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In this Business For Home review, we will look at their website. When you go to their website everything looks good and the business venture sounds solid. This company is an MLM news reporting service, and you can get access to different news articles as well as who were the top earners in recent history.

According to their FAQ page, this is not a business opportunity, but merely a newspaper about MLM businesses. If you want MLM information this may be the site to go to.

Who Owns Business For Home?

The owners and founders are Ted Nguyen & Dini Noorlander. Their bios are quite tasteful lacking the rub it in your face success stories many MLM companies put out about their founders and owners.

Their home office is in the Netherlands and their English reflects that non-native upbringing. It is not sure when they started this newspaper, but the Business for Home organization started in 2007.

The owners focus on MLM news only and they publish different articles on LM stories and companies. Their readership is made up of a majority of MLM professionals with many people looking for new opportunities. The website is supposed to get over 4 million visitors each year

One interesting fact is that Mr. Nuyten was part of Vemma, a company that sold energy drinks. This company was shut down by the FTC in 2016 for a basic pyramid scheme.

Signing Up

One source said that to sign up to be a subscriber you have to pay $1500 but when we searched the website for this organization, there was no mention of paying any money. The only clue that you had to pay was in the FAQ section under the question ‘I want my money back’.

The answer was that they did not refund any money paid to them via subscriptions. We found no place to sign up but they were giving away a free phone app so you could get this MLM news source on your cell phone.

You can also subscribe to their free newsletter but for paid subscriptions, we could not find any web page or information that justifies that $1500 comment.

The Purpose of Business For Home

The reason this newspaper exists is to give as much up-to-date information on different direct selling companies that exist around the world. They gather this information through confidential forms on their website, going to conventions and talking to people, as well as talking to uplines, downlines, and the public.

The company claims to work with freelance authors but that has not been verified at this time. There are supposed to be 100,000 subscribers who receive their news three times a week.

There have been accusations by different bloggers who claim that Mr. Nuyten copies and pastes their information without asking permission and then publishes it on his website as ‘news’.

The owners cover themselves by placing the following disclaimer on their main page:

“The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. While we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. “

In other words, they are not actually publishing information that may be up to date, reliable, or even true.

Can You make Money Through Business For Home?

No. There are no products for you to sell and there is no payment plan that they advertise.

It seems they do not work with affiliate marketers either. This newspaper may present some leads to other MLM companies where you can sign up and pay the fees to start working for them, but there is no opportunity to earn money from this company.

There is also no mention of signing up to report for them and they do not indicate that they pay those reporters either. If you subscribe and if the fee is $1500 then you would be out that money and receive only a newsletter 3 times a week.

There is no guarantee that the news is actually accurate or factual.

Pros and Cons of Business For Home

Usually, a business that is associated with the MLM industry has a lot of pros and cons. That is because they have products, a compensation plan, a hiring method, and other details that define their company.

This is a newspaper that lacks in those MLM aspects, so their positives and negatives are few.


you get MLM news
you get the news in your email box or on your phone
no products to sell
no upsells to buy


the news may not be accurate or is outdated
you may have to pay to subscribe
the website is hard to navigate
the company information is not clear
no refunds

Is Business For Home A Scam?

It is hard to call it a scam because the app is free, and you do get MLM news. How valid that news is, has not been determined yet.

Since you are supposed to pay a subscription fee it could be called a scam as you get nothing in return except questionable information. You do not have to recruit new members so that is a plus in the company’s favor.

Business For Home Review: Final Thoughts

Read it at your own risk. It is possible the newspaper may have leads to legitimate MLM companies you can sign up at but we did not see anything that pointed in that direction.

If you have to pay to get more information, make sure the cost is not as high as has been reported. What you get is not worth $1500 or even $1000 from what we have been able to see.

There are more questions than answers for this newspaper and if the negative reports are true, then the owner participates in plagiarism to its fullest definition. Walk into this with both eyes wide open.

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