Oberlo Review

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Dropshipping may be too much work. It sounds easy to do, but there are a lot of complications that may ruin it for most seniors. In the end, you have to rely on so many other people that mistakes that ruin your reputation happen. Read this Oberlo review to see if this is something for your retirement.

Even without storing products to sell, you cannot get away from hassles and bad suppliers. An app won’t change that but still, you can make money if you are willing to put up with all the hassles.

Keep reading to see if Oberlo is an option for you.

What is Oberlo?

When you decide to do a dropshipping business, it pays to have the right tools in place to help manage your affairs. Oberlo is a dropshipping app you can use to help you manage your current products as well as find new ones to sell.

The biggest drawback to this handy tool is that it is designed to work with Shopify only. If you are not a part of that platform or do not like it, then you won’t be able to use this app at all.

Then this is merely a link between you and your suppliers. It is not a separate platform you need to join.

How Does Oberlo Work?

The process is quite simple, and the first step is to sign up and create an account at Shopify. once that is done you need to go to the Shopify store to download this app. Shopify will help set up the Oberlo account for you.

After that is done, you simply start searching for products to import into your electronic online store. As you go you will be able to connect with Oberlo suppliers, verified suppliers, and Ali Express suppliers making your product search and delivery a little easier.

Select and import those products you want to sell, set their prices, create a solid return policy and begin to sell.

Can You Make Money with Oberlo?

In an indirect way, you can make money using this app for your dropshipping business. It streamlines the whole process, so you do not have to waste valuable time finding products or getting orders out, etc.

But, if you want full access to what Oberlo can do for you, then you will be spending $29 approx every month. That will cut into your profit margin. There is also supposed to be a $79 option but these companies do make changes regularly so there may be fewer or more memberships available.

Then to try this app out, there is a free membership but like everything else, this is just a little taste of what Oberlo can do for you.

Examples Of How to Make Money With Oberlo

There are no real tangible examples to show you as this is not a product platform or possibly a product you can make a commission from while trying to sell it to other drop shippers like you. Instead, the way you make money is by using this app to streamline your business and reduce your costs and time loss.

Plus, it helps you connect to legitimate suppliers who are not going to leave your company in a bad position. That will save your reputation and help you get more customers.

The right tools may not make you money directly, but they can n these simple indirect ways.

Oberlo Review Pros:

3 membership levels with one free
helps you connect to suppliers you can trust
integrates well with Shopify
uses verified suppliers
browse thousands of products before you buy
purchase and order system automated
you get good customer support
training materials to help you learn the dropshipping business

Oberlo Review Cons:

only works with Shopify
only works with online stores
no real return policy with Ali Express suppliers
tracking system only available in paid memberships
importing products limited to Ali Express

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

There are negatives to using this app, no lawsuits against it, but other negatives. You are going to be billed no matter if you make money using the app or not. Then, you have to deal with the fact that Shopify products are generally low quality which may damage your store’s reputation.

On top of the fee for the Oberlo app, you still have to market your store, which costs money. This is a product finder, not a marketing app. Then, you may be able to downgrade but the app will automatically upgrade your membership without telling you.

That situation depends on different factors which are under the control of the company that makes the app or Shopify. Then finally, customer service may not be A #1 in practice.

Is Oberlo Legitimate?

The app seems to do what it is designed to do. But that does not guarantee you any success in the dropshipping business. This app just helps you find products to sell and then smooth out the purchase to delivery process, so you look good to your customers.

Anything else, like getting customers to your website or getting them to buy, is all on you. Oberlo will not help you with that end of your business. The biggest problem is its limited application.

You are stuck using only Shopify and Ali Express and those two businesses may not be in your online business strategy. Being limited in that way may hurt your business due to the no-refund policy of Ali Express and Shopify’s reputation for the inferior quality of products.

Final Thoughts: Oberlo Review

The app is a good idea if you are not very good at running the purchase to the shipping process. or if you have a difficult time finding products to sell. This app will step up and help you have a smooth-running operation but beyond that, it really doesn’t hold any value.

Read this Oberlo review and look at others to see if you can make this app work for your retirement business plans. It never hurts to have more than one tool in your business arsenal

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