This is the page to buy blog videos from TeamSchuman.

We will create a video for your blog and/or YouTube Channel for $15, or buy 3 and get one free for $45.

3 options for the same price.

1. What we do. Add a what we do video to your blog home page, about us page, or on your sidebar. This is an easy and professional way to tell about your company in video format.

Here is a sample video we did for a customer of ours at Visit their home page to see how they added it their blog to make it look more professional. We can do the same thing for your blog.

What We Offer –

2. Blog videos. Each video will target a keyword phrase and is created, posted, and published on your blog and bookmarked to our 6500 Twitter followers.


3. Each video will be created, uploaded & published on your YouTube Channel and then posted and published on your blog. We will then bookmark it to our Twitter page of 6500 followers and we encourage you to bookmark it to your social accounts as well.

Here is sample video we did for Wealthy Affiliate member David Bishop showing what your video will look like.

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work For Beginners?

We can create a new blog post, add it to an existing blog post, or in the case of David Bishop’s blog we added it to the right side bar of his blog David Bishop Make Money Tips.

We add videos to our blog posts as well as the right hand side bar of our TeamSchuman blog as well. Videos liven up a blog and Google loves them when they are published on YouTube because they own YouTube.

We charge $15 to create, upload, post and publish your video. We will do this on your blog.

We will also upload and publish it to your You Tube Channel at no extra charge. In that case we publish it on You Tube first and then add the You Tube url to a blog post for you on your blog. This is a good way to get Google spidering your blog.

Order your video(s) for $15.


Buy 3-Get 1 Free for $45.


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is in each video?

– Each video will be at least 2:00 minutes.
– It will target a keyword phrase.
– It will include a link to your blog.
– It will include graphics.
– We will bookmark your blog url our Twitter account.

2. What is the cost? $15.00

3. Can I order more then 1 video at a time? Yes you can by changing the order quantity.

4. How fast will I get my video? 48-72 hour turnaround.

5. What if I do not have a YouTube Channel? Go to and have one set up for you starting at $5.

6. Can we talk before I order? Yes. Best way to do that is via our contact form, chat, or by phone or skype with an appointment.

More sample videos, You Tube Channels, and blog posts to look at.

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