How Much Do Senior Freelance Writers Make Per 1000 words?

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This is a content type question. The answer may depend on the writer’s experience, the type of writing, and the market for the article. Generally, a senior freelance writer might make more than a newbie just starting out.

How much a freelance writer makes also may depend on whether they are working on web content, marketing collateral, or some other type of writing. For web content, rates may start around $10 per 500 words but can go up from there.

For other types of writing, rates typically are based on project length and can vary widely. Therefore, it’s tough to say how much senior freelance writers make per 1000 words without knowing more about the specifics of the project.

If you start at a content mill a senior will earn .01 – .02 cents per word and up. This would equate to $10-$20 for a 1000 word article. If you use a writing assistant such as Jasper AI you can write 2 articles per hour. In this example your hourly rate would be $20-$40 an hour. Not Bad!