13 Small Business Internet Marketing Tips

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If you own a small business using the Internet will be a big key to success. In this article we will talk about 13 small business internet marketing tips to help you do just that!

1. Create a company page on Facebook.

It should be simple, it should be targeted to your particular industry, location and product. It should give an opportunity for your customers to share their experiences and advice with your company. This is an inexpensive and easy way to generate leads. Here is what Facebook says:

Here’s what you’ll need to set up your Facebook Page.

2. Join communities that your prospects frequent.

This is not only a social media networking site, but also gives you an opportunity to share your company information and message, and to ask questions and receive answers from your customers.

3. Create a Blog.

Blogs are simple and inexpensive. You can create a blog within your company website.

It should have the topic niche that you specialize in. It will give you an opportunity to communicate with your clients, prospects, past clients and prospects.

4. Post videos on YouTube.

Make sure that you use this site to promote your company. Videos are affordable and simple, and a video is one of the best forms of promotion we have today.

It is economical, it is effective, it is quick, and it is memorable. Videos will build your brand and will build your customer loyalty. Use it to grow your business!

5. Use Google maps to guide your customers to your store.

Your customers may check you into when they are doing shopping or to go to another store. Use the new maps feature of Google maps to bring people to your store.

It will generate new customers. If you have a map nearby you can post it to your Facebook wall or to your Google maps page. This will notify your customers when you enter the area.

6. Create and update your website regularly.

Your website is your company shop. When your customers search for you shop on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other web directories your website appears in their search results. Ensure that the information provided on your website is accurate and up to date.

7. If you have a Twitter page for your business.

Use it to communicate with your customers. Tweets allow you to share your thoughts and information with your customers. Make sure that you add your website link to your Twitter page.

8. Offline ads.

When you run an ad on television or print, make sure that you include your website link if you have one. If you don’t have a website create one. Even a small website is important.

9. Ensure that you add your website link to all your marketing material.

Your website is your online salesperson, ambassador, representative, and guide to your products. It is your information portal.

Your portal to customer service. Make sure that you use it to promote your company.

10. Use hash tags.

When you use social media to promote your business, you will be aware of the importance of the # symbol. This is the social media buzz word.

It is the way people are communicating on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. to promote their businesses and promote your business. Ensure that you use the hashtag to promote your business. This can be seen as a form of advertisement.

You will be aware of the fact that Google AdWords can help you with reaching the maximum number of people at the minimum cost. Be sure you use social media to generate leads, interest and sales.

11. Social media tips.

Make sure that you ensure that you use the Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ symbols for promoting your business. Ensure that you have listed your website as the first option when searching for your business on the social media websites.

This will help you to increase your website hits.  Be sure that you have added your company website to your emails so that you get visits from your prospects and people who are interested in your company’s products and services.

Social media marketing can get very expensive, so make sure that you set up your profiles so that you can get as much traffic as possible. Social media marketing is the future of marketing, so make sure that you use it to promote your business.

12. Staying Connected

When you run an ad or share something on social media, you will be aware of the fact that there will be people who will unfollow you. This is not a criticism of them. It is simply about getting as many connected people as possible.

To make sure that your social media marketing campaign does not go to waste, make sure that you unfollow unfollow people who are negative towards you and your business. It is just a way of ensuring that you get more connected people.

Ensure that you use the comments section on your social media websites to share information about your company. There will be lots of positive comments. When you share positive information about your company and product, people will unfollow you, instead of the other way around.

13. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Social media marketing can be used to increase your website hits. If you run an ad or share something on social media, you will find out that there will be lots of people who will unfollow you instead of the other way around.

This is simply because you shared something negative towards them. If you share something positive, they will unfollow you, instead of the other way around. Ensure that you use comments section on your social media websites to share information about your company, your products, and your company services.

As you can see, social media marketing is indeed a powerful tool that you can use to get more connected people to your website and your business. You can also use it to increase your online traffic and reach.

Just make sure that you use the right strategy, which is being a good consumer, instead of the wrong one, which is running an ad campaign. Remember, it is about being a good consumer, not a marketing campaign.

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