Legal Zoom LLC Review

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When you need legal advice you may not be able to afford an attorney. Lawyers can cost a lot of money which you may not have. Fortunately, there are companies like Legal Zoom to help you. However, after you read our Legal Zoom LLC review you may or may not think it is so fortunate.

To find out more about this company just continue to read our review. It gives you the basics, so you have enough information to make an intelligent decision

Who founded the company?

This may be a difficult question to answer. The company was founded in 1999 but their website about page only uses the words ‘our founders’ when referring to the people who started it all.

On the about page, you need to scroll down until you see a link to their leadership bios. Once you are transferred, you still won’t be seeing the names of the founders, but you will get the names and pictures of their leadership team, board of directors, and legal consultants.

There are 7 people on the management team, 9 on the board of directors, and 8 on the legal advisory team but none of them admit to being a founder.

What is Legal Zoom & Products?

Legal Zoom is a business that is providing you with legal help when you do not want to pay for an attorney. Unfortunately, the people who make up the employee ranks and leadership teams are not lawyers. They even admit to it at the bottom of their about us page in a short disclaimer.

They make it clear that their assistance is being done by regular people like you. They do not replace lawyers and they actually do the same work you could do yourself for free.

They do have 3 products they advertise, and it all has to do with filling out legal forms and filing them. There is the economy package costing you $99 +state fee; the standard package at $329 + state fee; and the Express Gold package for $349 + state fee.

All you have to do is select the right package you need and pay the money. The company handles the filling out and filing of forms and they make themselves your registered agents.

Can you make money at Legal Zoom?

There is one way to make money with this company. That is by joining their affiliate program. To sign up you just click on the link marked affiliate at the bottom of the web page and then follow the instructions on the new page.

You are not selling any products, nor are you signing up to be a customer rep doing direct sales thus the only commission you get is through the successful contacts you make as an affiliate.

The only other way you may make money is by saving on real attorney fees that you avoid by using this service.

Examples of how to make money at Legal Zoom.

The only example we have that shows you how you make money is their affiliate program. There is no mention of the amount of commission you will be paid, and you may have to do some research to find out before you sign up.

There are examples of you losing money when you sign up to use their services. There is a yearly charge of $399 that the company does not tell you about and it is automatically charged to your credit card. This is a renewal fee.

There are complaints about other hidden costs that are charged to your card that you may not have agreed to but the company will state you did. Read all the fine print before signing up to use their services.

The company may also give misleading advice about the legal status you need when you file for different business options. There seem to be some shady business practices on their part. So make sure you know everything before you buy one of their packages

Pros and Cons of Legal Zoom


it is affordable & they are experienced
they are in a variety of states
they do your legal work for you
there is a supposed 60-day money back guarantee
long business hours


they can be very unethical
hidden costs
more costly than their competitors
lots of upsells

Any negatives against Legal Zoom?

So far, we have not found any lawsuits filed against the company. Nor has the government found fault with their disclosure forms about their own activities or taxes. But that does not mean it is an honest company.

The biggest negatives we have seen are all the complaints about bad customer service and the many hidden or overcharges they make. They also do not tell you about those hidden charges and one way they justify them is by making themselves your registered agent.

That status allows them to apply other charges you did not knowingly agree to. Then there is the renewal fee they do not mention either. It can get expensive to sign up with this company.

Then, the fact that they continually try to sell you more products is a red flag. If you bought all their upsells you could be out over $1000. This is a business to sell products than be good at legal work

Final Verdict: Legal Zoom LLC Review

This company is a legal and legitimate business. The people who run the company have found a way to make money by relieving you of the difficulties of filling out legal forms.

The problem is that their method of doing business may be unethical and shady. While they stay on the good side of the government, they tend to make their clients angry through misrepresentations, false charges, and bad customer service.

It is best to hire a real lawyer to help you. A lawyer may be more expensive upfront, but you won’t be given hidden charges later on. Plus, you have the BAR Assoc. to complain to when you run into unethical attorneys. This Legal Zoom LLC review is not good for them. Find a real attorney instead.

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