Teachable Review

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When you want a second career one of the better ways to make extra money is through creating your own educational courses. The way to get started is to find the right platform. In our Teachable Review you will be introduced to a good platform that helps you start a new chapter in your life.

To learn more about this teaching and course creation platform just continue to read our review. It has the information you need to make a good decision.

Who Founded the Company?

It was 2013 when a recent graduate of UC Berkeley created this website and course creation program. His name is Ankar Nagpul and he has taken Teachable from a one room apartment employing one person to a multi room office complex employing over 150 people.

The company started out as Fedora. As soon as it was launched many people signed up to create different educational classes they would sell to others. The success is well noted as of last year roughly 100,000 instructors have created their independent classes.

Teachable allows instructors to create their courses their way which makes it an attractive option to use. The founder and his employees have also created an arena where an unlimited number of topics can be discussed and taught.

It is possible to turn your experience into a constructive contribution and give back to society.

What is Teachable & Products?

This website is an opportunity to teach what you know to others. It is a course-building website. It provides you with the guidelines you need to turn your knowledge into an easy-to-understand classroom experience.

The products it sells are the different membership levels that provide more unique features every time you move up to a new level. The basic membership costs $29 per month. The pro level costs you $99 per month. The business membership is sold at $249 per month. All fees are billed annually.

All of these memberships allow for unlimited courses and an unlimited number of students. The company does charge a 5% transaction fee for the basic membership but none for the other two levels.

There is also a code that allows you to embed external resources you want to use for your classes.

Can You Make Money at Teachable?

This will depend on how many students you can get to sign up. With over 100,000 other instructors competing for students, you may have an uphill battle until the quality of your courses becomes known.

The money you can make will depend on how you structure your fees and if you include a pricing plan to help potential students meet their budget and pay for your classes.

If you want you can send out coupons in order to attract more students and still earn. What all this means is that the amount of advertising and effort you put into your classes, etc., will result in some sort of revenue stream for you.

There is no guarantee that you will make a lot of money and the only guarantee there will be that you will make nothing if you do not try. You just going to have to have a smart business plan to guide you.

Examples Of How to Make Money at Teachable

The only example of how you will make money through this website and course building program will be the type of courses you will create and how affordable they will be.

You will need a lot of innovation and creativity to make your courses stand out as well as a lot of top-quality content. Then to make you look legitimate, you can brand your own domain name to show that you mean business.

Of course, you will need to market your classes well as you will need to pay the monthly fee that is attached to your membership level. Since nothing is perfect, there will be issues that arise from time to time that you may not like.

Pros and Cons of Teachable


create your own classes
design your own payment structure
easy to use
lots of teaching tools to incorporate
courses are accessible through iOS App


the basic plan has a 5% transaction fee
limited course and site customization options
no free plan
need 3rd party to help build sales
no course marketplace
no phone support

Any Negatives Against Teachable

So far, we have seen nothing but praise for this website and its course-building program. That does not mean there are none, it just means we have not come across them yet. One negative that strikes at home are the payment plans.

These are billed annually yet the monthly fees can get very high. You would have to build your student base up before you will have the extra money to access the upper levels and their extra features.

The Better Business Bureau does not rate this company and some of the complaints filed there tend to raise some red flags. All the complaints seem legitimate and not made up so there are some bugs with the company that still need to be worked out.

These questionable business practices may turn some people off and get them to go to Teachables’ competitors.

Teachable Review: Final Verdict

One of the great things about online work is that there are a lot of options to choose from within the same industry. Teachable is just one course-building website you can turn to and if you do not like what you see and read, there are plenty of other options to consider.

In analyzing the information on this company, you could do a lot worse. The main concern is the amount of money you have to spend to access their features. Another concern is how you will be treated by the company.

The best this Teachable Review can do is tell you to do your research and make that effort thorough. This company has worked well for many instructors while not working so well for others. Check out the competition as well before making up your mind.

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