Animoto Review

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Team Schuman uses Animoto to make videos which we post on our website and upload in our Youtube Channel. Retirees have seen it all when it comes to technology and the invention of the digital age. But that doesn’t mean that all seniors are technology wizards, and they will need a little help in marketing their products. This Animoto review will help you do your marketing in the 21st century.

Everyone needs a little help now and then even if you have built that better mousetrap. Just continue to read our review to see if this marketing outlet is for you and your new retirement business.

What is Animoto?

This is not your run of the mill online company. It will help you sell your products, but you have to do the work as it is not a marketplace. Instead, it is an online video editor that allows you to create great videos using their tools.

Their Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology helps you create your videos so that they are shareable on your social media accounts. The good thing is that you do into having to be technologically savvy to use their tools or interface.

There is a reseller’s license that helps you expand your marketing and reach more people.

How Does Animoto Work?

Once you sign up, you are allowed to use the different tools the company has gathered together. There is an easy media library where you can upload your current photos, graphics, videos, and more.

Then you use the customization tool to make those items better. Plus, there is a review tool letting you share it with a friend through e-mail if you want another opinion on your creative work.

When you are satisfied with your product, you can use the sharing tool which adds it to different social media accounts. Finally, there is a call-to-action option to help motivate people to visit your website and buy what you are selling.

Can You Make Money With Animoto?

Not directly. By that we mean, this is not a marketplace like Amazon or JV Zoo where you can list your products and have affiliates help you sell those items. The way you make money is by creating beautiful videos or slide shows that inspire your social media visitors to go to your website and make a purchase.

The money you make would be indirectly through the wise use of your marketing videos. There are no payout options to worry about, no thresholds to meet and no commissions to pay out either.

The way to make money is to create great videos that really help you market your products. Then add them to your blog or post them on a video sharing site such as Youtube or Vimeo.

Examples Of How to Make Money with Animoto?

Animoto is a visual marketing tool. As you know, marketing will cost you money but, in the end, it will help you make some as well. the way to make money using this online option is to create the best slide shows and videos possible.

The cost of using this service is reasonable as the cheapest membership goes for $8 per month or $96 per year. The next step up goes for $22 per month or $264 per year and the final level is billed at $34 per month or $408 per year.

There is a free 14-day trial you can use to test their system out. Prices will double if you choose the non-annual payment method. So, your slide shows and videos need to be good if you want to cover your expenses and more.

Animoto Review: Pros

great for newbies, easy to use
doesn’t take long to create a slide show
affordable prices
very professional videos can be created
lots of templates to choose from
good tools to use
reseller’s license option
specific settings for specific social media accounts
great customer service

Animoto Review: Cons

music tracks can be very generic and very bland
you can’t store your settings or preferences
can’t duplicate your videos to use templates for future work
limited access to some tools
individual clips cannot be edited
watermarks added after exporting videos
hard to cancel a subscription
often charged another year after the cancellation

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

There are the standard complaints made by this company’s customers. Some you have to take with a grain of salt as their spelling is very bad and it is hard to see if they are legitimate or not.

There was a data breach back in 2018 where 22 million files were accessed by unauthorized people. Animoto says that credit card information, etc., was not accessed as that data was on another system.

There have also been reports of unauthorized credit card charges, so you do need to be careful when signing up. There will be bugs in most electronic systems that are stored in a cloud-based technology format.

Is Animoto Legitimate?

Yes, Animoto legitimate and it does offer some great editing tools for you to create some professional-looking video ads. You can also create a lot of great-looking slide shows that will help promote your business and products.

On the business side of things, this company seems to practice a lot of the same unethical business maneuvers that other companies offering great ideas practice. There seem to be a lot of complaints about being unable to cancel a subscription and being charged for services you did not intend to use or sign up for.

That should make you pause even though everything sounds good and double-check the fine print before you sign up.

Final Thoughts: Animoto Review

Being able to make great slide shows and videos to market your products is a wonderful idea. However, the business side of the hype comes with different motives which can make your experience more of a nightmare than a Utopian business dream.

These are the risks you take when you sign up with these types of companies that want a credit card number for signing up. This Animoto review should help you stay on your toes when you investigate using this marketing option as a senior. As a senior you may not have that extra money to spare each year.

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