9 Ways Seniors Are Making Money Freelancing

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A recent study shows that seniors are increasingly joining freelancing. The freelancing market much values experience. The following are 9 ways seniors are making money freelancing.

Seniors are using this market to re-invent themselves and supplement their pensions and retirement savings. Their decade-working expertise is reaping off the edge in the freelancing market. The freelancing market provides a comfortable ‘work-from-home’ experience, which is convenient for them.

Ways Seniors Are Making Money Freelancing

1. Starting High-End Blogs

Nowadays, everyone is blogging, including seniors who are now embracing the practice. Most people do blogging for fun and end up not succeeding in the market.

If you want to make money off blogging, start by getting a legit WordPress hosting i.e., Bluehost, and read extensively. Blogging is a business requiring you to put in work-act like an entrepreneur. The following is a guideline into some of the tips for creating a high-end blog.

Building a Personal Brand

What can seniors do to make money?

Building a personal brand involves getting into that writing wave. Typically, a blogger is an influencer. The more vulnerable you write, the ease in interaction with your followers. Embracing writing is the key to building your brand since it gives you that ‘presence.’ Influencer’s demand is increasing, and baby boomers are getting on to blogging.

Selecting Target Audience

Most people will consider starting off a blog with what they like and neglecting the fact that they want to market themselves. A new blog should start-off on topics most people relate with. First, focus on your business mindset, then build your hobbies as you gain followers. What the blogger writes determines how influential they are.

When selecting the market gap, you need to base it on several factors. Start by something you are more familiar with. For instance, if you start a blog on digital marketing, narrow it down to something like B2B. Typically, you need to ensure that you can satisfy your audience first before progressing. Also, select an audience that is easy to profit off your blogs.

Start-Off a Blog with High-End Consulting

Selling high-end consulting services involves higher charging fees, hence the best way to kick-start your money-making blog. For instance, you can use B2B since it does not require you to build up huge traffic to start earning money. The Sales Engine Optimization shows the relationship between price, and traffic and how they relate to the target audience (Low traffic*high price=high traffic*low price) You can use profits of this to grow your blog through links and content.

Ways Seniors Are Making Money Freelancing

2. Drop-Shipping

ways seniors make money with dropshipping

Seniors are hopping onto the idea of selling products in the freelancing market. Through online sales, there’s no need for keeping inventory records or after-sale services. A drop-shipping store is a one-stop online store.

How Does It Work?

A drop shipping store involves online product advertisements. The buyer makes orders through the store’s online website. After receiving the order, the marketer orders for product delivery. Opening up a drop shipping store might seem easy, but it has its cons. Some of these disadvantages include;

When drop shipping, you receive lower profit margins, which is a small percentage as compared to selling your products. You are simply working for your supplier.

Drop shipping involves stiff competition. Multiple bloggers will sell competitive or supplementary commodities. You will need to have an excellent SEO to reap the edge over other bloggers.

What are the Key Guidelines of Starting A Drop-shipping Store?

– Select your target audience and understand their tastes and preferences.
– Be competitive; research about your competitor’s marketing strategies.
– Carefully select your supplier; find one with a perfect sales record.
– Provide listings for your product and advertise via multiple social media platforms to reach out to a broader audience.
– Maintain a good relationship with your supplier i.e.; you can hire a visual assistant.

When starting your drop shipping store, you require a good sales platform. For example, Shopify allows easy customization and perfect drop shipping features. Also, Shopify software is easy to use, allowing the user to list products and secure orders easily. Note that in drop shipping, building your brand is essential.

3. Digital Marketing

ways seniors make money with digital marketing
Online digital marketing is on a high in demand. However, there is a skills gap in most digital marketers. Seniors, with their decades of experience are closing in to this skills gap. Through multiple analytics and shopping skills, marketers help promote a business’s online presence. Contrary, the good news to freelancers is that companies outsourcing for digital marketers require minimum qualifications.

Here are some guidelines for digital marketing freelancing.

Narrow Down Your Practice

There are multiple digital marketing skills you can profit from. These include Sales Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing, etc. It’s possible to profit off more than one skill. However, focusing on your most valuable skills is recommendable. Let’s have a brief on some of these skills.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing involves building traffic that reciprocates to your SEO. To sell in digital marketing, your audience must receive good content. You need to master creating creative and enticing content.

Paid Digital Acquisition

Such jobs include affiliate marketing, SEM, and paid social. Social media comes in here. This marketing involves making money by creating ads on Instagram, snapchat, Pinterest, etc.


Analytics involves keeping track of your website’s and data metrics. In digital marketing, analytics help you understand user behavior and come up with ways to improve it. Check out Google’s Analytics for beginners to learn more.

You can get started with your digital marketing on Flexjobs.

4. Online Coaching, Consulting, and Courses

Do you love assisting others in reaching their goals? Most people consult other experts for opinions; hence this is the perfect time for this job. This freelancing job suits baby boomers as they have the experience required in handling different issues. There are multiple coaching jobs for numerous disciplines, including life, executive, spiritual, career, financial, wellness, etc.

These disciplines are broad. The following are guidelines in picking out a freelancing coaching job.

Find Your Niche

You need to identify the current market gap. What is high on demand? Do I have the right knowledge? Take up the coaching job that suits what you want to become.

Building Your Brand

Building your brand involves creating an online presence. Since the digital market runs on content, focus on blogging. Provide free tips on your coaching skills through these blogs. Also, incorporate Premium Chat on your website that allows you to charge for online consultation fees.

Create Online Courses

Creating online courses involves offering one-on-one sessions and classes at a fee. Thinkific is a recommendable online-course platform, enhancing smooth interaction with students.

Ways Seniors Are Making Money Freelancing

5. Professional Video and Audio Editing

Seniors with experience in video and audio editing do a lucrative freelancing job. Unlike cinematographers, editors can work from any juncture and required on both video and audio shoots. There is increasing demand in video content. Statistics prove that video upload of one month on the web exceeds content created on TV for decades.

Here are some of the ways of making money off this freelancing career path.

Selling Stock Videos and Photos

The internet has multiple stock libraries, having different licensing and customized use. These include DepositPhotos, Fotolia, iStock, Getty Images, etc. Sale of stock photos and videos on these platforms will earn you some income. Re-Sell Your Photos Online: 5 Websites That Pay $100 Per Image or More.

Selling Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-degree Videos

The key selling features of these editings are their interactiveness and ability to explore all the video in detail. Most house listings and virtual tour guides use these editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro; primarily recommended video editing.

6. Coding

Multiple business settings outsource coding services from freelancers in their bid to reduce expenditure. Some hire them from time to time while others are permanent but do not receive some employee-benefits. Seniors who have confidence in their coding skills are taking up these jobs.

Many companies are looking for freelance coders and usually offer a very high rate per hour for these services. These jobs outdo other freelancing jobs in terms of demand. They include creating websites, data scraping, micro-controller programming, simple games, mobile app development, building chatbots for websites, and simple games.

How do You Get Coding Jobs?

Coders can start up by picking a friendly website, that has a nice workflow (High demand) and offering a good rate per hour. Set up alarms for these programming jobs to claim it once received on the site.

Additional Inclusions for a Programmer or Coding Guru

Creating a Github Profile

In addition to a personal website, programmers should also put their codes on Github. There are multiple benefits of placing your codes Github as a programmer. First, it acts as a good promotion strategy since clients can reach you off your profile. Secondly, you can use it as your portfolio ‘CV’ when applying for a coding job or looking for prospective clients.


seniors make money with craigslist

Craigslist is the advertisement website for jobs in your geographic locality. It helps in lowering competition for these programmers.

Standard Freelance Websites

Standard Freelance Websites are sites through which coding programmers can compete with other programmers universally. This site also acts as an excellent advertising platform for your coding practice. As a coder, you can attract a client from every corner of the globe control set your standard rates per hour. The following are some of the standard freelance websites for coding and programming jobs; Flexjobs, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, People per Hour, and Fiverr.

7. Freelance Editing and Writing

Writing is the backbone of the freelancing market; hence the most famous freelancing jobs-this is not a new job to seniors. During their retirement years, they tend to pick up these jobs due to its simple skill requirement and ease of doing it at home. However, most seniors will jump into this job blindly with no idea of how it operates.

Start Cold Pitching

Cold pitching involves sending emails, through social media, about your services to prospective clients. These emails should sound creative and informative on the benefits your services will bring.

Pitching to Prospects Listed on Job Boards

Pitching to prospects listed on job boards guarantees freelancer editors/writers a steady flow of work. Some of the reputable job boards include Blogging Pro, Content, Fexjobs, Problogger, etc.

Follow Job Board’s Twitter Handles

Get to twitter, a lot of lucrative jobs lie there. Follow their respective twitter handles, for instance, @FreeLanceWJ, @Monster.

8. Online Medical Jobs

As an online medical practitioner, you can hope on to simple medical services. Seniors retiring in the medical field are taking up this freelancing jobs. They include;

Medical Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist puts down doctor’s dictated instructions. One can build an income off this job.


Seniors have the required medical experience to become companies’ spokesperson. This job has an enticing pay-rate.


Researching jobs involves pharmacy-consulting companies in various medicine areas, e.g., cancer treatments, aging population, etc.

Advanced Scientific Director

Advanced scientific director involves creating multiple therapeutic contents. This job requires skills and knowledge in general life sciences.

Where are These Jobs Found?

flexjobs for seniors
Freelancer websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Flexjobs, and Upwork, and offer these medical jobs.

9. Freelance Design Consultant

Freelancing seniors are landing design consultancy jobs. No educational requirements required in this field- just your creativity and aesthetic appeal. These consultancy jobs include:

Web Design

Web design involves analyzing and making improvements to design to enhance aesthetics. All internet pages require these designs, thus increasing these freelancing jobs. Seniors can expand their solo projects to develop agencies and improve pay-rates.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is all about creativity. Also, you need knowledge in project management. No degree or diploma qualifications and can easily freelance at the comfort of your home.

Interior Design

Interior design is similar to regular consultancy work. Promote your work through platforms such as Houzz. Also, it involves more commitment.

Ways Seniors Are Making Money Freelancing Summary

To sum up, this article has gone into detail to highlight some of the 9 ways seniors are making money freelancing. Statistics show that freelancing, which mainly involves working from home, increases an individual’s productivity.

For seniors, they are reaping the freelancing market without having to commute to their workplace and exploit only their knowledge. As a freelancer, you need to put in the effort to reap off those profits.

FAQS: Ways Seniors Are Making Money Freelancing

frequently asked questions

How can I earn money from freelancing?

We have gone over 9 ways seniors are making money freelancing in this article. Here is the most important thing to understand. You need a skill. There are always people who will pay to have something done either because they do not know how to do it, or they do not have time to do it. Get a skill people will pay for and you can freelance and make money from it.

Is freelancing a good way to make money?

It is a real way to make money. You do the work and you get paid. Whether it is writing, graphic design, setting up a blog for someone, and so on there is a real need for things to get done online. Check out the Fiverr Blog to come up with freelancing ideas.

How much money can you make freelancing?

In this article How Much Can Freelancers Make in 2021? There really is no limit how much money you can make freelancing. It will be controlled by how hard you want to work.

What freelance jobs pay the most?

Flex Jobs has an article 10 High-Paying Freelance Jobs that give you an idea of high paying freelance jobs. Some of these take more then skills and require a college degree.

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