Should Seniors Do Affiliate Marketing Or MLM

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Are you considering how to make money this year and wondering should seniors do MLM or affiliate marketing?

Both can be a great way to make money online right now as showed by the millions of people doing it all around the world.

Let me point out difference’s seniors should analyze between affiliate marketing and network marketing looking at the company, products, how to make money and so on.

Should Seniors Do MLM Or Affiliate Marketing: The Company

Should Seniors Do Network Marketing Or Affiliate Programs Or Affiliate

In network marketing the company is the identity of the product.

In affiliate marketing that is not the case. You will be looking at the business model and then looking at the product more than you will in network marketing, at least at the beginning.

Let me give you some examples.

When you research network marketing you’re going to look at some of the companies that have been around for a long time.

These include Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Herbalife, and more. You can relate as much with the company as you can with the products.

Business Model

In affiliate marketing you relate with the business model before you do with the company. Pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale are how you make money, and this drives which affiliate programs you join.

In pay per click the Google AdSense affiliate program. With cost per action (also known as pay per lead) you join an affiliate network such as Max Bounty or Clickbooth.

In pay per sale Amazon is king of the hill with Clickbank digital affiliate products a big player. You join these programs and then fin affiliate products to promote.

Should Seniors Do MLM Or Affiliate Marketing: Ways to Make Money

Affiliate Income

In affiliate marketing you are solely responsible for your success. You do an action, and you get paid for it.

You have no downline in affiliate marketing. You will not be recruiting anyone when you join an affiliate program.

With pay per click when someone clicks on an ad you earn a commission. Google pays out 68% of the click, so on a $1.00 click billed to the advertiser Google pays you .68 cents.

On pay per lead you might earn $1 for getting someone to fill out a short lead form. The longer you the form the more you earn. It’s possible to earn $200-$300 or more on one lead form in a more detailed niche.

With pay per sale you earn a commission rate. ON a digital product from Clickbank you can earn 50%-75% of the sale price. For example, on a %100 sale you might make $50-$75.

Amazon is the leading affiliate program to sell physical products. Yet, the commission rates are way lower on a physical product.

As an example, if you sold a $50 product with a 6% commission you would earn $3 for that sale. Of course, the help is the millions of people who already shop on Amazon, so the volume of sales you make can make up for the lower commission rate.

Network Marketing Income

You make money on personal sales as well as the sales volume of your downline. These make recruiting on your frontline as well as your downline important.

In fact, building your group is the key to big money in network marketing. Having said that though you should know the average person sponsors 2 people on their frontline.

With a dropout rate of over 90% this makes it hard to actually build a group. This is why people quit their MLM business.

Having said that network marketing companies around the world are growing thanks to Internet sponsoring and selling. You can run your business form home and never have to deliver products or meet someone in person to explain your business.

How Seniors Affiliates Make Money with Pay Per Click

Seniors Affiliates Make Money with Pay Per Click

One great thing about affiliate marketing for seniors is how they can make money. I am referring to getting started and then doing the required work.

One of the ways we are working towards making money here on our Team Schuman Make Money Tips for Seniors Blog is through pay per click income on our blog.

Google AdSense is the top player in PPC affiliate marketing. If you have searched in the past, you have no doubt clicked on a Google Ad where the blogger made 68% of the charged cost to the advertiser.

This is easy because you do not have to do anything except get people to your blog and some of them will click on the ads.

The hard part is getting enough traffic to make this profitable. Try using an approach where you are building an authority niche blog.

Starting a niche blog of your own….

Your goal is 200 blog posts of at least 1000-2000 words each. That is a large difference, but you want each post to offer as much value as you can. The more words you have on a page or post the better chance it has to rank on Google because they spider words.

Build each post around a specific keyword phrase. Target long tail keywords first and then begin to work in shorter 2–3-word phrases.

Long tail keyword phrases of 4, 5, 6, or more keywords are easier to rank for because they have less competition. Shorter keyword phrases have more competition, but you can rank on Google and Bing for them as well.

This is a simple way to make money. Download the Google AdSense plugin and let Google sell adds for you.

I would wait until you have at least 50 posts before even applying for the Google AdSense program. This way when Google does approve you your blog will have content for Google to match advertisers too.

Here on our blog, we are working towards making money selling an affiliate product and with Google Adsense Ads as an easy way to earn money.

In our opinion these are the 2 best ways to make money with affiliate marketing and both are better than trying to build a network marketing business!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Affiliate Marketing

Can you get rich in affiliate marketing?

In the beginning, it sounds as if the answer to my question may be no. In fact, the answer is yes, you can make a lot of money in the field of affiliate marketing. This is because you are going to be selling products for a certain price.

How do affiliate marketers get paid?

The best way is to get paid by referring other affiliates to buy products and services that are being sold by the company you are representing. For example, let’s say that you are promoting a product that is being sold by an online company.

You can sign up to that company’s affiliate program so that you are automatically signed up as an associate. This means you will be earning a percentage of the money that company is making from the people that you referred to them. How much it will be you will have to negotiate with the online company but the most common was between 25% and 50% of the money that the companies make.

How does affiliate marketing work step by step?

Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest and most convenient way of earning money online. You don’t need any product of your own because affiliates will do all the sales and shipping. Your job is to point your visitors to their website.

Is affiliate marketing the same as pyramid scheme?

No, affiliate marketing is not the same as a pyramid scheme. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing technique in which businesses reward affiliates for each customer brought to the company through the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

In contrast, a pyramid scheme is an illegal business model in which participants receive commissions for recruiting new members into the scheme. Pyramid schemes are often disguised as legitimate affiliate marketing programs, so it’s important to be aware of the difference between the two. While affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn money, participating in a pyramid scheme can result in serious financial and legal consequences.

Is network marketing the same as pyramid scheme?

Network marketing and pyramid scheme are two business models that are often confused with one another. Network marketing is a type of business model in which a company sells products or services through a network of independent distributors. These distributors earn commission on the products they sell.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, is a type of business model in which participants earn commission for recruiting new members into the scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries because they are deemed to be fraudulent.

Network marketing, on the other hand, is a legal and legitimate business model. Network marketing companies are typically required to disclose their business model to prospective distributors. pyramid schemes are not required to do this. When considering whether or not to join a network marketing company, it is important to research the company thoroughly to ensure that it is not a pyramid scheme.

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