Seniors Really Can Change Their Success Mindset!

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The senior success mindset. Many people just do not know what that is and where it came from. Then they ask can a senior change their success mindset?

That may be pretty hard to do as seniors have followed what they have been taught from an early age. That is hard to change this late in the game, but it is not impossible!

To find out what that mindset for success is and if it can be changed, just continue to read our article. It explores the issues, so you know what everyone is talking about. See if it can be changed to help younger generations be more successful.

What Is the Senior Success Mindset?

Seniors have lived in a unique time. Our generation has been influenced by the previous generation who fought World War 2. It has been involved in 2 conflicts itself and seen a lot of change take place.

With this background seniors were able to see a lot of things that could be changed from previous generation and made better. Our mindset was and is to push the boundaries of business and technology in order to achieve success.

Also, we like the personal touch instead of the coldness of texts. We like having real conversations where all ideas are examined and respected.

Then by the end of the conversation we hope everyone is on the same page. That helps us consider their efforts more successful than other generations.

The Millennial Mindset

This is a bit different as this generation does not view success in the same light as baby boomers due. It may be because baby boomers have been the main influence on this generation and the millennials have not seen the true nature of conflict through the few that have taken place in their time.

In this generation’s mindset working less and playing more is the key to success. Something that is in opposition to the baby boomer’s mindset for success. Although the baby boomers like to play and enjoy many recreational hobbies, they have worked for those pleasures long before participating in them.

The millennial generation does not want to wait and feel that baby boomers are too slow to adapt to technology which will speed up their success and give them more time to play.

Can The Senior Mindset for Success Be Changed?

It is highly doubtful that the older seniors will be able to totally change their mindset and their view of success. It has been ingrained in their psyche for too long and they have practiced their mindset for over 40 years.

Also, there are too many benefits in that way of thinking that help overcome difficulties. One example is that texts and e-mails can often be misunderstood by a business partner or client and when that happens, it takes a long time to sort out the problems if they can be resolved.

This is the favored way of the millennial to conduct business. The senior on the other hand prefers to conduct business, etc. Either in person or through phone calls and can stop problems from being created before they start.

Then if any misunderstandings take place, you pick up the phone and call the person for clarification. Needless to say it would be wrong to change the baby boomer mindset as it is a better way to reach success.

Is The Millennial Mindset for Success Better?

One of the issues with the baby boomer mindset for success is that many of their peers felt isolated and alone because of the high amount of sacrifice they made to reach their position. But that experience may not have been felt by every baby boomer.

In the millennial mindset for success, they strive to avoid such sacrifices, and build communities where they can be there for each other. They like to network with and mentor each other instead of going it alone.

That is fine, but it should be mentioned that many baby boomers did mentoring and supported each other as well. They just did it in person and not in communities where too many differing subjective opinions can be found.

The millennial idea of success is more experiential than material. They have seen their baby boomer parents and grandparents struggle achieving material possessions and have decided to take a different route. They want more out of life than a 30-year mortgage and locked behind a desk until retirement.

The one thing that undermines the millennial success mindset is that they are overly burdened with student loan debt. They do not have the ability, although very educated, to handle the responsibility of debt or making it the real world. They may not be as successful as a baby boomer but then success is very subjective as well.

Can A Senior Really Change Their Success Mindset?

It is possible with younger seniors who have not reached the age of 70 yet. They still have time to adapt to new technology and use their experience and skills to implement the technology into their lifestyle and way of doing business.

However, the real question is should they, do it? What has worked for them for 40 years is not something that should be changed. As they say, ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.’

To change the senior mindset for success one will also have to change their definition of what success is. After all, we were taught by the greatest generation to have a career, buy a home and keep our nose to the grindstone.

We also have made mistakes. What about those?

How to Move Past Mistakes in an Instant

We feel changing your mindset is critical if you are a senior who has a negative attitude. Maybe life has beat you down over time. As a result, you have grown a thick skin. What is left is to remove the layers of the negative attitude, until you feel secure again.

A person with a positive attitude enjoys the journey. There are many situations in life that are beyond our control. We must move forward. Sometimes we fail, and that is OK! We must learn from those failures.

We have too much invested in those relationships to begin letting go. Be willing to step back and ask, “what’s next.” Sometimes we’re not so sure. Our trust is eroding.

As a result, we become self-centered. There is not enough time to give all to others. We believe our rights are to be first and only. We are more concerned with our own happiness and convenience. It’s OK, not all will be right. In time, even the most positive person’s self-esteem is destroyed.

Embrace Failure

We need to embrace the times we fail, so we can learn from them. Instead of feeling defeated, we can reflect and gain new insights.

Instead of being afraid to fail, we can embrace the opportunity to learn and grow. Rather than living in the past, we can embrace the future with hope and faith. We build the trust and confidence that is necessary for leadership.

As we grow into this process, we learn how to be the leaders we want to be. This is the process of embracing life.

It’s OK to fail. It’s OK to fail as often as we succeed.

We can look past the obstacles and mistakes. This process builds a stronger, more positive, more powerful leader.

Bad Days

We all have bad days. No one is immune to poor decisions, poor timing, or off-target comments. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s normal.

In fact, it is our strength. We learn from these mistakes. We have the courage and fortitude to move forward.

Develop the confidence and trust of others. I have done this on numerous occasions.

Once you embrace this process, you will be able to say that you’ve been tested, and you’ve passed. You now have the strength to lead in every moment.

Trust yourself and others. You are able to make sound decisions, listen to feedback, and improve your decisions daily.

This was the process that helped me to be successful. It can help you too.


First, embrace the failure. Once you do, you learn how to move forward.

Secondly, learn from your mistakes. Tell them what you didn’t like about it and improve the process.

Thirdly, have faith in your ability to make the changes needed. These techniques are essential in building trust and confidence. You’ll be able to build a trusting relationship with others. You’ll have more confidence in yourself and be more focused on your mission.

Lastly, you’ll be able to see the opportunity in any situation, and act accordingly. This helps you to gain the support of those who serve as your supporters. They’ll understand that whatever it is that you’re doing, you’ll do it with their support. This creates a winning relationship and will encourage you to be successful.

I can promise you that this process will strengthen you. After you move past your mistakes, you’ll be unstoppable.

You’ll be able to achieve what you want in life. Be confident in yourself and know that your journey will be successful. You’ll be ready to take the next step in your journey to success and take the journey of a lifetime.

Summary: Can A Senior Really Change Their Success Mindset?

It may not be the best decision or move to make to change the senior mindset for success. What works for one generation doesn’t always work for another. Plus, you can’t always teach an old dog new tricks.

It is actually better if the millennial generation learned from the wisdom of senior citizens and made adjustments to their mindset for success than making the baby boomers change.

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