Seniors Make Money In The Gig Economy: Here’s How!

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If you are a senior who wants to make money in the gig economy, you have an unbelievable number of opportunities available to you. There are many seniors who are making a decent amount of money in the gig economy. You just need to take a look at the methods on how the seniors are making money in the gig economy and start making money on your own. Here are some of the most popular methods on how seniors earn money in the gig economy.

Reviewing Books

Reviewing books is a great method available for the seniors to earn money in the gig economy. Publishers and authors out there are keen to learn more about what other people say on their work.

If you are a senior who loves reading you may take a look at this option of making money. You just need to share your honest opinion on the books that you read. is a perfect option available for you to review books and make money. When you are reviewing books, you will be able to earn between $5 and $60 per review. There are many different types of books available for you to review as well.

Test Websites

Testing websites is another effective method that seniors follow in the gig economy to make money. Almost all businesses out there are developing their own websites and mobile apps.

They will come across the need to test he websites and mobile apps before going live. If the website or app is being used by seniors, they are looking for seniors to do testing as well.

Then it is possible for the businesses to make sure that there are no usability issues. So, you can join a website that offers you the chance to test websites and mobile apps. Then you can keep on testing websites to make money.

Deliver Groceries

Grocery delivery is a popular method of making money in the gig economy. There is a high demand for grocery delivery services as of now because people prefer to buy their groceries online.

You will never come across any challenges when you are trying to start a new business with grocery delivery. There are websites such as Instacart, which will help you to find an opportunity to do grocery deliveries.

It is also possible for you to make a decent income out of this opportunity. On average seniors who deliver groceries will be able to earn from $12 to $25 per hour.


Seniors who are good in babysitting can easily make money in the gig economy. Parents who are busy with full time working need the assistance of babysitters.

You can start offering your services to those parents as a babysitter. Through this method you will be able to earn around $15 to $20 per hour. There are no special skills that you need to earn money through babysitting.

Transcribing Documents

If you have fast typing skills learning how to transcribe documents will be a good investment that you can do towards the future. That’s because it is another popular method that seniors are following to make money in the gig economy.

There is a high demand for the people who can transcribe documents. After gathering skills, you can record conversations for research, interviews, and even document company meetings. You will be able to earn an average rate of $15 per hour by working as a transcriber.

Working As Virtual Assistants

When you take a look at the list of people who are already working as virtual assistants you will figure out that a considerable percentage out of them are seniors. As a senior this will be a good opportunity to make money online in the gig economy.

You will need to use your skills and offer services for the businesses who are in need of them. By working as a virtual assistant you will be able to earn up to $19 per hour. There are numerous platforms available for you to find clients to offer your services as well.

Renting Your Car

Seniors will not come across the need to travel to work every day. Instead of just keeping the car idle at home it is possible to rent it and earn a decent income.

This is a popular method that seniors are following as of now to make money in the gig economy. There are numerous car rental agencies which will help you to go ahead with renting your car.

The amount of money that you can make by renting your car would vary depending on the type of car that you have. In general, you will be able to sell a basic sedan car for around $30 to $50 per day.

If you have a luxury car you will be able to rent it for over $100 per day. By taking a look at the car rental prices available online you will be able to get a better overall understanding about the amount that you can earn by renting your car.

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Creating Online Courses

Seniors who are good with creating online courses can think about using it as a great method to make money online as well. This is where you will be able to get the most out of knowledge and experience that you have.

For example, if you have worked as a chef, you can create an online course on preparing healthy food. Then people who are interested in learning how to prepare healthy meals at home will sign up with your course. You will need to publish your course in an online platform such as Udemy and make money with it.

Final Words: Seniors Earn Money in The Gig Economy: Here’s How!

As you can see seniors earn money in the gig economy in different ways. Check out our article 9 Ways Seniors Are Making Money Freelancing for more ideas.

It is up to you to start your own hustle with the inspiration that you get from these. Then you will be able to earn a decent income while working as a senior.

FAQ: Seniors Make Money In The Gig Economy

The gig economy is a rapidly growing sector of the economy that offers opportunities for workers to find short-term jobs or projects. There are a variety of gig economy jobs available, from ride-sharing and home-sharing to task-based jobs like grocery delivery or handyman services.

While there are many different gig economy jobs available, not all of them are equally profitable. For example, while ride-sharing may be a popular gig economy job, it generally pays less than other options such as food delivery or home-sharing.

Task-based jobs also tend to be more profitable than those that simply involve providing transportation. As the gig economy continues to grow, it will be interesting to see which types of jobs become the most profitable.

The gig economy is a growing trend in which businesses hire workers on a short-term basis to complete specific tasks or projects. This type of work is often done online or through apps, and it gives workers the flexibility to choose when and where they work.

Some common examples of gig work include ride-sharing, dog-walking, and home-cleaning. The gig economy has many benefits, such as offering workers the opportunity to earn extra income and giving businesses access to a pool of skilled workers.

However, the gig economy also has some drawbacks, such as the lack of job security and the high rates of pay.

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 18 percent of adults 65 and older are employed. This is down from 20 percent in 2000, but still up from just 12 percent in 1985. The report notes that the decline in labor force participation among older adults is largely due to the sharp increase in retirement rates over the past few decades.

In addition, the report points to several demographic factors that have contributed to the decline, including the declining size of the Baby Boomer generation and the increasing life expectancy of older Americans. Despite the overall decline in employment among older adults, the report found that there has been a slight increase in employment among those 75 and older. In 2000, just 4 percent of this age group was employed, but by 2016, that figure had risen to 6 percent.

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