Social Media Marketing For Home Business Owners

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Social media marketing for home business owners is one-way home-based entrepreneurs combat all of the competition online today. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, Youtube are in the top social networks home businesses use.

These three networks are the best ways to get clients or even sales without paying marketing expenses. Social media marketing is free or is it? The most effective marketing strategy home business owners use is social media marketing in one form or another.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the online equivalent of using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to market your business. The reason is it allows you to market your business to everyone, your competitors and your customers.

Just imagine if your business was the only one in a particular city. Your competitor’s business could be in a different country, and you are left with no competition. This can happen if you don’t know what to do and where.

There are three ways to combat being left with no competition.

* Location –
If you were the only business in a particular area then you could be left with no competition. This is very common in residential areas but can also happen in urban or suburban areas. Look at the number of businesses in your area. If it is not enough then search for new markets.

* Pricing – Another way that is being used to combat being left with no competition is by being affordable. You may have a customer base that is willing to pay more than your competition but is it worth it? Find out!

* Promotion – You need to promote your business in certain ways to get your business noticed.

How to get started and Who to look at

What is social media? Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are in the top social networking websites. These sites let you connect with millions of people all over the world.


Because they can. If you have a business, it can give you the chance to advertise your product in different ways. For instance:

* Post a video of your product

* Post a photo of your product

* Send direct messages of your product


What you have to do is put some strategy in the marketing of your business. The first way is really easy but costs a lot. You have to look at the amount of people you are targeting and then find different ways to reach those people.

For instance:

* Post a message on Facebook where your potential customer is.

* Post a message on Twitter where your potential customer is.

* Send a direct message on LinkedIn where your potential customer is.

The more you can personalize the message, the more they will respond. Other options are really easy but can really put your business in danger. The more you can do this the more you can be sure that your product will be sold.

How to use social media in your business

* The most important is the first way that I described. Find out the amount of people that are reading your message and then write your message according to them.

For instance:

If you have a message where a lot of people read it the chances that they will buy will increase.

Also look at the people that are following you. In this case it could be people that likes your pictures or the message. If this is the case, just make sure that you are sending messages to people that are willing to buy your product.

If you are using the second way you have to find out where is your target audience. In this case you have to reach only those people who are interested in your business.

The third way is the easiest way to use social media and look at the most important.


Use your social media to advertise your product. In this case you have to post your product on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to generate sales.

If your product is sold, then all is well. But this is when you have to avoid the temptation of making sure that the product is not sold before you have to finish promoting it.

Do not be greedy and think about how you can make more money from your product. Just be confident about your product and make sure that you will be selling it. After promoting your product, you have to thank your fans for their support.

In this case you have to ask them to spread the message of your business to their friends and family. This way you have to get exposure to your business and generate more sales.

In this manner you can use social media in your business. It is possible and good way to be in business. But in this way, you have to be careful and self-assured.

You have to keep your cool and try to find new ways to reach those people. If you keep your cool and carry on like this, you will reach your goal.

If you think that this method is just too hard then try and do it on your own. But before you do this you have to take a break and have a good rest.

How do I promote my business on social media?

Social media is a phenomenal way to do a few things.

1. It allows you to reach people who use social media
2. You can post messages to a large audience
3. It’s highly customizable
4. It’s a great promotional tool for your business.

You can advertise your business on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. With all of these tools in place, you can easily create fun, short video messages that you can post on these sites.

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The main things to know about Youtube:

–  They are owned by Google.
– They are the 3rd most visited website in the world behind Google and Facebook.
– Google loves to rank Youtube videos in the search engine results for keyword searches.

By all means promote your home business on as many social sites as you want. Just make Youtube one of them. Use Animoto to easily create videos and get them on Youtube.

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