Network Marketers Need Retail Customers

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I finished reading a great article on the Business for Home website titled “Top Executive Speaks Out On State Of The USA Network Marketing Industry” which I will give you a link to in a minute.

The article was written with comments by Justin Serra who is the General Manager for Modere.

His LinkedIn page is a good place to learn a little more about him and his qualifications as an expert on MLM and the topic of the article.

Here are the highlights and my own comments.

The FTC Is Acting Against MLM Companies

This is real and for people at the highest levels of MLM companies it has them worrying about whether they will be next. A $200 Million judgement by the FTC against Herbalife will do that, I guess.

I like how Justin has decided not to debate how the FTC is wrong and biased against MLM companies. That is a fight to be taken up at the top by the lawyers and executives of the MLM companies when the FTC comes knocking.

How Many Retail Customers Do You Have?

When you boil down what the FTC holds against network marketing companies it primarily comes down to getting retail customers. Not wholesale customers buying at distributor pricing either.

Retail Customers. Real customers who buy your products from you!

I like to think of it this way…..

Real Customers + Real Products = A Real Business!

Retail Customers Are Real Customers

Here is a real-life example. A factory sales rep works 20 years at Amana Refrigeration in the Heating Cooling Division.

His job was to sell Amana products to HVAC contractors who then sell and install those furnaces and air conditioners to the end user which is their customer.

In that time, he will never spend one minute in 20 years trying to recruit new salespeople under him. He does not have to buy Amana products to work for them. He does not have to listen to positive thinking tapes or read self-help books unless he wants to on my own.

Here is my question to all you network marketers; do you have real retail customers do you have?

The Solution?

Network marketing distributors better start focusing more on selling and less on recruiting!

With the Internet, websites, and customer fulfillment handled at the MLM corporate level, you have no excuse not to focus on selling. You do not have to collect any money or ship the products. You do not have to inventory anything or deliver to your customers either.

Think BIG!

How about getting 100 customers on auto ship?

What would that do for your business?

It would make you a lot of money and it would set the example for your downline.

Then when you do recruit find people who think selling first and recruiting second.

What if you had 10 frontline distributors with 100 customers?

Now it gets exciting!

100 retail customers of your own and 1000 retail customers for your personally sponsored distributors. That is a lot of real customers buying your great products and everyone has a real business!

If even a fraction of this were to happen the FTC will not be talking to your MLM company because they have no reason too!

Here is the link : Top Executive Speaks Out On State Of The USA Network Marketing Industry.

The Real Truth About Having A Network Marketing MLM Home Business

Real Truth About Having A  MLM Business

When you are new to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing. You are going to have a couple of questions that you need honest answers to.

Are MLMs scam pyramid schemes?

Can I make and real income with an MLM home business?

Is investing in an MLM home business a fraudulent venture? Etc.

We are here to answer all these questions. In this post, we bring you the real truth about having a network marketing MLM home business.

We will take you step by step. Starting with the definitions then moving up. Clearing the air by answering all the questions you may have regarded MLM home businesses’ legitimacy.

What is an MLM Home Business and how does it work?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business, also known as networking marketing, is a person-to-person sales business that works in a multi-level scheme. You can run this business in your home. Using it you can sell an MLM company’s products and services directly to people in your household, or, you can head out online and invite your friends to join your network.

They are two ways that MLM companies ‘claim’ that you will earn money on joining them:

• Through selling their products and services directly to people who are not affiliated with the company, or
• Recruiting other people to join the company and do the above task. Here you earn a commission anytime they buy and sell on behalf of the MLM company.

So, where does the term ‘Network’ come from?

When you join an MLM company, you will need to build a network of recruits (as discussed above) and the people the recruits’ recruit. This network of your recruits and the people they recruit will decide the kind of commissions you will earn from the MLM company.

Is an MLM home business a pyramid scheme?

The multi-level marketing strategy is like a typical pyramid scheme, but most are not a pyramid. Yet, be cautious. It is easy for unscrupulous companies to hide their pyramidal schemes behind an MLM entity.

Here you must understand that most pyramid schemes are scams. If you fall victim to one of them, you are at risk of losing your valuable time and money.

How to tell whether the purported MLM home business is a pyramid scheme?

Network Marketing Is Not A Pyramid

The following are the characteristics of a pyramid scheme:

• Pressure from the company to buy more products even when you have enough inventory.

• Unreasonable pitches and promises during the hiring process. Such pitches like ‘this business will change your life’ should be avoided at all costs. This is a strategy of pyramid schemes to make sure that they have a constant stream of new distributors.

• High-pressure sale tactics. These include threats that you will lose the opportunity if you do not fulfill certain tasks in an accelerated manner that does not leave you with time to reason properly.

• More focus on compensation and commission rather than the product’s description and how you need to sell it.

• Frequent new products in the network. A legitimate MLM should deal with a given line of products for a reasonable amount of time.

• Great emphasis on the recruitment as the most effective way to earn money. You should earn with an MLM home business even by selling products directly to non-affiliates.

If you can find these red alerts, then you will, in most cases, end up picking an authentic MLM home business. A legitimate MLM home business is one of the smart ways you can use leverage. These let you be sure you have a continuous stream of money even when you can afford to do much off your home establishment. Want to know if an MLM business is right for you?

Here are 4 simple factors to consider:

1. Background of the company running the MLM.

Before investing your time and money in an MLM home business you must first understand entirely the company running it. You can rely on resources such as newspapers, magazines, past distributors, or the web for this.

You can also take it a notch higher and check with a state Attorney general for complaints about the MLM they run. If you know the company’s intention and legitimacy, you will understand whether they are right for you or not.

2. Time and money needed in the MLM home business.

Each MLM will need the distributors/ recruiters to work under certain time and financial requirements. Time requirements include the commitment you may be required to make to attend training, distribute products, record inventory and manage paperwork. Invest in an MLM home business that you can afford to risk your time and money in.

3. The products.

Even if this is the last factor we will discuss in this section, the products are important. For your MLM home business to be profitable, you need to sell for the company, products that are competitive in the market.

You must be aware that some MLM companies offer overpriced and even to the worst unsafe products and you must avoid these at all costs. Here, you need to avoid products with components dubbed as ‘miracle ingredients’.

4. Refunds.

Since to sell a product through an MLM home business, you need to buy it from the associated company, you would want to know more about the refund policy. It would help if you understood what you would do, for example, an unused product.

Make a decision after understanding the penalties, restrictions and policies about refunds to make sure that you will not end up stranded and making losses.

Network Marketing MLM Home Business – Is the Product Good Enough?

Are you thinking about starting your own business? If you are, congratulations, you have chosen the right path.

You are on the right path because of hundreds of business opportunities out there, some of are not bad, and some are not good either. Look for that one that fits you and your personality.

You can think that you will not be good at something, but in order for you to be good at something, you must think that you will be good at it. A good example is the ability to ride a bike. You may never be able to ride a bike, it may be something that is a part of your personality.

Network Marketing MLM Home Business: Does It Stand Out?

Does Your MLM Business Stand Out

What you need to do is research an opportunity and find what makes them stand out. You need to find what makes them different from all the other opportunities that are out there, what makes them different from all the other opportunities?

Look at what the owner of the opportunity wants to do, they want to change the world. If the opportunity is not trying to change the world, then the owner does not believe in making it happen. You need to think about who you would want to work with and then think about how they believe they can help you change the world.

* If the opportunity is with a company that wants to make you as wealthy as possible, then you need to research how you can be as wealthy as possible. The best way to make you wealthy is to join an opportunity that will help you get there fast. The company will tell you how fast you can get there.

Be Patient

You have to be e patient. If you want to become wealthy fast, then you need to spend a lot of money and time on marketing the business. If the marketing methods are expensive then you will not be as wealthy as you want to be and you will spend more money and time.

This is like the way you have to think about your opportunity. If you think that the opportunity is good then you will be good at it, but if you think that the opportunity is not good then you may not be good at it. You need to wait and analyze how the best way to become wealthy is.

The answer is to spend more time thinking about your business and not get distracted by the right opportunity and also to wait and analyze how you can become wealthy. If you spend more time and more money on your business, then you may get rich.

Conclusion: The Real Truth About Having A Network Marketing MLM Home Business

Hopefully, you now understand the real truth about having a network marketing MLM home business. The bottom line is that an MLM home business, like any other business, has a risk factor.

The good thing is that you now know what to check to know whether an MLM home business is legitimate and worth investing in or not. A background check of the company running the MLM business is the most important evaluation as it will give you a clear picture of who you are dealing with. To be on the safer side, when you want to join Home Network Marketing, always invest an amount you can afford to lose when starting out.


How do network marketers get customers?

Network marketers typically find customers through a process of word-of-mouth marketing. In other words, they rely on their network of friends, family, and acquaintances to spread the word about their products or services.

This type of marketing is often very effective, as it allows network marketers to tap into their existing social networks. However, it can also be somewhat limited in scope.

As a result, many network marketers also use more traditional marketing channels, such as print or online advertising, to reach a wider audience. Ultimately, network marketers need to use a combination of both word-of-mouth and traditional marketing techniques to find customers and grow their business.

How do I get more sales in network marketing?

Successful network marketing involves more than just selling products to your friends and family. In order to build a successful business, you need to reach new network of potential customers.

One way to do this is by using the products yourself and then telling people about your experience. This will help you to build credibility and establish yourself as an expert on the products.

Additionally, it is important to think outside your current network of friends and family. Don’t rely 100% on them for sales, as this will limit your potential for growth.

Instead, focus on expanding your reach and finding new people who are interested in what you have to offer. By following these tips, you can start generating more sales and growing your network marketing business.

How do you get a prospect in network marketing?

The best way to get a prospect in network marketing is to find customers. There are a few ways to find customers.

You can network with other network marketers and find people who are looking for products or services that you offer. You can also search for prospects online.

You can join forums and social media groups and participate in discussions. You can also search for prospects in your local area. You can attend events and meet people who might be interested in what you have to offer.

When you find potential customers, you can contact them and invite them to learn more about your products or services. You can also offer them a free sample or a discount on their first purchase.

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