Can You Really Make Money Doing Surveys Online?

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I know I thought can you really make money doing surveys online? You may have a lot of free time. Retirement has a way of doing that.

One day you have little to no time for anything extra. The next you do not have enough to do to fill in all the free time you have.


The RV life gets a little boring as it only takes so much time to level the RV and cook a meal. One way to filling that extra time is to find some online work like filling out surveys.

Can you really make money doing surveys online? Just keep reading our article to find out what the answer is.

It depends on who you talk to. Some people have found a way to make cash by signing up at survey offering companies. But in researching for this article, we found there is a difference between the articles written by a woman and those written by a man.

The articles written by women were more upbeat and more positive as they found they could make some good pocket money each month. On the other hand, the articles written by men were less successful and more negative towards these companies as they did not make a lot of money at all.

In other words, in order for you to make any money writing surveys online, you have to fit the right demographic. Even then, the amount of money you make may only pay for a book telling you how to make money online.

Signing Up to Take Surveys

This is the first step in the survey taking process. It will tell you right away if the online survey company is legit or not. If they are only asking for your name and e-mail address then most likely, this is not a company you want to work for.

If the online application asks for a lot of personal details, then chances are the company is legit and will be a good one to work with. Before you get started filling out that application, make sure you are signing up directly with a survey offering company.

When you sign up at a company that is the actual marketing company needing the information, then you will get paid more. But if you go through a third-party website to sign up, your payment will be cut down as that outlet needs to make money as well.

How much do you get paid taking surveys?

The answer to this question is, ‘it depends.’ There is no industry wide pay rate where every survey company pays the same amount. It will depend on if you sign up with a direct marketing company or a third-party marketing firm.

The actual payment will be between $1 and $5 with some companies paying more. It is possible to find a survey paying up to $100 but those are rare. if you can get into a focus group or product testing options then you should be paid a little more than the $1 to $5 rate.

However, those figures are not written in stone. It will depend on the company you sign up at. Some of these survey offering companies only pay through a gift card or they enter your name in a sweepstake.

When you come across a company that only pays through the sweepstakes method, avoid it like you would anyone with a contagious disease. You are not going to make any money through those companies and your chances of winning the sweepstakes is very slim.

Then some companies only pay through points. Every survey gets you so many points and once you reach the payout threshold you can cash out. However, one person accrued 1080 points in one month and his reward was a $10 gift card for an online company making photo albums.

Women seem to do better at survey taking because they are given more surveys and get better payments than men do. Some men have complained that they haven’t seen a survey in months. While some women do 10 a week.

How to avoid those online survey scams.

Legit survey taking opportunities are out there. They are just overwhelmed and crowded out by all the scam survey companies trying to make a fast buck off your hard work and time. here are some tips to help you avoid those scam companies:

no transparency- if you cannot find out any company information then avoid that website
no privacy policy- if there is no privacy policy protecting your personal information, then do not sign up at that website
a fee is required- legit survey companies do not charge you a fee for signing up. It should be free to participate
asking for financial information- any survey offering company does not need this information. The most they will need would be your Pay Pal account
only asks for a name and an address- when you see this pop up on your screen, the best we can say is ‘run’.
asking for your social security number- not a necessary piece of information needed when taking surveys. Do not give it out and avoid those survey companies.

Legitimate survey companies will ask you for a lot of personal information. Those questions help them get to know you as a consumer. This information is needed to see which studies and surveys you qualify for.

However, those questions should not be asking for financial information or your social security number.

Is it worth taking surveys?

When you qualify for some good surveys, and you do not have large gaps in between opportunities then you may make some extra pocket money each month. That may make the time you invest worth the pay.

Can you really make money doing surveys online? The real answer to that question is, it depends. Women find more success at this online opportunity than men do in most cases. It is a great way to fill in that extra time you now have but it won’t help pay off the RV loan.

Check out Swagbucks to give it a try.

Name Top 10 Paid Survey Sites

1. InboxDollars- earn cash for taking surveys, reading emails, and more.
2. Survey Junkie- quick and easy surveys for cash.
3. Vindale Research- get paid cash to take online surveys about your experiences.
4. Pinecone Research- receive products to test and give your feedback for cash payments.
5. MySurvey- take online surveys and receive gift cards or PayPal deposits.
6. Opinion Outpost- take short surveys to earn points that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.
7. Harris Poll Online- a trusted name in market research that offers the chance to participate in paid online surveys.
8. Valued Opinions- another trusted market research company that pays cash for completing online surveys.
9. YouGov- participate in political polls and get paid cash for your opinions.
10. IPSOS iSay- a reputable market research company that pays cash or gift cards for participating in online surveys.

FAQ: Can You Really Make Money Doing Surveys Online?

There are many different survey sites out there, and it can be hard to know which one is the best. Different sites offer different rewards, and it is important to find a site that suits your needs.

For example, if you’re looking for the highest paying survey site, you’ll want to find a site that offers a good return on investment. Some sites also provide more opportunities to take surveys than others, so you’ll want to find a site that is a good fit for your schedule.

Ultimately, the best survey site is the one that works best for you.

If you’re looking for ways to make some extra cash, taking online surveys might be a good option. While there are a lot of Survey scams out there, there are also plenty of legitimate Survey sites that can help you earn money.

So how do you know which Survey sites are legit? Here are a few things to look for:

– First, check to see if the site has been around for awhile. If it’s a new site, it might not be as reliable.

– Second, look at the reviews. Are people saying good things about the site? Or are they having negative experiences?

– Third, see if the site is transparent about how they pay you. A good Survey site will clearly state how much you’ll earn for each Survey, and they should also have a process in place to pay you promptly.

If you keep these things in mind, you should be able to find some legitimate Survey sites that can help you make some extra cash.

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