The Ultimate Home Business Academy Review

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In this article I am going to give you The Ultimate Home Business Academy Review.

I am not a member or an affiliate of The Home Business Academy although I briefly was. I have been in the members area and looked it over from top to bottom. Let me give you the pros and cons as I see them.

I know from personal experience that everything is not always 100% roses. This is especially true in the world of home business opportunities and making money online.

I grew up with parents that were Profit Sharing Direct Distributors in Amway, in a small rural town in southwest Nebraska, in the 1970s and 1980s. My aunt and uncle were Emerald Directs in Amway in Denver during the same time.

This let me see the good and bad of network marketing up close. I even became a distributor achieving the 15% level. As a 20 year old I stood in front of a group of people drawing circles in a meeting room at the airport Days Inns in Lincoln, Ne.

Those were the hard days of MLM using the curiosity approach. I vowed to never do anything like that again and I am glad to say I haven’t.

Let me say that I approach this review with a specific mindset in mind.

Personally I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2002. I have seen much of the good and bad this business model has to offer.

Today I see a lot of good in doing affiliate marketing if you are looking for a way to make money online.

I have been a full time Internet marketer since 2006. I have made money with online home business ideas for seniors, affiliate marketing, network marketing, and freelance writing.

Having written over 3000 articles for customers I know how that wears you out mentally and even physically to a certain standpoint. I think many people are like me.

They want a useful product to sell that lives up to what it said it was and would not be stressful to promote.

I found The Home Business Academy training to be appealing. It pertains to helping people in life and learning how to start and run their own home based business. I know you are doing Internet marketing no matter what you decide to sell online. The home business niche is a multi billion dollar evergreen market to be in.

They have an affiliate program where you earn money selling memberships to The Home Business Academy and selling The Financial Literacy Academy digital product they also offer.

In this review I will look at both of these products because that is really what they are. You are buying online information products. The are delivered to you in the form of a membership. It can be accessed anytime 100% online no matter where you are in the world.

I view this as a powerful feature from both a learning aspect as well as the ability to earn money online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as an affiliate.

OK…..Let’s go ahead and dive into The Home Business Academy and look closely at the company, the products, the training, and the income opportunity.

What Is The Home Business Academy?

The Home Business Academy is an online training platform teaching success principles in what I see as 3 primary categories.

Mindset. How to be successful in life. This is the self improvement part of the course and will change the way you think of yourself and how to be successful.

Marketing. If you are going to make money online you need skills. The Home Business Academy offers high quality training on everything from blogging and YouTube to Facebook, LinkedIn, lead generation, and a lot more.

Money. The Home Business Academy teaches you how to start and run your own successful home business. The coaching and training is taught by 2 Internet millionaire earners. It also includes weekly mastermind groups for mindset and business training so you get to interact with other members and affiliates.

If you break down the name of the business ‘Home Business Academy” I think it is really revealing.


Let’s start with academy. In today’s busy world we all need training to survive. I like to think of training as getting the skills you need.

An Academy is defined as a place of study or training in a specialized field. With the Home Business Academy you do not go to a physical location to study and receive training.

It is all done online, often from the comfort of your own home. However, I know in my case I have accessed the training using my smartphone on a walk, in the car, and while traveling.

Home Business

Starting and running a home business takes a lot of work and it takes skills if you want to compete, especially on the Internet.

Do not be fooled by these ads of people earning $100,000 a year working 20 minutes a day in their underwear.

So, having a home business means you are running a business at home. In today’s world economy if you do it from home it is helpful to sell products that are Internet based.

This means it may be called a home business, but in reality you can run it anywhere you have Internet access. You really do not need much more then a computer. In some cases you could do it with nothing more then a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You will need an online presence. This could be a website, a blog, a YouTube Channel, an email newsletter, or maybe just social accounts. Those will probably include Facebook or Twitter that you promote your business one. Once you are online you need products to sell in your home business.

You can break down products that are sold online into 2 categories.


Physical Products

Physical products are sold online and shipped to the customer. The largest online retailers right now are Amazon and Wal Mart. You can buy pretty much everything you need from these two giant companies.

It is interesting that both of them have an affiliate program. This means you can sell products as an affiliate and they handle customer fulfillment.

They will process the order, collect payment, ship the products, handle customer support, and even handle returns and refunds when necessary. As an affiliate you are paid a commission for making the sale.

Physical products have to be manufactured. In many cases they also have to be stored in a regional distribution center.

This effects the cost and therefore it effects your affiliate commissions. Amazon average commissions are 4%-%6. Unless you are selling a big ticket item you have to make a lot of sales to earn a decent or great monthly income.

Digital Products

These are products that are accessed on the Internet.

There are no shipping costs unless the digital product takes on a physical form.

Examples of digital products include, articles, ebooks, reports, podcasts, videos, and information you access via a membership site. If it is accessed online you can sell it and make money online.

The great thing is once the product is created you can sell it. The creator will pay you a higher commission because there are no manufacturing and shipping costs.

Clickbank has a famous digital affiliate marketplace that pays out on average 50%-75% commissions when you make a sale. As the affiliate network they also handle customer fulfillment.

The Home Business Academy offers digital products with an affiliate program that pays you 80% on every sale you make. Their primary product is the training membership you sell.

The great thing about this membership is it bills every month. As an affiliate you earn recurring income every month as well.

They also have a financial literacy product you can sell once and earn a one time commission on. This is a big ticket item so the commission you earn is larger, but the rate is still 80%.

More on the commissions and the affiliate program below.

Home Business Academy Founders

The Home Business Academy was founded in 2016 by Paul Hutchings and Mike Hobbs. They were involved in network marketing and affiliate marketing for several years. They had become discouraged by things that were happening in the companies they were involved with.

This led them to come together and form what they hoped would be the perfect business opportunity with the best products to train people in the areas of mindset and personal development, marketing, and affiliate marketing.

What I found interesting about both of these guys is they did not come from a business background and had no real advantages when they joined the home businesses they started with.

Paul Hutchings was living in a small mobile home and was barely able to pay his bills.

At one time he had a son that needed a $50,000 surgery and he was broke.

>Mike Hobbs grew up living in a mobile home with a dad that was an alcoholic.

His mom could barely feed their family and they were living on food stamps.

These guys come from a unique perspective of having been broke and now are both million dollar earners in their home business. They also bring a unique view to helping people make money. This comes from having experienced what they did not like in previous companies and incorporating what they did like into The Home Business Academy.

I like this and as I did some research I’ve become particularly impressed with the passion they bring to the business. I really like the knowledge they freely share in the mastermind groups as well as in the Home Business Academy training.

It is much better to learn from someone who knows what they are talking about because they have done, and are doing, what they teach. There are way to many teachers in affiliate marketing and home business who are teaching from what they read and not what they did!
This sums up the big picture of The Home Business Academy for me.

Mike & Paul have a goal of helping 100 families become financially free every year.

Home Business Academy Products

The primary product is The Home Business Academy membership which costs $125 a month. You can take a trial run of one week for $1.

After the week is up you either decide to cancel, or you decide to stick with it and your first month billing of $125 starts. You will then be billed every month on the same day.

This is a training system to help people become more successful in their life and in their business. I have noticed there is a large number of members who take the training for various reasons that do not involve making money.

Not all of them are in the affiliate program. They just appreciate the high quality and volume of training available.

There are literally over 1100 videos and audios you can access. There are also daily live masterminds, as well as weekly marketing and mindset training that is very interactive.

You come to these with your questions or just to listen and learn. It really brings home the old adage that you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

You do not have to be Einstein to understand this.

The Home Business Academy uses a simple success formula: Mindset + Skillset X Performance = Results

This is easy to remember and I found the training addresses these areas all pointing toward a final result that is personal to you.

One example of this is the Major Definite Purpose-Self Confidence Formula where you establish a certain desire you want and put a date on when you will have that. Over time you will begin to see how you think changing and the actions you take are improved through better skills and performance.

The training comes in the form of online videos and audios which makes it easy in this day of smartphones, tablets and laptop computers to access it anywhere at anytime.

As I look at the members area here is what I see and what you will see if you join The Home Business Academy.


Under that we find the Mindset Area. In it are training videos and audios for….

Welcome orientation asking you to start here.

Today’s Mastermind which is a replay of the live daily mastermind you can attend every day at 9:00 a.m est or listen to the archived version at your convenience.

Featured Masterminds including one from Mike Hobbs and his incredible success story.

The Laws Complete Success Library

Audio Goldmine with over 1100 audio trainings dating back to Dec. of 2011. In that one you will hear the “Secret Keys To Unlock The Doors Of Abundance”

This kind of reminds me of the archived radio shows Dick Clark and Casey Kasem made and still play on the air today. Very smart by Mike and Paul to keep all of this stuff and incorporate it into The Home Business Academy today.

Let me summarize the mindset training this way. With daily, weekly and archived training I doubt if you could ever get through all of this in your lifetime. The fact that it is ongoing is great because things change and the training will always be relevant to what is going on in our lives today!

Skillset-Core-Low Tech

This is for newbies and anyone really that needs training in a specific area. I have always found training in many other home businesses lacking in the skill set area.

I do not care how positive you are everyday. If you do not have the skills to compete in today’s marketplace you are going to have trouble succeeding.

Each training is available in either video or audio. It comes with action items and scripts and planning documents as needed.

For example, the training on Launching Your Business goes from a simple way to gather customers and build your team to handling objections and more. It includes a lesson audio, invitation formula with scripts, and a lesson worksheet that can all be downloaded.

The low tech skill set area contains 11 training modules you can work your way through. Some of these include “LinkedIn Recruiting Mastery”, “How To Close Leads” and “Bookmarks and Browsers” to name a few of them.

This is stuff anyone can learn, but most do not know how to do. If you master even a couple of these strategies, and put them into practice, you will be able to build your own successful home business.

Skillset-Advanced-High Tech

This is where I started when I was a member because I already had a pretty extensive knowledge in various ways to do Internet marketing.
Right away I went to the Blogging training because I had just started our new Bizzy Seniors Blog and email newsletter.

Great job here by Mike Hobbs providing 12 modules starting with 2 options of either outsourcing your blog set up to setting it up it yourself. This is really in depth training for people wanting to learn the ins and outs of blogging the right way.

Everything from blog customization to creating a blog strategy and following up using email marketing is covered! I’m not going to go over everything in this module that includes You Tube Ranking, Facebook Ads, Domain Names, Target Marketing and more.

As an experienced Internet marketer I did learn new things, and am learning new ways to promote online from this training. Each module includes video and audio training as well as a worksheet you can complete to see how well you paid attention. It is not something you turn in so don’t worry if you get one or 2 questions wrong like I did.

Let me mention one other thing. They will be adding more new training as things change in the fast moving world of Internet marketing. This is all part of the skills you will learn to make more money online with your own home business.

Live Academy Masterminds

Here is the section where you will find the daily and weekly mastermind training. On the daily training you dial in by phone and use your access code to listen live.

The weekly mastermind training can be accessed live or by replay. This is where you will really get some personal value if you are having problems in your business including marketing questions and answers.

You can also access the live and replay versions of the Financial Literacy mastermind training here. You will need to have purchased the FLA product and have an active HBA membership.

The Home Business Academy is also adding bonus content. Right now I see training titled “3 Big Freedom Lessons & Beginning Seeds Of The HBA” and “Clarifying Vision & Dreamscaping Your Perfect Day”.

I have to admit I am blown away by all of this high quality training for mindset, skillset, and making money tips.

Home Business Academy Affiliate Program

Speaking of making money if you want to earn money selling the Home Business Academy products it does not get any simpler then this. They call this their affiliate program “The Crusader Program”.

You earn 80% on a $125 sale. This is $100 for making an HBA membership sale.

What caught my attention is this is a recurring income. You earn $100 the first month and every month thereafter as long as your customer has an active membership.

Here is a little math.

Your membership costs you $125. When you sell a membership you earn $100. Your cost for really high quality training is $25.
Once you have made your second sale you are in a profit mode of $75 a month. This is a nice clean simple program with one product to focus on that pays you a real residual income every month.

I started thinking like this. 2 sales earns me a net profit of $75/mo. That is $900 a year and $9000 in the next 10 years for having only 2 active sales and I do not have to re-sell anything or deliver anything to my customers!

What if you had 10 customers, or 50 customers, or 100 customers? If you like to dream big get your calculator out and sit down when you are doing the math!

The Home Business Academy pays every Friday for sales made the prior week after the trial period. This is a quick turnaround for an affiliate program payment. Google makes you wait a month for checks on their AdSense Affiliate Program and Amazon makes you wait 14 days or more for your commissions as an Amazon Associate.

Financial Literacy Academy

Separate from the Home Business Academy is the Financial Literacy Academy or FLA. This is an optional product. Here you will access training on…

Financial Literacy 101
Debt Elimination 101
Reducing Taxes 101

Gorilla money strategies including car flipping 101, home flipping 101, asset management 101, and profits with mobile homes.
I mention this because it is part of the affiliate program. This is a big ticket item which really got my attention.

The pricing is currently set at $1000 with a 50% off option of $500 in the first week as you take your $1 HBA trial offer. They also offer a 3 payment plan of $200 a month for 3 months for The FLA Program.

I view this as a $400 commission on a $500 sale. When you add in the $100 for an HBA sale you can earn $500 selling both upfront and then $100 residual income every month after that.

I started thinking about 10 full customer sales earning me $5000 a month and $1000 in recurring income every month after. That is exciting and achievable for a product with worldwide Internet access to billions of people.

Feed The Kids

For every Home Business Academy sale they donate money to feed hungry kids.

One donation works out for enough to feed one hungry child 4 days worth of meals. The HBA has currently provided over 59,000 meals and grows everyday.

If you are looking for a home business opportunity with a good cause attached to it HBA does that!

Home Business Academy At A Glance Name: The Home Business Academy
Owners: Paul Hutchings & Mike Hobbs
Price: $125/mo with a $1 one week trial
Overall Rank: 99 out of 100

My Final Opinion of The Home Business Academy

I said I would offer any negatives I see with The Home Business Academy and here are the only three I can think of.

One. The home business model is a migration model. This is not the fault of HBA, but the home business market they are in. I see people join and quit and join and quit programs over and over.

They are always looking for the grass is greener on the other side. You really see this more in MLM programs then you do in affiliate programs.

However, many affiliate programs are free to join so people join and join them as well without every really making any money.

This is one of the reasons The HBA spends so much time on skill training. Having said that any business you get into needs customers and your own online business will be no different.

To me this gives the average person the best chance to succeed in the home based business market. I like the fact that they offer the $1 trial where you can cancel with no questions aske. This gives you a great opportunity to see up close and personal what you will be selling before you start paying full price.

Two. Generate leads. Another thing is you are going to have to go out and find customers if you want to succeed. This means generating your own leads.

How good you become at that is going to determine how much money you make. Plain and simple you either need people visiting your website, or texting or calling you.

The skill training is really good on all of the various ways to promote online. Master one or two of them and you can make as much money as you want in any business model even if you do not join The Home Business Academy affiliate program.

Three. Access training. For some people who like to follow along via print such as a PDF (like me) as they listen this option is not available yet. Perhaps some day it will be, but for now you can listen anywhere in the world at anytime of the day and just take notes.

Join The Home Business Academy

I’ve done my best to offer the Ultimate Home Business Academy Review.

I have spent over 20 years looking at every way to make money offline and online I could find.

This included eCommerce, network marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, providing Internet services, freelancing, big ticket one up programs, rank and rent, buying mobile home parks, dog walking, Uber & Lyft.

And even some others I can not think of right now.

If you are looking for a real home business, with real products you can sell to anyone anywhere in the world, I suggest checking The Home Business Academy out. You will have immediate access and you can see for yourself if this is the training and business opportunity you have been looking for.

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