Fully Booked VA Program Review-How Seniors Are Making Money

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Technology has created a lot of employment opportunities for seniors. One of those employment opportunities is becoming a virtual assistant which we will talk about in this Fully Booked VA Program.

If you are not familiar with this career, a virtual assistant helps business owners and executives handle important day to day tasks like answering e-mails. As you can imagine there is a never-ending opportunity for seniors to get started as VAs.

It is a nice work at home opportunity that can help you make some big bucks if you are good. To get good you may need to take a course on becoming a Virtual assistant. Our Fully Booked VA Program review will let you know if this specific course is worth taking or not.

What is Fully Booked VA Program?

This program was started by Gina Horkey. She built the training courses based on her own experiences as a virtual assistant. That is what this program is. It is a training course to help you have a career, or second career, as a virtual assistant.

This training program is not the most expensive option you have, but it is also not the cheapest either. Plus, it helps you take advantage of the growing need for virtual assistants in the business world.

One of the program’s claims to fame is that you will be successful in 30 days or less. Whether that is true or not can only be proven by your experience.

How Does Fully Booked VA Program Work?

To get access to the information, you will need to either pay $199 a month or $1,194 per year. With that payment, you can study the foundation courses that include 5 specialty tracks, get weekly coaching calls, receive quality leads, and VA certification (virtual assistant).

The training seems to cover everything a senior would need to know about becoming a virtual assistant. It provides you with scripts that you can copy, paste and use to get hired. You also get training on where to find clients looking for virtual assistants.

In essence, this is a professional training course to help you launch a new career as a virtual assistant.

Can You Make Money with Fully Booked VA Program?

This again will only be proven by you and your experience. So far, we have found little negative during our research that says you cannot make money or that you will be wasting your money by taking this course.

If the training and leads pan out, it is most likely that you will make a salary that more than compensates you for your work. Some VAs make between $30 to 50 an hour approx with some making more and others charging less.

There is going to be no guarantee given that you will make money as it all depends on you, the information you receive, and the clients you get.

Examples Of How to Make Money With Fully Booked VA Program

The only way you will make money using this training program is if you get hired as a virtual assistant. Right now, the trend seems to be in the VAs favor as more and more businesses are looking for contract workers to help them manage their administrative tasks. Seniors looking for a way to make money online should take a close look at this.

The opportunity seems to be there as are the leads to help you connect with the right client that will pay your fee. Also, you will get a certificate stating you have completed the course and are a trained VA.

It will take a little hard work to find those clients and start earning money. This training is also great for retirees who want a second career.


comprehensive training
access to a community
leads are generated for you
a successful track record
2 plans to choose from
inexpensive starter course to see if VA is for you
continual updating of information
gets you prepared for the responsibilities that come with being a VA


can get costly
lose access to the community once membership expires
the same information is found for free elsewhere on the internet
no in-depth training for specialist VA positions
only a 7-day money-back guarantee
uses VA in a confusing manner and leads people to think about Veterans Administration or veterans advantage program

Any Negatives Lawsuits, Complaints etc?

One of the negatives we found in our research was the use of VA in their name. Many people can become confused by this as other programs use the same initials. Then, the information is not new, unique, or even special. You can find the same training elsewhere for a lower cost

There were no lawsuits against the company that we found but it is a training program that makes no hype or guarantees about getting rich quickly. In addition, we found almost no one saying one thing bad about you and that may be a negative in its own right.

Is Fully Booked VA Program Legitimate?

As a training course the company is legitimate. They are not making unrealistic claims or saying you will make thousands of dollars every hour with little to no work on your part. The information in the training, as well as the leads, are real and many other companies use the same information.

What bothered us was that no one had anything bad to say. Even the cons in their reviews were minimal and almost no negatives. It seems that this training program is almost too good to be true.

But you do get what you pay for and that is a big plus in its favor.

Final Thoughts: Fully Booked VA Program Review-How Seniors Are Making Money

Becoming a virtual assistant may not have been in your retirement plans. But if you are bored and want something constructive to do, then it is worth checking this training out. Just make sure to do some comparison shopping to cut your expenses down.

Getting training at retirement age is not a bad thing and you can profit from this training if you have the right personality. Being a VA is not for everyone and that is about the main point behind this Fully Booked VA Program review. It is something seniors should seriously consider if becoming a VA is up your alley.

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