Shopify Review: What To Like and NOT Like About Shopify

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You do not have to retire when you retire. It is possible to start a second career as a senior and continue enjoying life without having to worry about income. The question is finding the right place to start that second career. In this Shopify review, you will find out what there is to like and what there is not to like about this company platform. Take a few minutes to see if this business opportunity is the right fit for your retirement years.

What is Shopify?

This company or business opportunity can be described in different ways. According to the company itself, it is a ‘subscription-based software that helps you set up your own online business and sell your products’.

In other words, it is like many other internet platforms. The company helps connects sellers to buyers so that they can earn a living or make a little extra money on the side. Also, according to the company, Shopify is a commerce platform making it more than just a store builder.

What it all boils down to is that Shopify is just another Amazon,eBay, or Alibaba where you can sell products in your spare time. It just comes in a different package.

How Does Shopify Work?

To get started in this business venture, you will need to set up your account or ‘business’. You will have to go to their website to do that. Once you have set it up, you can start selling. Your new business gets its own domain and buyers search for different products.

When they find the ones, you are selling, they make their purchase through the website. Then when the orders come in you start to ship your products to your customers’ homes.

You will have a dashboard to customize and manage your business web page and you have to choose between one of three subscriptions. Each subscription will have different features and you will pay more for the higher levels. The monthly payments can get a bit high.

Can You Make Money with Shopify?

Yes, you can but like any business, whether traditional or online, there will always be some element of risk. There are no guarantees when it comes to business unless you have built the proverbial better mousetrap.

Also, if you pick the right products, the right niche, and do not spend for the most expensive subscription, unless you have money to burn (and if you do you do not need Shopify), you should make some money.

Advertising will be the key in the equation. The better you advertise the higher the chances are you will make money

Examples Of How to Make Money with Shopify

Like any business venture, you need to start small and work your way up to being able to sell a variety of products. The only real way to make money using this company is to have good products to sell to your potential customers.

Keep in mind that this option has a lot of competition. Not only from other Shopify users but also from all the online marketplaces filled with sellers hoping to pad their senior pension incomes.

Good products, good advertising, and good customer service are the key elements in any profitable business. That is how you will make your money but again, nothing is guaranteed as shoppers can be fickle even when you have those top elements working for you.

Shopify Review Pros:

user-friendly dashboard and interface
quick and easy to set up and get selling
reliable platform and very secure
lots of customization options
works with cell phones for a wider audience
helpful SEO and marketing tools to help you draw customers to your web page
fully hosted platform
24/7 support

Shopify Review Cons:

can get costly with the different subscriptions
need to make a payment first before getting access to different themes, etc.
slow loading speeds as you add more plug ins
no drag and drop process
some limits to customization options
may be hidden fees

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

There are a couple of class-action lawsuits that have been filed or starting the initial stages to be filed These are due to data breaches that have occurred recently. Also, some sellers are suing because Shopify is slow at removing fraud vendors and scam businesses.

There are a lot of charge backs by Shopify as well as frozen payments. This has upset many vendors who depend on this company for their income. Then if your business is downgraded you could end up paying more in seller’s fees.

Then accounts can be closed for no reason at all, especially if a high-risk classification is sent to them. There are a lot more negatives than this, but they are fairly common with a lot of online platforms.

Is Shopify Legitimate?

The answer to this question is yes but with a big but following the yes. These platforms all start out with a good idea and good intentions but as they get bigger, they tend to hire the wrong people which turns a once-great idea into a nightmare for some sellers and buyers.

One complaint asked Shopify why they are not protecting their sellers in disputes? After all, the sellers pay a fee for the privilege to sell on the platform. This is seen as a big problem that tends to have people consider this platform unethical but still worth the risk.

Final Thoughts: Shopify Review

No matter which online platform you sign up with to pad your senior incomes, you will always have the negative aspects to deal with. Shopify is not going to be different than other similar companies. You just have to do some good research before you make the leap.

Hopefully, the positives outweigh these negatives when you want to have a retirement business to give you something to do. This Shopify review not only gives you a lot of reasons to like the platform, but it also gives you a few reasons not to like it. Your use of their system is up to you.

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