buy blog articlesWelcome to the TeamSchuman order page for SEO review articles and SEO blog articles.

We write high quality articles for network marketing and affiliate blogs focusing on search engine optimization.

You will see we have 2 styles of articles available for you.

1. SEO Review articles. Buy a high quality 2000+ word review article for your program or product. SEO Network marketing and affiliate programs and products are reviewed and written to help you rank on Google.

We only write one review per program or product. These companies or products have been reviewed and we won’t write another one to protect you and so we are not competing against ourself.

2. SEO blog articles. We write high quality 2000+ word SEO articles targeting longtail keywords. We review, write, post, and publish for you.

Before we get to that we want to give you some ideas why you should buy SEO blog articles and buy SEO review articles from Team Schuman and Jeff Schuman. There are some benefits to working directly with us we think you will like!

Here is the bottom line. Ever since 2002 when I started getting ranked on page one of Google I have been hooked on organic traffic!

There is nothing like free traffic from Google in my opinion. That is what we will do for your blog!

We Get Your Blog Articles Ranked

First of all our focus is to help you get your blog posts to rank on Google and Bing. This is not always easy to do depending on the niche your blog is in. The more competitive the niche the harder it is to rank.

However, there is one way around this. Target longtail keyword phrases and write longer articles and positive review articles using that keyword and variations of it.

The trick is to know what other words Google wants in the article. This is where we can help you.

We Write 2000 Word SEO Articles

buy seo blog articlesWe write affordable quality 2000 word SEO articles for your blog posts. In each article we target a longtail keyword phrase relating to the theme of your blog.

Buy a 2000 word SEO review article for your company or product. These are written to target a company or product as the primary keyword. We only write one per company to help yours rank!

We also include 10-20 other words that Google says relate to that keyword phrase. By doing this over and over you will build a blog that is full of quality content both your readers as well as Google and Bing want to see.

Go Here For Shorter Articles

We know if you Google search the phrase “buy blog articles” or “buy review articles” you’re going to see all kinds of article writers for websites you can buy blog articles on.

There’s nothing wrong with these companies, although you’re not always sure who’s going to write your articles. These are content writing sites that hire content writers to write for you.

You can buy website content at a lower price then you will find just about anywhere else on the Internet. However, be careful because you get what you pay for.

These are not unique content writers. They are getting paid a very low wage and do not have time to research and write you a quality article. Plus you will never get to know them and they will never get to know you and what you are looking for in a blog writer.

However, for shorter 200-400 word blog articles this is ok if that is your budget. We are not going to be able to help you with these shorter articles because that is not what we do anymore!

Hire Us As Your Freelance SEO Blog Writer

TeamSchuman feels you are better off to hire a freelance seo blog writer you can work directly with. Buy longer blog posts and review articles that will rank on Google and Bing.

We are a small freelance blog writing company specializing in writing 2000+ word quality SEO blog articles and review articles for affiliate and network markegting blogs. We work directly with the customers who buy from us.

Team Schuman specializes in writing quality SEO articles for MLM and affiliate websites. These are longer articles of 2000+ words for blog posts or 2000+ word review article blog posts.

We just need to communicate with you to see where we can help your blog with the kind of niche SEO content you are looking for. You will communicate directly with Jeff Schuman the owner of via phone, text, or email.

Why should you buy blog articles from Team Schuman?

buy seo review articles1. Quality. When you buy a blog article(s) from us you’re going to get quality SEO original articles. These are not spun articles using some crappy article spinner and they DO PASS COPYSCAPE.

Your articles will target a keyword phrase and will be written around a specific theme. We write articles and reviews your reader will find interesting and useful, but search engines would like as well.

2. Length. Each article will be 2000 words for a blog post or 2000 words for a review article.

3. Fast turnaround. Most single article orders are completed in 48 hours or less.

Article packs are done within a week and are posted and scheduled to publish 1-2 times a week depending on the size of the order. You can start promoting your new content right away.

4. Includes writing, posting, and publishing, plus a featured image. We write, post, and publish your new blog articles for you and include an image from Pexels or Pixabay that matches the theme of the article.

5. Review articles. Let us write a 2000+ word review article for your company or product so it ranks at the top of Google. Use this article as a post or a page on your blog.

Set it as cornerstone cornerstone content to let Google know this is one of your most important pieces of content. We will help you with that including how to use the Yoast Plugin for internal linking.

5. Free consultation. Jeff Schuman will get on the phone, or on Skype, or text, email or chat with you and talk about your blog and what your goals are. He prefers to do a short phone consultation to get to know each other if possible.

6. Sharp pricing. We write at $3.5 cents per word with a volume subscription discount for blog articles. We write at .04 cents per word for review articles.

When you buy quality SEO blog articles online from us you’re going to pay a little bit more per word than you would from a content mill site. However, for the quality of the article we write, and the help we provide to get you ranked on Google and Bing, we feel our pricing is competitive.

7. Volume discounts. Subscribe to a monthly option of 4 or 8 seo blog post articles and get 10%-20% off the single article price. No long term commitment. You can easily unsubscribe at anytime by email to us or in your PayPal account.

8. Easy to order. Below you’ll find some PayPal order buttons.

You can use those to pay with your PayPal account or by credit card.

9. Easy to work with. You’re not going to find anybody easier to work with then Jeff Schuman & Team Schuman. Once you complete your order email us the keyword phrases you want your articles written on. We write, post, and publish for you.

10. Keywords. If you are not sure what longtail keywords you want us to target we will get those for you. We will find longtail keyword phrases that Google says people are searching for and will get traffic to your blog.

11. Existing blogs. If you have a blog with articles already on it we will add to your blog posts at $.035 cents per word. As an example if you have a 600 word post we will write, post and publish 1400 more words for $49. We will provide our PayPal url via email you can use to make your payment.

12. We only do ONE review per program or product. To make sure we are not competing against ourselves and your review article we will only review a product or program one time. Here is a list of programs and products we have reviewed.

In our blog seo articles and review seo articles the BIG advantage to you is we write the words Google wants to see relating to your focus keyword phrase. We will add content based around new sub headings again adding what Google likes!

Again the goal is to get your blog post ranked. If it is not ranking now we can help!

Buy SEO Blog Articles Here:

1. Buy a 2000 Word Review Article $97 Ea.


2. Buy 2000 Word Articles $70 Ea.

Buy Single 2000 Word Articles


3. Buy Four 2000 Word Articles/Mo. For $247.


4. Buy Eight 2000 Word Articles/Mo. For $447.


We understand you have choices when hiring a freelance blog writer. We think you will enjoy working directly with Team Schuman.

We can help you get your blog off the ground, or by writing blog post articles or review articles for your existing affiliate or network marketing blog. We look forward to working with you.

If you need a personalized article package for your blog let’s discuss it. We can create something to meet your needs and goals!

Take Care,

Team Schuman
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