Niche Blogging Tips For Seniors

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In our niche blogging tips for seniors we will concentrate on how to start and run a profitable niche blog from a senior’s point of view.

When we talk about how seniors are making money online today one of the best ways to make money online is starting a niche blog.

This is especially true if you are going to write your own content at first. Most experts will tell you to write about things you know and like.

It can be easier for us as baby boomers because we have a lifetime of experiences under our belt.

Here is the thing though in regard to writing about what you know. While this is great advice, no one bothers to tell you how to start and run a profitable niche blog.

Not making money is the reason most blogs have gone down even before they really get started. And the real reason for that is….

Seniors do not know how to monetize their niche in a lucrative way. A niche is a segment of a market whereas a lucrative niche is a segment of a market you can make money in!

You make nothing if you do not identify a profitable way to make money in your niche, especially if you pick an already competitive one.

High authority blogs win all the time, and your new blog gets beaten and crushed leaving you frustrated.

At Money Making Tips For Seniors, we do not want that to happen. So, here is our niche blogging guide for seniors that will help you get started blogging and making money quickly!

Choose a Topic You Enjoy

If you write on a topic you are not passionate about it will be reflected in your content.

There is no reason to choose a niche for your first blog that you do not enjoy blogging about.

You have no motivation to research and write great ideas. Avoid a niche like this because regardless of how profitable it maybe you will not stick with it.

Blog posts that do not impress readers will hinder your chance of building an audience. Finding what you love is easy

to do.

Choose A Topic You Enjoy

Do You Give Advice?

Just think about things that friends and family believe you are the best person to advise them on. Or what do you spend your free time doing?

Is it cooking, fitness, health, children related advise, or fashion? How about fishing, hunting, cars, sports, golf, or business?

Then go online and do a quick search on Google. If it is too broad narrow it down. An excellent example of this is the fashion niche; you can choose a smaller topic like “women fashion.”

Instead of cars you might go with classic cars, or even smaller such as classic corvettes. In sports if you like golf offer tips on the greatest courses you have played and will be playing. How fun would that be to write about?

Another thing to keep in mind as a senior starting a niche blog is your target market does not have to be baby boomers.

Although our IM Tips blog does target seniors, most seniors will be targeting people outside of this niche market. This doesn’t mean boomers cannot be part of your niche, but chances are it will not be exclusive to it.

Carry Out Market Research

Before you start your blog do market research. This is to make sure you have a market big enough to give you profits.

So how do you do it?

Type in your favorite hobby or area of expertise and search it with Google Trends. It will reveal who is interested and the number of people searching for this topic. You will see the size of your potential audience.

The results appear in a graph showing whether the number of people interested in your topic is stable, increasing, or declining as time passes. You should stay from topics whose interest is waning.

Such a blog has no future and will go down over time. Instead look for evergreen markets that are always replacing viewers all of the time.

Give Your Blog a Catchy Name

The name of the blog becomes your brand, so choose it wisely. It is also the domain name and will earn you organic SEO for searches related to your niche.

Two word names are easier to remember. If you can have one of the two words reflect the theme or niche, you are in.

Team Schuman does that. For sure our blog is slanted towards senior citizens. Bizzy is a word that can mean business which we do blog about.

Where do you buy your domain name? We use Godaddy and highly recommend them.

Niche Blogging Guide For Seniors Hosting

After you have settled on the right name and a domain name, next is web hosting services. This is a service that enables your blog to go online.

There are many web hosting companies and their charges range between $5/mo. and up. As a beginner, no need to get anything fancy.

Find a reliable company and start working on getting increased traffic and then you can upgrade your web hosting package. Again we use Godaddy for hosting.

We found a coupon online for $12 for one year that gave us the domain name and hosting. After year one we will be paying around $15 a year for the domain name and $10/month for hosting.

Other good sources include Bluehost which gives you a free domain name if you pre-pay you’re hosting for 3 years in advance.

Here are some more tips to consider when naming and finding a domain for your blog:

– Give dot com domain extensions a priority over others because it’s easy to remember. People are used to seeing dot com the most and will type it in over another extension such as a .net, .org, .info and so on.

– Find a short name not exceeding three words, but 2 words if possible.

– Try to include a keyword representing your blog’s niche. It makes it easy for people to identify the niche of your blog along with enabling search engines to distinguish your niche among millions of websites
– Have memorable and straightforward domain name; it should not have numbers or hyphens.

– Use your name if you want the brand of your blog to be about you!

Select the Best Blogging Platform for Your Blog

Wordpress Blogging Platform

WordPress is one of the best choices for most new bloggers. But there are other options including Wix, Blogger, Squarespace, and Medium.

A self-hosted WordPress blog comes with numerous advantages including a 24/7 support to keep your blog running smoothly. Besides, it has thousands of great themes that will give your blog an instant visual appeal.

Another great thing about WordPress is all of the plugins available for free. You can read more about installing and using plugins here.

To start with you really only need these plugins:

– Yoast SEO
– Akismet for spam
– Contact Form 7

Create Essential Pages

A blog should have some foundation information. So, include…..

– About Us page. Use this to introduce you as the blog owner and tell you your story. This is where potential clients will check before they hire you.

Contact Us. Use the Contact7 plugin to easily set up your contact us page.

Privacy page. This tells you visitors what information is collected from them while they are on your blog.

Hire Us or any other that you would like to include if you are offering a service.

FAQ. List your frequently asked questions and answers.

Come Up With a Content Strategy

Now that your blog is set up and running do not stop there. It is time to create a content strategy to grow your blog and earn a good income.

If you want new visitors daily and to retain old ones, write excellent content. Consistency with quality is the most important thing and a big reason that keeps people coming back to your blog.

Do not just write and publish any content. Find out what your followers are looking for.

Consistent publishing enables you to test and identify the type of content your readers want. Blog at least 3-4 new articles every week.

It has been said by well known bloggers that your goal should be to get to 200 new articles as soon as possible. If you do that it will take you about 1 year to have a high-quality blog that Google and your readers like.

You can blog on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. WordPress makes is easy to blog and you can create short or longer articles.

Google likes longer articles of 1500-2000 words so shoot for that. This is a guideline.

The point is put quality into your articles and add depth with more words.

Look at your competitors blogs to see what they are writing about. This can be a great source for new content ideas.

Your articles do not have to go viral. They will still drive traffic into your site as long as they are consistent.

Have a comfortable publishing schedule because over-committing will kill the enthusiasm and brilliant ideas in you.

Keyword Research

Niche Blogging Tip Keywords

Here are 2 main points to consider. When you start think about what your goal with your blog is.

1. Specific niche. Create a content strategy that allows you to publish articles around a niche or theme in a specific category. On our blog we are focusing right now on home business tips in money, marketing, and mindset.

We also have a boomer’s category that lets us write about a variety of things relating to boomers.

2. Longtail keywords at first. Your content strategy should be around using longtail keywords of 4 or more keywords at a time. Wordtracker is good for this. Keyword Chef and Keyword Shitter are what we are using right now based on Jon Dykstra of Fat Stacks Blog recommendation.

So is getting an account with Google Adwords and letting Google tell you what people are searching for.

Here are two more tips on keyword research.

1. Image keywords. Use the words Google delivers in a search for images relating to your longtail keyword. For example, if I do a Google search for baby boomer money making tips Google gives me results.

I want to then click on images and look at the words across the top of the page. These are the words I want to sprinkle into my 2000-word article where they sound normal.

2. Searches related to. Google will give you the most common keywords relating to your search at the bottom of the page. Include these in your article as well.


What if you do not want to, or do not have time to write 3-4 long articles a week?

Outsource some of the content to freelance writers. You can find them at:

– Hirewriters
– iNeeedArticles
– Fiverr
– CornerstoneContent
– Upwork

Remember this. You get what you pay for.

One strategy that we use is to hire out for shorter versions of an article such as getting 500-1000 words written and then adding more words to it. This gets the article started and takes some of the pressure off of you to write the whole thing.

Of course you can also get the whole article written as well.

Use Free Photos To Make Your Blog Catchy

The last step before you publish your post is adding images. According to studies a blog post with pictures is viewed 94% more than one without. Such posts are also easy to share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora.

There are thousands of free images online, so take advantage of them to increase the views for your blogs. Just make sure you get the free images from the various photo and design resources.

If your subject is instructional, you can add screenshots to help your audience understand better. We get our images and pictures for free from Pexels and Pixabay.

Set Up A You Tube Channel

Set Up A You Tube Channel

Did you know Google owns You Tube? Having videos on You Tube is a great way to get more traffic to your blog.

You do that with a link in the description box of your video. Link back to you blog or a blog post and people will come and read what you have to say.

We will have more to say in future posts specifically on video marketing with You Tube. For now, you can add a video to a blog post to liven up your blog.

It also gets Google spidering your blog. They spider You Tube all day long and follow links from the videos back to your blog.

Set up a You Tube Account today like we did with our Home Business Tips For Baby Boomers channel.

Making Money With Your Niche Blog

You can add affiliate products or products of your own to your blog from day one.

Once you get to around 500 visitors a day you should apply for a Google AdSense account.

This is contextual advertising and a great way for baby boomers to quickly start making money.

Selling advertising on a blog is a great way to make money because you do not have to sell anything or get a lead form filled out. The business model we are using here is having a niche blog with affiliate products on it.

When you use Google AdSense you are using the pay per click or ppc affiliate model. Google sells the ads and you put a picece of code on your blog that shows the ads. When a visitor clicks on an ad you earn 68% of the click.

Is Google AdSense the only ppc program we suggest. No, but it is the largest and certainly one you want on your blog. Media Net is a good alternative if you prefer something other than AdSense.

You can apply for Google AdSense here.

As you develop your blog you may want to adventure out into cost per action affiliate programs and pay per sale affiliate programs.
For these we suggest Amazon, & Clickbank for pay per sale affiliate marketing. For cost per action, also known as pay per lead we suggest Max Bounty, & CJ Affiliate.

You can do a Google search for more cpa and pay per sale programs. Don’t overdo it at first. Start with these and add more in the future if you want.

Conclusion: Niche Blogging Tips For Seniors

OK seniors, your niche blog is all set up and running. You also have the best niche, so it is time to start writing informative and brilliant content to stand out among others and attract traffic.

Be patient and consistent. Your blog will take time to pick up steam despite doing everything according to this niche blogging guide for seniors. The number of visitors will increase with time, and you will start making money.

According to Backlinko shoot for 1000-2000 word articles targeting longtail keyword phrases. Write 3-4 a week or outsource some of your content and wait for Google to start loving your niche blog and sending you free traffic.


What blog niches are most profitable?

One of the most popular and profitable blog niches for seniors is travel writing. Seniors often have a wealth of travel experience to share, and there are always new and interesting places to see. In addition, seniors who write about their travel experiences can often score some great deals on hotels and flights.

Another popular blog niche for seniors is health and wellness. As we age, health becomes more and more important, and seniors have a lot of valuable insights to share on this subject.

Lastly, personal finance is another area where seniors can shine. With years of experience behind them, seniors often have a lot of wisdom to offer when it comes to managing money.

If you’re a senior who’s looking to start a blog, these are just a few of the most popular niches to get into.

How do I choose a good niche for my blog?

When choosing a good niche for your blog, there are a few things to consider. First, what type of content do you want to write? If you’re passionate about a particular subject, then chances are you’ll be able to write engaging content on that topic.

However, if you’re not sure what you want to write about, it might be worth choose a niche that is underserved or underrepresented. For example, seniors are often an underserved demographic when it comes to blogs. By writing content specifically for seniors, you can help fill a need and build an engaged audience.

Another thing to consider when choosing a niche is your target audience. Who do you want to read your blog? What kind of people are you trying to reach? Once you have a good understanding of your target audience, you can start to narrow down your options and choose a niche that will appeal to them.

What blogs are in demand?

As people age, they can often find themselves pigeon holed in the niche they have chosen for their blog. However, sometimes looking at what is in demand can help to pick a new niche. Here are some examples of in-demand blogs for seniors:

  • Health and wellness: People are always looking for ways to improve their health and wellness, and seniors are no exception. Seniors can offer valuable insight into healthy living, and there is always a demand for new tips and tricks.
  • Travel: Many seniors enjoy traveling, and they can use their blog to share tips and advice with other travelers. From finding the best deal on airfare to tips for exploring a new city, there is always a demand for travel-related content.
  • Technology: As people age, they often need help keeping up with the latest technology. Seniors can use their blog to offer tips and advice on everything from using new gadgets to staying safe online.
  • Relationships: Seniors often have a wealth of experience when it comes to relationships, and they can share this knowledge with others through their blog. Whether it’s offering advice on dating after divorce or sharing tips for staying married, there is always an audience for relationship-related

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