaching sessions.

Along with that, you will also be able to share your knowledge by writing articles or delivering speeches at health fairs. No matter what, you can earn some extra money as a senior.

5. Work as a daily money manager.

We often see business owners feel overwhelmed with managing their money. This is where you can think about becoming a daily money manager.

You will need to work on accounting and bookkeeping work and help them to keep track of finances. If you are from a similar background, you can use that knowledge and proceed with the business venture without having to worry too much about anything.

6. Start a Blog.

boomers blog to make extra money

Seniors have a wealth of knowledge to be shared with others. While sharing your knowledge you will also be able to earn a decent income. This is where you can think about blogging.

You will be able to create your own blog on the internet and start sharing knowledge. Then you can take a look at the different methods available to monetize the blog. For example, you can focus on joining with an ad network to display advertisements on the blog. Or else, you can do affiliate marketing on the blog.

7. Become a financial planner.

Along with your age and life experiences, you are aware about the importance of proper financial planning. You will also have a good understanding about some of the best financial planning tips.

You can become a financial planner and share them with others. This method will help you to earn a decent income during the retirement as well.

8. Help people with antique appraisals.

As a senior, you will have a good understanding about the true value associated with antiques. This understanding will also help you to make extra cash.

You just need to start a small business with antique appraisals. People who are moving their houses will often come across the need to get the assistance of an expert who can help them with antique appraisals. You just need to offer your services to them and make money.

9. Home based baking business.

If you are good with baking you can bake foods at home. For example, you can bake cookies. Then you can sell them to the people in your neighborhood.

Food delivery apps will be able to help you on that. If you can maintain the quality of what you offer to the market, you don’t have to worry too much about making a decent income out of this business venture.

10. Offer transcription services.

All the seniors who are fluent in more than one language can offer transcription services and translation services. You will be able to find clients to offer these services online.

Your fluency in languages will be able to help you to get maximum returns out of the business venture. You will need to be flexible with the services that you offer, and it will help you to receive the best returns.

Follow these 10 tips on ways boomers are making extra money and any boomer will be able to start making money from the comfort of home.

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