Google Adsense Review

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You have heard the name. It is an international company that hopes to rule the world someday. But is that a good rule or a bad one? To find out you have to keep reading our Google Adsense review. Not everything about Google is wrong or bad.

When you want to make money as a senior yet can’t decide, just posting a few code snippets can make you a few bucks that add up. it is the simplest way to make money online at present.

What is Google Adsense?

This is an online ad network that has you placing some code on your different web pages. Once the code is in place, you can start making some money. However, the amount of money you make depends on how many people click on the ad and how much the advertiser will pay for each click.

That is all there is to it. You are helping companies advertise through your website and get paid to do it. Then Google does all the work for you after you place the right code in the right spot.

How Does Google Adsense Work?

As you have just read, it is a simple process that helps make you a little money. Before you place the code, you need to decide what type of ad you want to be displayed. You can choose between a display, in-feed, in-article, or link ads. Once the code is in place, they will automatically appear.

There is no mess, no fuss, and you just wait to have people click on those ads for your revenue to add up. However, you need a lot of traffic in order to get those totals to add up to a significant amount of money.

Depending on your content, you may not get a lot of traffic, so this is not always the best way to go.

Can You Make Money With Google Adsense?

It is possible but it won’t be enough to allow you to quit your day job or take that dream vacation you have been wanting to go on. The amount you get paid depends on two factors, how many people click on your ad and how much the advertiser will pay.

Then you have to reach the $100 minimum threshold in order to receive any money. Of course, you have to create an account provide pertinent information, enter your website’s URL address, and click save.

Then you have to sign in, choose your territory or country, click on the accept the terms and conditions and create the account. Once all that is done you can make some money.

Examples Of How to Make Money with Google Adsense

There is only one way to make money through this program. You have to create your account, get the code and add it to your web pages and then wait till one of your website visitors clicks on the ad. That is all there is to it.

What that means though is that you have to work hard and use the right SEO strategies to draw traffic to your website. The more traffic you have the higher the possibility that more people will click on those ads.

That can take a long time to get done. This money-making option is just going to bring you a little extra spending money if you are not lucky enough to have a lot of traffic.


a very trusted and reliable advertising network
provides desktop and mobile formats for people using different devices to view your website
Google does all the work for you
you can customize the ads very easily
millions of advertisers are a part of this program
good customer care service
easy to sign up
various payments methods
timely payouts.


minimum $100 before you receive your payment
must be over 18 years of age
content cannot be abusive
content cannot contain hate speech
content should be unique and engaging
need to meet very strict rules
irrelevant ads pop up on your visitors’ screens
loading time can be slowed down by these ads
there are payment hassles at times

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

There has been at least one lawsuit against Google and its Adsense program. It seems that the company does not pay out as quickly or as nicely as they claim. One lawsuit ended up with the company paying out about $11 million to its Adsense users.

There have also been many instances where Google has violated privacy, advertising, intellectual property, and more regulations and lawsuits have been filed against the company.

There are so many lawsuits and negative actions by this company that it employs roughly 400 lawyers to handle them all. On top of that, you are dealing with Google, and it has had a lot of negative issues associated with that company in other areas as well.

Is Google Adsense Legitimate?

Unfortunately, the only answer we can provide is a positive one. It does payout the ad revenue but sometimes it has to be forced to make those payments. So, while it is a legitimate money-making program, it is not an ethical one.

Some patrons have received a good experience while others have not. Depending on your experience your point of view will take one side or the other on how good or legitimate this company is.

It is not the best money-making option you can use but it does, if you meet the rules and get the clicks, provide some extra spending money

Final Thoughts Google Adsense Review

The key is how much money do you want to make. if it is a lot then Google Adsense really is not for you unless your traffic figures reach over 5000 views per month. This is a tough way for seniors to earn extra cash to pad their pensions but at least there is little work involved.

This Google AdSense review is not the most positive because, for the little amount you make, you have to be very squeaky clean in your content and other SEO strategies.

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