Should Seniors Blog For Money? Yes and Here’s Why!

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Everybody is doing it! Well maybe not everybody and you should not be a lemming. That is why you should consider why seniors should blog for money before you set out to create a blog.

These reasons are compelling and legitimate.

All it takes is a few minutes of your time to look at these reasons and see if blogging for money is right for you. What do you have to lose? You never know. You may find a good reason that motivates you to start a blog for money.

Reasons To Start A Monetized Blog

Are you blogging already? The next step is to upgrade your website and allow it to be used for revenue instead of just likes and shares.

Take a look at the following reasons. See if they are compelling enough to motivate you. Maybe create one so you can enjoy your senior years like you did when your young adult years.

1. Your Pension Is Not Going to Be Enough

Yes, the baby boomer generation has been declared the richest generation of all time. BUT that does not mean every member of this generation has more than enough money to cover those retirement years.

You are going to need a second income to add to your pension and a monetized blog may just be the ticket. Besides, you can do it from home, so you do not have to face that morning commute

2. It Builds Your Self Worth

Retirement is a big change of life event. Many people lose their identity and their self-worth when they have to retire at age 65 or 70. Having a new path to move into helps you keep your identity and makes sure you feel good about yourself.

You won’t be a burden on your children. Remain independent longer. You will be able to cover any emergencies that arise that normally would cripple you financially. Also, you can show your grandchildren that life doesn’t stop when they reach retirement age.

3. It Gives You Something to Look Forward To

Before you retired you could look to your job as a reason to get up in the morning. Your job gave you purpose and meaning.

Monetizing your blog, or starting one, can do the same thing. You can go to bed each night looking forward to what the next day will bring. As you have new challenges to overcome, and new rewards that make life seem worth living, a blog can help you achieve that.

Too many retirees die too early as they do not know what to do with themselves once they retire. You can avoid that scenario by blogging for money. Have something to keep you going each day. You can still make a good contribution to your family and life.

4. There Is a Large Senior Audience to Sell To

This is something you should really consider. The richest generation has about 90% of its people shopping online. That is a huge market to tap into and you already know the generation lingo. No adapting to younger minds that do not think like you.

Plus, targeting your own generation creates great marketing strategies. You already know what they have been through as you have lived it. Building bridges to your boomer audience will be easier than ever.

5. The Start Up Costs Are Minimal

This is a good reason to start blogging for money. There is little risk to you and your financial security. If the plan doesn’t work out you are not losing a lot of money. The key is to make sure you know what you are doing and can get all the tools and supplies you need at low costs.

Find experienced bloggers to consult with and test the waters. You may tap into something that continues to give you self worth and independence.

Blogging For Money Taps into Your Strengths

It is hard to retire after 45 to 50 years of working hard. Sometimes people feel like they and their experience are being put on a shelf in a museum. It is only to be looked at by curious members of the younger generation.

One thing that blogging for money does for boomers is let them use their experience, their education and their business sense to a greater degree. You can use your seasoned judgement to help younger businessmen and women succeed by helping them avoid the mistakes you made.

Retirement is not a time to sit back and just watch yourself grow old. You still have the intelligence, the drive and the ability to make a contribution to society. It just takes being a little innovative and some technological savvy to repurpose yourself.

Life Lessons

Think about all the lesson you have learned and how those life lessons could be used for a positive influence on younger businesspeople who have not been in business long enough to learn what needs to be learned.

Blogging for money helps you tap into those strengths and lets cooler heads prevail when business heats up. The impact you can make is vital to the success of younger people and in time they will be able to pass on what they learned from you to those that follow them.

You get an opportunity to create a legacy that feel in previous generations had.

Have Fun – Make A Plan for Your Blog

Another reason I think seniors should blog for money is it it fun. When you are in your retirement years fun is something, you should strive for everyday and blogging for extra money can be a lot of fun when you do it right.

I have created this blog in my senior years. It is my one true passion and I want to share my passion with all of you. I want everyone to know what I have known, and you will be able to enjoy it as well.

One of the ways I have been able to do it is by creating a plan. I want to share my plan with you so you will be able to have fun with your money and it will be easy for you to do it.

I want to share with you a few ways I’ve been able to do it.

Don’t spend your money until you have a plan and you have researched what to do and what not to do. It sounds crazy, but I used to just spend money without thinking. I would just spend money without having a plan.

It’s really hard to make money when you just have a plan, but that is how I got here. I had spent money before without a plan and now it is really hard for me to remember what I spent money on. I used to just copy what everyone else is doing and I had no clue what I was doing, and I honestly believe it hurt me more than it helped me.

Having a plan and research is really important to create an online money-making blog. Before I create a blog, I do a lot of research on some topics that I have decided to create a blog about. Then I do a lot of research on what I have decided to create a blog about and then I create a blog plan.

After I have done this, I will put in a lot of articles and articles that I have seen others have created and I will try to come up with some topics that I think I will gain some value out of and some topics that I am not going to gain any value out of. And I will put all of my articles into categories, and I will assign a value to each article.

I may assign a 1 to an article that I’m not going to gain value out of and a 2 to an article that I’m going to gain value out of. And then, I will put in some advertisements and other links and keywords, and I will use it to create a blog money making blog. This is fun!

Why Seniors Should Blog for Money Some Final Words

You may not feel like you are ready to retire. Yet, it will happen, and you should prepare yourself for that coming event. Blogging for money lets you continue to be a positive contributing member of society while still being able to enjoy your golden years. You are never too old to take an adventure that is rewarding and meaningful.

Why should seniors blog for money? The answer to this question is simple. It is to keep you alive, thriving and independent. It also allows you to be an positive influence on those younger generations that seem lost and do not know what to do with themselves. Consider the reasons and make your decision.


What do senior citizens spend their money on?

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Is starting a blog hard?

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Do seniors read blogs?

Do seniors read blogs? According to one study, a third of 18-49 year olds have read a blog at least once. The number of 18-49 year Olds who have read blogs more than doubled between 2006 and 2008, from 1.5% to 3.6%. With the recession, and the baby-boomer generation hitting retirement, blogging has become a way for 18-49 year olds to spend their time, to stay connected, and to share what they have learned.

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