Are You Using This Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy?

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To use one of the top marketing methods online you need an effective social media marketing strategy. This is something that is within the reach of any senior business owner. An effective social media marketing strategy should include Facebook in some fashion.

If you are a small business owner, you might have a tight budget to work with. To save money you could take Facebook Advertising to the next level, however, if you are a big business owner with a large marketing budget there are other alternatives that are better than Facebook Advertising.

Some of the best alternatives to Facebook advertising are Google AdWords or Search Engine Optimization. If you do decide to use AdWords or SEO, be sure to stay within your budget. An SEO or AdWords campaign could very well be more cost effective, but not within your pay grade.

Target Audience

One of the most important things when using the top social media marketing methods is finding the right target audience.

What I mean by this is you need to know who is in your network?
Who are your competitors?
Where do they advertise?
Who are they buying?
What websites do they visit?
Do they visit YouTube?

A good social media marketing strategy will involve having a broad audience. Once you find out who your competitors are you will be able to target them and reach them more. It will also help you understand what content or ads they are seeing and what your consumers are seeing.

Using your competitor’s information will help you determine a good hashtag to use in your campaign. This is not cheating; it is just using other people’s data for research purposes. It will also allow you to see what is working for other people and what is not working.

How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business

Once you have found your best target audience, you need to find someone who will help you advertise on Facebook. Many social media networks have low costs for advertising on their platform and some have lower costs than others.

The more popular Facebook has become the more tempting it has become for businesses to advertise on Facebook. The platform has many users that are exposed to different businesses and brands and Facebook does not charge per click like other platforms do. This has also created an environment where advertisers are seeing huge ROI per click.

Facebook has grown so much that the competition has grown to the point that companies are fighting over a slice of the advertising pie. Facebook has introduced advertising product categories called programs.

Programs are priced per click and allow advertisers to target their ads to different parts of the audience. As advertisers become increasingly comfortable with the way the advertising product works, they will want to upgrade to a higher program. Upgrading to a higher program costs money and advertisers are comfortable with the amount of money that it costs to advertise on Facebook.

Who Is Your Best Audience?

In order to determine your best target audience, you have to have a good idea of who your best audience is. The best audience can be determined by surveying existing customers about what they like about your business.

You should also consider the extent to which your audience depends on you and your brand, and the extent to which they depend on you not being in business. It is possible that your best audience is completely different from the audience you have now, and you don’t even know it.

To come up with a plan of action, use the questions from the Facebook Audience Insights Tool to gather information about the different audience types. You will find that categories such as “people who have liked my page” can be a good way of getting a general idea of what your best audience looks like.

Once you have come up with a plan of action, ask your best audience to fill out the survey again and tell you what has changed. This will help you make the changes needed to improve your engagement with your best audience. It will also give you a better idea of what is working for you and what is not.

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FAQS: Are You Using This Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy?

What is so great about Facebook social media marketing?

Well, I’ll tell you what! Facebook has over 200 billion users, each of them with his or her own Page that is his or her personal property. You and I and other Page owners can even invite our friends to join our Pages, thereby creating a List.

One of the great things about Facebook is you can use it to meet people and promote you home business in a non-threatening way. If you like to use social media as a marketing method Facebook is great this way.

How can I promote my home business on Facebook?

Here Are Three Ways To Promote Your Home Business On Facebook:

1. Talk about you business:

If you’re an entrepreneur that has home based business, you should be promoting your business in a promotional way. So, you can talk about your business and others can become a fan or become friends with you. Just use Facebook to talk about your business. Make friends and add people that would benefit from what you do. Post informative material on your business to add them to your Fan Club and to make them fans too.

2. Create a fan page.

You can create materials and use it to create a Fan Page on Facebook. Just pick a page of your choice. Search for your page in the “My Pages” menu on the top of the site. Make friends with the owners and use them as contacts for your materials. You can create materials and post them to your page to add to your Fan page.

3. Share material and earn “Likes”:

Do you have materials that you’ve created or written yourself or have someone else written for you? You can post them on your Facebook fan page and invite your friends to LIKE them. Each time a person likes a page on Facebook it shows up in your fan page’s “People You May Know” list. This gives you followers and likes. You can also ask for “Likes” to post to your fan page.

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