Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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In this article we will look at email marketing mistakes to avoid. In our current digital environment, your Email Marketing campaign must not only stand out but also perform flawlessly.

Your Logo

Not only are you competing with tons of other emails, but you are also competing with your own logo. And no matter how good your Email campaign is, if your logo doesn’t match up to your brand or your slogan, you’re going to get lost amongst all of the other emails.

The worse part about this is that you can’t change your logo once it’s already been sent out. It’s one thing if your Email has a catchy logo that immediately grabs people’s attention. It’s another thing to see the same logo hundreds of times in your own inbox.

The worst part about this is that, in the online world, it’s more important than ever for your business to be accessible to people. There’s simply no way around it.

In the past, when many would visit a business, they had to be greeted. This was important since people liked to think of themselves as individuals rather than a tourist that needs to be welcomed into a business.

But, now in the online world, you don’t have to be greeted. In fact, now people expect the greeting in real life.

If your business is just across the street from yours, it’s best if you greet each other. But in the online world, once you’ve greeted someone in the real world, you’re no longer in the same category as them.

So how do you reach out to people in the online world?

You need to let them know they’re welcome. There are some people online who will be reading your Email campaign and will also want to visit your business.

But, for these readers, the best thing you can do is ensure they know they’re welcome in the first place. Because, if you don’t make this part absolutely clear, you might be wasting their time. So, again, you’re competing against tons of other businesses for this consumer’s attention. So, how do you get their attention?


Add Images To Your Emails

The best way to do this is to use images. The reason images work so well in email marketing is because they can be used as navigation aids. And the reason they’re great at navigation is because people online like to see things that are “new.”

This is a great way to ensure they’ve never seen this particular product before. In fact, if they see an image in their Email, you should probably assume it’s an image of this product.

Because it is almost guaranteed to appeal to people who have never seen this product before. It’s a great way to reach people with nothing to do with your business.

The next thing you can do is use this image as the header for your newsletter. This will make your Email look like it was sent by another person.

And again, nobody’s going to think of your business as a spam email. And since it doesn’t say “Targeted Reminder” on it, they won’t be suspicious of it. It’s a great way to connect with everyone.

And it’s so easy to do. You just need to do it.

Don’t make people think they’re an idiot. Or you’re just another spammer…

Be Brief

Your Email should be a clear, brief, and unique in both appearance and content. It should have a unique call to action. It should be relevant to your product.

Don’t send people to a bunch of different sites. Instead, send people to one site, and the one site only. Keep it clean. Don’t use images which are out of date, or ones you’ve already used. The same goes for images that are irrelevant to your product.

Don’t use too many images to control what people think of your emails.

Opt In Only

accept opt in email only

Don’t send messages to your existing subscribers to people who don’t know you. Instead, send only messages to people who have either agreed to receive marketing messages from you or have opted in to receive them.

Don’t send your messages to people who’ve unsubscribed. Instead, try contacting them by mail or phone. Keep your message personal and professional. This will keep people from labeling you a spammer.

Relevant Graphics

Don’t use a large number of graphics in your emails. Instead, use a few that are relevant to your product.

Use a link that takes them to the main page where they can make their own mind up about your product. Use a link that only takes them to the same page where they would have been able to opt out if they’ve ever opted out before. And don’t put in images which aren’t relevant to your product.

Don’t use excessive formatting. Don’t use text with formatting as one of your main tactics. Instead, put in links and graphics sparingly.

The reason is because text is much more attractive than graphics. And because they might add to the confusion of your message, which is a quick way of getting your message deleted. Instead, format your email using images and colors.

The main goal is to get your message read.

Nothing gets your message read more than clear, concise and professional. These are the things you should never do. If you do people will just think you’re a spammer.

This won’t do your product good. You’ll lose people that will be interested to buy your product.

As your list gets bigger, you’ll need to do more and more to maintain your current list in order to keep growing and eventually becoming a major ISP in the business.

One thing you should do is email on a regular basis. Don’t be an email marketer that starts off hot and then let’s their list go cold.

Your subscribers should not forget who you are because they have not heard from you in a while. Use and autoresponder and build out scheduled email messages several weeks, months, or even years in advance. Then mail once in a while when you have something to share or to promote.

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