Business Gift Giving

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Business gift giving is one thing you can do to help with your brand. Give in your local community and watch the narrative on your business improve.

If you think that this is just about your customers, then you are wrong! Your business is going to improve just as much if not more than your sales because you are impacting the community that is important to you.

Business Gifts

Business gifts are one of those things that you can do that are very impactful. When you give out business gifts, you are going to be giving them to the people that are in the same type of industry as you.

A good example is when you give out a golf club. Most people that play golf will be golfers.

Once you give them a gift, they are going to be more likely to think of you and ask for more when they are in your local community. This type of thing works in every industry.

There are other types of gifts, too. There is a lot of ways you can impact your business in a positive way.

Set Business Goals

To start, when you start your business, one of the first things you are going to do is to make a goal to reach a specific number of sales in a set amount of time. This is going to give your business a lot of incentive to continue working on the business to make it reach that goal.

When you are giving out your business gifts, people that receive them are going to be a lot more likely to be in touch with you and start talking about their experiences working with you. This is going to help your business grow because people that are talking with you are going to be a lot more likely to tell others.

If you can reach the sales goal in a set time period, it will make it a lot easier to hit that goal and hit the sales goal. People have the perception that small businesses are cheap. It makes it easier to tell the community and get free word-of-mouth.

Do Not Undermine Your Message

The last thing that you want to do is to use your business gifts to your disadvantage. When you are giving out your business gifts, make sure that they do not have something that would undermine your message.

If you have a business gift that is really expensive, make sure that it is really worth it. If it is not really worth it, then it is not going to make sense to give it out.

You are going to want to make sure that your business gifts are really worth it. There are a lot of cheap business gifts available.

You can always choose to go with something that is not really worth it. But it will be less likely that people will just think you are cheap. So, try to come up with something that is really worth it.

When you are considering what to choose for your business gifts, just remember, the best you can do is to be prepared. You never know what your next customer may need.

You can always take the risk of just wanting the thing that you have given them. But that is never a good idea. Always make sure that you have a good selection of business gifts.

With your business gifts, you are likely to have your sales fall short of your goals, which will make you look really bad. So, make sure you have your business gifts that are really going to help your business.

Great Entrepreneurs Know They Can’t Give EVERYTHING

A person who is successful in business wants to do well by doing good. Entrepreneurs have a hard time with money.

They want to give to others as well as take. If they can get their cash register ringing at both ends, they celebrate the good times and quickly turn their attention to the negative, as if it were the beginning of the end of the world.

This is why I write and speak about giving. The most successful people I know believe that it’s a responsibility we owe to ourselves to work for the greater good. With the world going through a difficult time right now, it’s an important message that needs to get across.

Give To Those in Need

I know that one of the easiest ways to create a difference is to give to others in need. The best example of this is my grandson’s Little League team.

All the players have been deeply affected by my teaching them this principle. They didn’t want the exposure, but it made them better.

They’re now playing at a higher level because of their lessons from aunts and uncles and a grandfather who played first base in the Mexican league. It taught them how to win without ever taking themselves too seriously.

How To Help?

One of the hardest lessons for them to learn was finding ways to help others. We played a game of one-upmanship when they were little, and it was much more fun when I had the better jokes. Now that they’re successful, they give much more thought to how they can make the lives of others better.

Entrepreneurs who give are often accused of selfishness. But when they give of their time and expertise, they become selfless.

Giving can come in different forms. For some it’s organizing an event that benefits a charity of their choice, for example.

Entrepreneurs who give by sharing their connections with like-minded people are a newer breed of selfless entrepreneur. They’re very likable people who don’t mind putting themselves out there to forge connections.

Take The Hit

Entrepreneurs who give are also an emerging breed who don’t mind taking a hit on the side. They may not have the cash reserves of the one-upmanship types.

They don’t mind taking a hit in the process. This breed of selfless entrepreneur doesn’t mind getting an earful from their clients because they know it leads them to the next level of success.

I’m guilty of this one as well. I’m always looking for new ways to expand my business and give something back to my community.

I’m constantly looking for other ways to be of service. But just like those who expect to get everything they want, so must they learn to temper their expectations with reality.

When I’ve reached that point where I’m afraid to make a sale, I know I’m heading for a plateau.

Then I have to remember that giving comes in different forms. If I give what I CAN giving the appropriate love and care, it will reap rewards.

A true entrepreneur knows they can’t give EVERYTHING. They don’t even think about it. They only give what they CAN give, knowing that their giving is increasing the chances they receive MORE in return.

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