Infinitus MLM Review

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America does not have a monopoly when it comes to MLM corporations. America is not the only country to have them. Many are based throughout the world and China has Infinitus. To learn if this company is for you or not just continue to read our Infinitus MLM review.

This review will cover the basics and let you see a snapshot of the company so you can make an intelligent decision. Keep reading to find out more.

Who founded the company?

Unlike other MLM corporations, Infinitus does not have a single person who started the company out of the trunk of his car or his garage. Instead, this company was started by a 100-year-old company called Lee Kum Kee Group which is based in Hong Kong.

The year was 1992 when the LKK Group was looking to expand its business reach and they decided to use the direct marketing or MLM business model. In the 30 years of operation, Infinitus has gone beyond the Southeast Asian market and broke into the North American market via Canada.

The company may not have reached the United States at the time of this writing, but it may appear sometime in the near future. Currently, they are in 11 markets including Australia and Canada.

What is Infinitus & Products?

This company focuses on bringing traditional Chinese and western medicines to the public. Their products focus on healthcare, skin care, personal care, and herbal food products. The latter makes sense as LKK is a food producing company.

These are standard MLM products when these types of corporations enter this part of the MLM industry. The twist is that their products are designed to include Chinese herbal products which other companies cannot replicate.

Some of their products have won awards for the quality of ingredients. Their product lines include:

– Infinitus- for nurture beauty
– Beautrio- for personal beauty care
– Vitabelle- for vitamins and health care
– Homemate- for home care and two other product lines.

As usual, this company does place a high price on their products. They may cost more than similar products you can find in your local stores. For a bottle of 120 Vitamins, you will be paying $70. Despite the value, it is still too high a price to pay.

Can you make money at Infinitus?

One of the good aspects about this company is that your startup cost is one of the cheapest in the MLM industry. You only have to pay $24 to become a sales rep. You will have to have the name of a current sales rep to start the process

But if you don’t, you can contact the headquarters in your country to finish the signing up process. We saw no evidence of any further upsells, but they may exist, just not mentioned in any reviews that we looked at.

Nor are they mentioned on the company’s website. Most likely you will have to buy the product first then sell those items when you get orders. So, the answer to the question is, yes, it is possible to make money working for and selling the products of this company.

The main drawback will be the cost of those products you have to sell in order to make money. One financial disclosure sheet from Canada stated that reps made between $49 and just over $900 each year so you can do the math.

Examples of how to make money at Infinitus.

There are 3 ways to make money at this company. These 3 ways are all standard MLM techniques.

1. Retail. First, you have to find a good market and be able to sell well. The mark of a good salesman is the ability to handle rejection as you may face a lot of it in the beginning.

2. Recruit. The second method is to recruit and recruit you must do in order to cash in on one of the many bonuses and commission opportunities this company provides.

3. Downline. That is the third way to make money at this company. You earn off your downline’s sales as well as get a chance at receiving a bonus.

The compensation plan is going to be complicated and very technical. But you get between 2 and 10% of your sales, then up to 12% for reaching a group level. There is a 1 1/4 to 6% performance bonus as well as a 10 1/2% leadership bonus.

That is just to whet your appetite. You would have to sign up to see all the ways you get compensated.

Infinitus MLM Review: Pros and Cons


work your own hours
good products to sell
well established company
possible good sales territories still available
inexpensive signup fee


it is another MLM business
high priced products to sell
no training
low revenue stream
recruiting needed

Any negatives against Infinitus?

Besides it being a standard MLM business model, we have only heard of one negative report against the company. A mother in China reported that her 3-year-old daughter got sick after taking large portions of their health products.

There was an investigation launched but nothing has been reported concerning the results of this investigation. Pyramid schemes are illegal in China and many of these types of companies hide behind the MLM business plan and still operate as a pyramid scheme. Be careful of this company and others based in China.

Infinitus MLM Review: Final Verdict

The cheap signup fee is tempting and very attractive but what goes on after you sign up is only known to accepted reps. Infinitus is a standard MLM corporation, so you already know what is involved if you sign up. The market is limited and over-saturated so you may not make a lot of money if you do join the company.

There are several ways to communicate with the leaders of this brand, but the quality of support is also unknown. If you like MLM companies then this might be a good place for you to work. There are markets that need to be opened and that may help your revenue stream.

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