Starting Home Bakery Business Is Perfect for Seniors Who Like to Bake

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One thing about Seniors is many of them can cook up a storm. They learned from their grandmothers and mothers who cooked and baked long before fast food became a popular eating habit. That means starting home bakery business may be in the cards for some seniors.

If you love to bake, there are plenty of places to display and sell your goods. Then you have a wide array of baked goods you can specialize in. But there are some hurdles to overcome so keep reading to see if this is the type of small business that will help you in your retirement.

How to start a home baking business?

The baking aspect you already have down pat. After decades of baking for family, relatives and friends, you know what you are doing. In that aspect, you do not need any help, except a food taster to make sure your baked items are ready for sale.

Here are some of the legal and government side of things you need to know about before you open up your home to a bakery business.

Legal and Government

#1. Government- there are licenses, permits, and applications to fill out and apply for. This is not like it was 40 years ago when you could just bake and sell. Check with your local government offices to find out what you need to do first.

#2. Taxes- with all those forms and applications you need to find out what kind of taxes you need to collect. There may be sales and food taxes on your baked goods so learn about them in the beginning, so you do not get shut down for failing to pay the tax collector.

#3. Incorporate- finding the right way to incorporate your small business is essential. You will need to protect your personal assets so talk to a good business lawyer to find out the best path to go. A partnership requires different paperwork than an LLC. It can get confusing so make sure to shop around for the perfect lawyer.

#4. Business plan- you need to know the direction you are going to head. A good business plan also helps guide you through the different challenges you will face. The business plan will help you sort through all the different things you need to attend to, for example, the best place for supplies, packaging materials, marketing options, and so on.

#5. Decide on your baked goods- this can be hard to do as there are so many different options to bake. But you can also pick some core products and then have special baked goods once a month as something nice to offer your customers. You have a lot of freedom here.

#6. Purchase equipment & supplies- this will include your packaging products as well as new baking equipment. You may be surprised to know that you cannot use the same tools you use in your home kitchen

#7. Decide on target customers- this is important as who you sell to will influence your price. If you are going to sell wholesale to other stores etc., and have them re-sell your products, then your wholesale prices must be lower than retail prices. Plus, the amount you bake will be different. Create a marketing plan at this stage as well.

#8. Baking- Once you have crossed all the previous hurdles, you can now bake your goods. Start small as leftovers are not any fun to have around and they cut into your profit margins.

What you need to start a home bakery business.

The above are just the steps you need to walk in order to get your small business up and running. There are some other essentials that you will need in order to be a success at this venture.

Skill- if you are not a good baker or just think you are good, then maybe you should try some other line of work. While there is room for talent and skill growth, it is best to get that elsewhere before you start your own business.

Food safety knowledge- very important information is in this category as you do not want to make your customers ill. If you use ingredients that people are allergic to, you need to warn your customers.

Good suppliers- your only as good a baker as your ingredients. So, take the time to find the supplier who will sell you the best ingredients
Good eyes- this is not just for ingredients and baking skills. it is also for your competitors. You need to keep an eye on them, so you do not lose business due to their different strategies. Plus, you need to make sure your products stand out from the crowd.

The pros & cons of starting a home bakery business.


doing something you enjoy or love
gives you a creative outlet
easy to start
good baked goods always have a market
a variety of places to sell your products
you are your own boss
you get to decide what you will bake


your bakery may be regulated by your city, county, or state government offices
your bakery may be regulated by workers comp office & occupational safety departments
need to buy all new equipment and baking tools
may need a separate kitchen to do your commercial baking in
you need to bake a lot to make a profit
lots of competition to go up against and you may need to cut prices to compete

Starting Home Bakery Business: Some Final Words

It is a long hard road to success and depending on how much you want to work in your retirement years will determine your rate of success. A home bakery business has a lot of hurdles to overcome but if you are a great baker, you can find ways to get over those hurdles.

You may need to train your granddaughter and have her come aboard to help you handle all the different non-baking details you will face. In the end, starting home bakery business can be worth it all especially when your family joins in to help.

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