Seniors: Should You Hire An SEO Blog Writer?

Hey Seniors! In this article I want to give you some compelling reasons to hire an SEO blog writer for your own blog. An SEO blog writer is a writer that writes articles for your blog with a focus on search engine optimization.

I have personally found that people who hire an SEO blog writer fall into 1 or 2 groups. Maybe both!

1. You are too busy to write SEO content.
2. You do not know how to write SEO blog articles.

I have written over 3000 SEO articles in my career and would say at least half of them have been for bloggers who are both too busy to write and who do not know how to write SEO content.

There is a certain skill that comes with writing an article targeting a keyword phrase with the goal of ranking a blog post on page one of Google for that exact phrase. It takes knowledge and ability to write this way.

I’m not saying you can or cannot do it, but the real question is wouldn’t it be better to hire someone to write your SEO blog articles and you focus on building your business in other ways?

You can actually apply this to a lot of things in your online business. When you hire a Seo blog writer you are outsourcing the work to them.

You could and should outsource as much of your business as possible. Here is a graph from Tim Ferriss’ of The Four Hour Work Week fame to help you decide when to outsource and when not to outsource. You can use this when deciding to outsource your blog articles as well.

Hire An SEO Blog Writer

OK let me give you handful of reasons I think it is a good idea for you to hire an SEO blog writer to write for your blog.

Target Longtail Keyword Phrases

Target Longtail Keyword Phrases

Wordtracker defines a keyword phrase this way: “Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling”. They also go on to say, “Highly specific multi-word phrases tend to be far easier to rank well for than the more generic single keyword or double keyword phrases”.

HubSpot says this…. “Long-tail keywords are used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences. The “long-tail” refers to the search demand curve — as keyword terms become more specific and detailed, search volume becomes less competitive, but searcher intent becomes higher”.

If you are interested, I suggest you take some time and read both of those articles in detail. If not let me summarize them for you.

First of all you do not even need to be selling anything to benefit from targeting longtail keyword phrase. Many niche blogs publish information around a specific keyword phrase and make money when people click on ads on their blog. Google AdSense is an example of this.

The goal is to get the blog post ranked on page 1 of Google for that phrase. These do not have to be limited to just 3–4-word phrases either.

How Many Words Long?

If you target a longer phrase of 5 words, or 10 words, or even longer, you will have less competition and more likely to rank on Google for that phrase. If that is the case, why don’t more bloggers target longtail keyword phrases?

The answer is they do not know what those phrases are. And they do not have a plan to learn what they are and then create content around them.

This really is true for most bloggers. They may be an expert in their niche, but they are not an expert in search engine optimization.

If this describes you it may be a good idea for you to hire a freelance writer for your blog who understands SEO and who can write content for you targeting these longtail keyword phrases.

Blog Writing Service Pricing

There is no greater marketplace then the World Wide Web. Shopping at your fingertips makes it easy to compare products and pricing before you buy like never before in our history.

When I look at blog writing service pricing, I see such a broad range of pricing that I wonder if customers are really able to compare apples to apples.

Content Mills

Content writing mill sites give you the chance to get an article written by a beginner for as low as .01 cent per word. That would be 100 words $1 and 1000 words for $10.

Here is the question though, do you want a beginner writing your blog content. What I personally have found is you get a writer from another country that does not write like an American English-speaking writer.

You end up spending more time correcting the article to the point you should have just written it yourself. Not only that, but you do not really get a very good article from the reader’s perspective and certainly not one Google will like.

There are other sources such as hiring writers on Crowd Content that are not bad. You have some control over the quality, and you will pay in the are of .02-.03 cents per word.

This would be $2-$3 per 100 words. A 1000-word article would cost you $20-$30.

If this is too much you should learn how to write yourself or maybe check out another source such as You will find blog writers and article writers starting at $5 and going up.

Generally, you are not going to get SEO copywriting style of articles. Hopefully at least they read well, but it is always a crap shoot in my opinion buying from a blog writing company who gives you the next available writer.

Establish Your Budget

Seniors Hire An SEO Blog Writer?

Once you have decided you do want to hire an SEO blog writer you need to determine what your budget is. You can hire this kind of writer for less money than you think.

The reasons I suggest establishing your budget is so you can make an intelligent decision.

Let me give you an example of a choice you will have to make. Let’s say you want to spend $300 a month on blog content.

You could hire a low-quality content mill writer for $10 for 500 words. If you do that you could have 10 articles to post of 500 words each for $100. All totaled you will have around 5,000 words on your blog.

Is this the smart move?

Not if you want to rank your blog post it isn’t. I take that back.

If you are in a very non-competitive niche this might work. However, if you are in a competitive niche, you will have a lot of blog content, but unless you do heavy social media marketing no one will see it.

What Is the Better Approach?

Hire an SEO blog writer to write you 5 quality blog articles of 1000 words targeting longtail keyword phrases that you can rank for quickly. This will give you around 5,000 words for $300 dollars.

However, they will be focused on just those 5 posts helping you rank faster for them so people will find you. Doing this takes no more work on your part once you have placed your order and the SEO article is written, posted, and published.

This is a strategy most bloggers will not embrace because they feel like 10 articles is better than 5. Is it really?

This reminds me of the story that if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to see it fall does it make a sound? If you have 30 articles of 500 words and no one sees them, are they really even there?

A blog post of 1000 words targeting a longtail phrase in a micro niche stands a good chance of ranking on its own once your blog starts to get some traction.

It may not rank in the first month, or second month, but if you stick with it you are going to start seeing results. Over time this begins to pay off.

This is an investment in the future of your blog!

Have you ever heard of compound interest? Did you know if you start with a penny on day 0 and double it every day at the end of 30 days you will have $10,737,418.24.

Stick With It

This what can happen to your blog if you stick with it. Use long form articles of 1000-2000 words targeting individual longtail keyword phrases and watch compound interest take over for you after time.

Don’t give up too soon. Stick with it. This is why it is a good idea to hire an SEO blog writer to write your blog articles for you.

Characteristics Of A Quality SEO Blog Writer & Blog Article

Characteristics Of A Quality SEO Blog Writer

When you hire an SEO blog writer what are the characteristics you are looking for in that writer? What should you be looking for in an SEO blog article?

Here’s what!

Hire An SEO Blog Writer

1. Understand the niche. The writer needs to understand the niche or be willing to get up to speed on it very quickly.

Not every writer is going to know everything about every topic. When my Team Schuman writing company was in business, we did over 35,000 articles in just about every niche accept, port, violence, and gambling.

The thing is we were writing 400-word articles and research was easy. It is not easy to write a 2000-word article without research.

2. Writes original content. You do not want content on your blog that is already on somebody else’s blog. At the very least it should pass Copyscape which every article we write does.

3. Targets longtail keywords. You set the specifications of your article including what keyword you want it written on.

I can get keywords for you and do that all of the time if you unsure what you want. We are looking to target longtail phrases for a reason as I have stated above.

4. SEO friendly. Your exact keyword will be in the title and first paragraph.

After that we use variations of it in the body and closing paragraph as they sound natural. We also look at what Google says they want in relation to your keyword phrase.

We know exactly what that is and how to find those 10-20 words. SEO friendly is giving Google what they want.

Hire An SEO Blog Writer

5. Dependable and on time. Your writer should be done when they say they will be done.

There is no excuse for missing a deadline.

Now if I am behind, I always email you and let you know. This is part of being dependable as well.

6. Post and Publish. Not every freelance writer does this. I do though because I research, write, post, publish, and even do some promotion.

The bottom line I am obsessed with ranking your blog on Google. That means internal linking external linking, Youtube videos, and using the Yoast Plugin to accomplish as much as we can!

7. No charge for corrections. If you find a mistake let me know and I will fix it.

I understand that people tend to skim when they read online. However, having an article with no spelling and grammar errors is good business for both of us.

8. Write with the reader in mind too! This is important.

You do not want an article that sounds like it was stuffed with keywords for SEO. I always say write like you talk.

Native American English

In the United States this is Native American English-speaking writers. I can spot an article written by someone from India, or the Philippines, or even the UK.

It may be written in English, but it is not American English. If you live in another country hire a blog writer from there.

The other thing is to be conversational. I like to read articles that sound like I am having a conversation with the writer. Not articles that sound like I am reading a textbook.

Hiring An SEO Blog Writer Pros & Cons

Hiring An SEO Blog Writer Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons to hiring an SEO blog writer and SEO blog writing company.

Pros Of Hiring A Blog Writer

1. Cost. I list this as a pro because if you hire a full-time writer you are going to pay them a salary and benefits.

That may be what you need. Maybe just having a quality writer available when you need them is more cost effective.

2. Time management. I am going to go out on a limb and say you are busy.

Companies I write for range from 1-man shops or entrepreneurs to companies with 50 employees. The size does not matter if you are the one in charge of growing your blog.

You may be better off to do what you like best. Then outsource the rest including hiring a freelance writer for your blog.

3. Scale your blog content quickly. How big do you want your blog to be? How big does it need to be?

If you are in a competitive niche, you need a lot of quality content to match your competition. Posting a blog article, a week may not be enough.

I suspect you need to scale to 3 articles a week. Chris Lee, formerly of RankXL calls it a race to 200. This is where Google takes you serious in a competitive niche and where you need to get to as fast as you can!

It is not how often you publish new content, but how fast can you add the volume of 200 posts. Do this quickly and your blog will get ranked for more keyword phrases faster.

4. Fast delivery. Based on that you need your writer to be delivering article quickly.

Not every week, but every day if that is what you require. Remember we work for you!

Cons Of Hiring a Blog Writer

There are none! Just kidding 🙂

1. Let it go. One of the biggest ones I see is people have a hard time of letting content development go. If you have been writing all of your blog articles hiring someone may be difficult for you to do.

I get that. It is for me and my own personal blogs as well.

Here is the thing. Are you getting the job done? Is your blog where it should be right now to compete in your niche?

If you are busy sometimes writing fresh content gets pushed on the back burner. This is not fair to you or your blog!

2. Poor quality. This will happen more often from a content mill then a quality SEO blog writer or blog writing company.

SEO is an expectation that many talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Your reputation is on the line here.

Expect quality SEO articles. Accept nothing less.

Hire An SEO Blog Writer Summary: Why Is It a Good Idea to Hire an SEO Blog Writer to Write For Your Blog?

You should hire an SEO blog writer to write for your blog because you need fresh content and do not know how to write it yourself, or do not have time to write it yourself.

You want to target longtail keyword phrases in your blog articles because there is less competition for those, and Google will rank you faster for them.

By sticking with this strategy, you will build a high-quality blog both your readers and Google will love. Ultimately you will have a high volume of traffic just based on the sheer number of posts you make.

In the end you will build a high-quality authority blog that is earning you money every month. This is why it is a good idea for seniors to hire and SEO blog writer for your blog.

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