Best Online Home Business Ideas: Content Publishing

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One of the best online home business ideas available to anyone including retirees is content publishing. Start a blog in a niche that interests you and publish a lot of content.

You can then do affiliate marketing with display ads to make money from the pages you have created. Join Google Adsense and let Google pay you for the advertising clicks your blog brings.

Publish Content on Your Blog

Write a lot of content and post it. Once you have your blog set up and lots content on your blog, then you can then publish an email course to your list about how to use email marketing to drive people to your blog. Once you have lots of emails on your list, then you can then sell a product from ClickBank and make lots of money from doing this.

How To Publish Content on Your Blog?

You can get started by writing about topics that interest you and which you have some knowledge of. You can then get some content online and publish this content to your blog.

Don’t want to write? Hire a blog writer to write for you.

We go into detail on a blog post we made: Seniors: Should You Hire An SEO Blog Writer For Your Blog?

The basics of this are these things….

– Build a niche keyword list targeting longtail keyword phrases
– Write an article for each keyword
– Post the article on your blog
– Rinse and repeat.

When we say publish lots of content we are talking about hundreds of posts. Maybe even thousands eventually.

This is the long-term approach that makes publishing content one of the best online home business ideas. If you choose a niche that interests, you this can be a lot of fun.

In time it can also be very profitable. Jon Dykstra goes into this in hos free webinar 6-Figure Baseline Blogger which you can sign up for free with just your email address.

The webinar is about 96 minutes long. If you think you would like to get into content publishing as a business this will be the best hour and a half, you can spend!

Build A List

Once you have your blog up and running start thinking about email marketing and making money from ads. One of the best ways to do this is to build a list. Use email marketing to get people on your list and then selling them products.

This works very well and is extremely easy to build your email list if you use email marketing. You can then send emails to your list letting them know about new content you have published on your blog. You can then do email opt in courses and email offers for the products and services you represent.

Sell An eBook

How about writing a book? Your niche blog can be a source for eBook ideas to write.

One of the best ways to do this is to sell an eBook about content publishing and this has proven to be extremely successful. The best way to get started is to publish lots of great content on your blog.

After publishing lots of content, then you can sell a eBook about how you set up a content publishing business and how you made lots of money from it. The best way to get started is to post lots of content on your blog, and then wait for people to come to your blog. If you wait, you will miss out on a lot of income.

YOu can also find ebooks to sell that are already written. You do this in affiliate marketing. is a place to start. You will have to join their affiliate program which they use to run for them.

Use Backlinks to Get Traffic

Once you have a content strategy in place to publish articles to your blog, then you can start to sell something online and make lots of money. One of the best ways to sell something online is to use a niche site.

If you want to sell a product online, then use a site that gets lots of traffic. Some of the best ways to use a niche site is to use it to get back links. Back links help to get lots of traffic to your blog. The more back links you have, the more visitors you will have.

The Best Way to use a Niche Site to Get Huge Traffic

1. Be careful not to market duplicate content. If you publish on both your blog and your niche site, then you are copying content from one site to the other. This is a big no no. You want to have full control over what you publish. Don’t publish duplicate content of your own or anyone else.

2. If you are using a niche site, then make sure that you offer content that is interesting and well written. If you are not the best writer hire one at places such as

3. When you write a post, make sure that you bookmark it so that it gets indexed and gets indexed quickly. Your blog should not be a dinosaur. You should be a modern writer and you should be able to easily update it.

4. If you use a site that gets lots of traffic, then you should not be afraid to be controversial and express an opinion. Be able to express an opinion and make money from that opinion.

Best Online Home Business Ideas

5. In using a site that gets lots of traffic, you should try to publish as much content as possible. Try to publish content as often as possible.

6. If you are using a site that is the only place that your content gets indexed, then you should make sure that it is the very best site that Google has found.

7. When you are using a site that is the only place that your content gets indexed, then you should be willing to do whatever it takes to make that site live up to its reputation. The site should be indexed for the keyword that you are writing on.

If you do these things, then you will find that your blog will be indexed more quickly and more easily. You will be able to express your opinion and make money from that opinion.

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