How Much Do Successful Bloggers Make?

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How much do successful bloggers make is a question that is commonly asked, but the answer is not as simple as one might think. While some bloggers do make a full-time income from their blogging, many others only make a part-time or supplemental income.

The amount of money that a blogger makes depends on a number of factors, such as the niche they blog in, how often they post, and how many followers they have. That being said, there are some general trends that can be observed among successful bloggers.

For example, seniors tend to make more money than other age groups, and those who blog about business or finance topics tend to earn more than those who blog about personal interests. Ultimately, how much a blogger makes depends on their individual situation.

However, it is clear that successful bloggers can generate significant income from their blogging endeavors. Read Top 21 Highest Paid Bloggers (Crazy Successful Blogs) $100k/m to see how much some of the big boys are earning.

Different Types of Bloggers

I think of 2 types of bloggers although I’m sure there are more.

  • Bloggers who write for their own blog.
  • Freelance bloggers who write for other bloggers.

Bloggers who write for their own blog.

There are many different types of bloggers, from those who blog about their daily lives to those who blog about niche topics.

-One type of blogger is the travel blogger. Travel bloggers document their experiences exploring different cities, countries, and cultures. They often include photos and videos in their posts, and some even turning their travel blogging into a full-time job.

-Another type of blogger is the food blogger. Food bloggers share their recipes, cooking tips, and restaurant reviews with their readers. Some food bloggers are also professional chefs or food critics, while others are simply passionate home cooks.

-Then there are lifestyle bloggers. Lifestyle bloggers write about a wide range of topics, from fashion and beauty to home decor and parenting. Many lifestyle bloggers use their platform to promote certain brands or products, while others simply share their own personal style with their readers.

-There are also niche bloggers who write about specific topics, such as technology, politics, or sports. These bloggers usually have a deep level of knowledge about their chosen topic, and they use their blog to share this knowledge with their readers.

-Finally, there are senior blogs that provide advice, tips, and information for seniors citizens. These blogs cover a wide range of topics, from retirement planning to health and fitness. Senior blogs can be a great resource for older adults who want to stay active and engaged in their later years.

Bloggers who write for other bloggers.

A freelance blogger is someone who writes blog posts for other bloggers. This can be helpful for seniors who want to stay active in the blogging community but don’t have the time or energy to write their own posts.

A freelance blogger can also help take some of the pressure off of a busy blogger by writing posts on their behalf.

In addition to writing blog posts, a freelance blogger can also help with other tasks such as social media management, email marketing, and even website design.

If you’re a senior blogger who is looking for ways to stay active in the blogging community, consider hiring a freelance blogger to help you with your blogging needs.

Freelance Blog Writing

Here is one more way a senior can start making money right away. Do freelance blog writing for writing sites. This could be a content mill a first which is not a bad way to get experience and some money coming in.

Places to check out for freelance writing include Upwork, Fiverr, Textbrokers, Hire Writers and many more. A quick Google search will keep you busy for a while and I guarantee if you want to make money writing for other bloggers as a freelance writer you can start hsi week somewhere.

Income Examples Of Types Of Bloggers

Zip recruiter says the average blogger earns $42, 618 a year or about $20 and hour.

Glassdoor says the average blogger pay is $50,459. They say that average is pushed to over $80,00 with bonuses, tips, or profit sharing. Bloggers can also make more money from a client doing additional thins such as social media management.

One thing I know is beginning bloggers do not make much. Many quit before they even make any money.

There are so many factors such as the niche you are in and how you monetize your blog that it is hard to give an accurate estimate of personal blog earnings.

Quality and quantity of content will play a big role in your blog earnings. So will the amount of traffic you get.

Choose a niche you enjoy!

If you do this you are more likely to to blog on a regular basis because it doesn’t feel like work. I like the make money niche. Read Niche Blogging Tips For Seniors to learn more about niche blogging.

TeamSchuman also has a content creation system down. It is very easy to blog virtually everyday for a couple of hours and not feel like we are overworking to the point of dreading sitting down and writing, posting, publishing, and promoting.

Summary: How Much Do Successful Bloggers Make?

Let’s summarize this post by answering this question!

What is the number one thing that affects a bloggers income?

The number one thing that affects a bloggers income is the content type they produce. For example, if a blogger writes about senior living, they will likely make less money than a blogger who writes about fashion.

This is because the seniors market is not as large as the fashion market, and therefore there are fewer people willing to pay for content about seniors.

However, this does not mean that writing about seniors is not a viable option for bloggers. There are still many people who are interested in reading about seniors, and if a blogger can produce high-quality content, they can still make a good income.

If you want to supplement your income any senior can make money blogging. Check out Wealthy Affiliate and take their starter course for free. This will give you a look at what is possible for you!

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