Astra Pro Review

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When you want to add a little pizzaz to your website you need to add in the right theme. Themes help attract visitors as well as hold them on your site. When the latter happens your potential for sales spikes and you can make a little more money. This Astra Pro Review will help you decide if this theme is the right fit for your purpose.

Take a few minutes to discover if you should move up into the WordPress world and plug-in this nice theme. It pays to make your website the best it can be. That is one option to help seniors get more revenue when they need it most.

What is Astra Pro?

This is what is called a freemium theme and it has both a free version and a paid version. The software is made by a company called Brainstorm Force and they have been active in the theme business for many years.

Plus, it does not take very long to load, and it is already SEO friendly so your strategies and performance should not be affected. In essence, this is another tool you can use to convert visitors to your website into paying customers.

This software does that by bringing lots of advanced features and tools to customize your website. Along with those tools and features, Astra Pro is a user-friendly software due to the construction of the components.

How Does Astra pro Work?

This software is an add on to your WordPress website. Its job is to give you more options when you want to customize your look as well as provide additional tools to make it work better and load your website faster.

Then if you want to use your site as a business, it integrates with the Woo commerce application almost seamlessly. Then you can make your store unique through the many personalization options it has available for you to implement.

On top of all that, it does not interfere with any of the security programs you have installed. It does not make the data on your site vulnerable to hackers.

Can You Make Money with Astra Pro?

In an indirect way, it is possible to make money by adding this software to your website. the longer your visitors stay on-site the better chances you have of converting them to paying customers.

The problem comes in when you sign up for one of the paid subscriptions. This is not going to be every senior’s cup of tea as those plans can be quite expensive to some people.

Astra Pro costs only $47 per year but if you want more technology working for you, then you have to upgrade to the essential bundle at $169 per year and the growth bundle which costs $249 per year.

It’s an added expense that may or may not pay off for you.

Examples Of How to Make Money with Astra Pro

The only real example of how this software makes you any money is through what it can do. It keeps your visitors on your website longer, gets your pages loaded very quickly, and helps your checkout move smoothly and look good.

In other words, it is an enhancement tool that makes your visitors’ interaction with the site easier. When that happens, they tend to buy. That is what you want your visitors to do. Buy your products.

You are only selling your own products or representing other people’s products and Astra pro makes that more enjoyable. With its smooth integration to your commerce software, that whole process should move quickly.

Astra Pro Review Pros:

powerful and fast framework and features
good quality tools that speed up your website, etc
lots of opportunity for customization
lifetime pricing option
there is a free version to try it out
integrates well with Woo Commerce
lots of layouts to choose from
money back guarantee if you upgrade

Astra Pro Review Cons:

doesn’t help with traffic generation
confusing pricing plans
you need to upgrade to Pro before you can unlock all the great features
free option is fairly limited
blog style is very basic
only 3 header styles to choose from

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

To tell you the truth, we could not find anyone talking bad about this software add-on. The biggest negatives are what have been reported in our cons section immediately above. Also, one negative is that the add-on is designed to get you to pay for an upgrade.

You do not get all the features you want in the free version nor all the tools you need. while the free version is fast, it is just an enticement to get you to pay something for the rest of the package.

We also found no lawsuits filed against the company. Be careful that you do not confuse this brand name with the name of a medicinal company. There have been some lawsuits filed against it. There is no relation between the two companies.

Is Astra Pro Legitimate?

Yes, there is little doubt that you are getting a top-quality product. With very few people writing anything negative about the add-on, and with about 1,000,000 downloads you can say it is a very legitimate product to add to your WordPress site.

If you add it on to your current site, you will need to make sure that it is the right fit for you. You may not want to pay for the upgrade if the free version is lacking any of the tools and features you want to use.

So far, we cannot find anyone really badmouthing it so it must be very good.

Final Thoughts: Astra Pro Review

If you get anything from this Astra Pro review it should be that it is a potentially great tool to help your senior business keep the visitors on your website longer. That will turn them into paying customers, hopefully, as they see the quality of your content and products. Go with the best and this may be one of the best add-ons you can try.

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