Earning Money In Affiliate Marketing Without Any Experience

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Earning money in affiliate marketing without experience is really not that hard. Here’s how people are doing it!

People have been making money online since forever. There’s been a lot of people and companies that have made it grow exponentially over the past 10 years.

Today people are doing it all the time. It’s called affiliate marketing. This is how people are doing it.

Promote Other People’s Products

People are promoting other people’s products. And they’ll be promoting your product to earn a commission. The product owner pays you a commission to sell their product. So, you’ve got 3rd party marketing with no overhead and an online business for life.

They’ll ask you to promote their products. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

You’ll find many products that are really selling. Some of them are really hot products that are not too big, not too small, and not too easy to promote.

So they’re offering you a small percentage of the price of the product. I’m a fan of that. You can go for a percentage of a small percentage of a hot product that’s really selling.

Some products may be so hot that they won’t sell unless you promote them. Meaning they want you to work hard to promote them. Which is a great way to make money on internet.

Earning Money in Affiliate Marketing Without Any Experience: Not Too Hard

I’m a fan of products that are not too hard to promote. It’s nice to have some products that people are not too hard to promote. So that you can go for a small percentage. And also, you can get more customers.

This is how people are doing it all the time. And it’s been a pretty smooth ride. Now I know that some of you are thinking “that sounds easy. I’ve never done that before.”. And you’re right.

Don’t worry. If you want to know how to earn money on the internet without any experience.

There are people out there that are offering to teach you how to do it. In fact, there are many free ways to earn money on internet. The one I’m a fan of is known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing – Where Do I Start?

If you have tried affiliate marketing and have really not made any then read this. Many have failed, and for that reason there are many training products available online to help you.

If you really are new to affiliate marketing, then the way the programs work is quite simple. You just have to sign up, build a website, find an affiliate product to promote and then advertise it with PPC advertising. That’s it, right?

Unfortunately, if you have really not made any money then you are going to need to work at it a little bit longer to see some results. Remember, this is a business you are going to be starting. So, you really should be developing a website that you can promote well.


The best way to do this is with a WordPress theme. In the beginning it is recommended you go with a starter kit. This will get you started with a theme that is already optimized for search engines, has many great plugins and has all the other nice things you will want.

A good choice would be the Generate Press WordPress theme for $59. This is what we use for our Team Schuman website and blog. They have many great tools for your use.

Domain Name

You really should then invest in a good quality domain at Go Daddy. If you have budget, you should look at webhosting with an unlimited bandwidth plan.

Once you have your website built with all of the pieces in place then you can promote the heck out of it. Even if you are only going to do so much, you can still make some money off of it. Once you find a theme that you like and get your domain then you can begin writing articles, writing content and placing affiliate links throughout your site.

The last thing you want to do after you have spent some time working your theme is to wait for a sale to come in. As a general rule of thumb, you should try to get one sale per day.

If you get 4 sales per day, then you will have made a good amount of money. These are easy sales to make especially if you are using the tools that are available for you. After you make your first sale then you should work on getting other people to make sales as well.

Choose A Good Niche

This works best if you find a good niche that is earning in big than some of the people who are doing work in it and they are not getting paid for it. Then find a top selling product in that niche and try promoting it on your site. You can find some fantastic products out there. They will have you earning money in affiliate marketing without any experience quickly.

After you have made a few sales, you can then sell the products that the affiliates give you. Once you have some products on the marketplace you should then get more into SEO and other methods to help rank your site in search engines. This is important as these people will be coming to your site and hopefully clicking your affiliate links.

Buy PPC Ads

Once you have a steady stream of sales then you should invest in some pay per click advertising. You can get these ads and place them in your site. This will help bring more traffic to your site and people can click on those links and make a purchase.

Do not forget to check your email and your bank daily. As soon as you have made a sale don’t forget to check your affiliate links. You can then check your sales site daily and once you have some money left over you can get a good auto responder. This will help you follow up and once you have established some of your leads then you can go and setup your lead capture page again.

Here is some basic advice. This is not an exact science. There is no magic button that you can click and make $1000 a day. It takes time and you need to spend a little time for it.

Earning Money in Affiliate Marketing Without Any Experience

When you do affiliate marketing You just have to sell products online for a percentage of the price. It’s as easy as that.

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