Top 10 Alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate

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Is there better affiliate marketing platforms then Wealthy Affiliate? Many retired people need to watch their money and as a senior, you need to ask the right questions. This is one of the right questions you need to ask. There are a lot of pretenders out there, so you need to be careful when looking for alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate.

Some of those pretenders are simple scams but we will get to those at the end of the following list. The list of alternatives is not in any particular order and are actual affiliate marketing platforms.

Top 10 Alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate

#1. ShareASale

This platform offers you over 4,500 different vendors to work with. Their dashboard should be easy to use, and you can get WordPress plug-ins, themes, and more through this platform.

Their cookie duration depends on the vendor you work with, and the minimum payout is $50. Of those 4500 vendors, over 1000 of them only do business through share a sale. Those merchants can be well-known entities or small businessmen trying to make a buck like you.

#2. Awin

Formerly known as Affiliate Window this affiliate marketing platform works with over 13,000 different is a German platform so you may get a bit of a European influence in information, operation, and payouts.

The main thing you need to know about Awin is that it owns Share A Sale. But the two companies are run as separate affiliate marketing platforms. The minimum payout is $20.

#3. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Probably the best-known and largest affiliate marketing platform. Although that reputation does not mean it is the best of the lot. What sets them apart is that once your visitor clicks your link but buys a different product, you still get the commission for that purchase.

While the minimum payout is low, $10, you still have a short cookie duration and some of the lowest commissions possible. It also slashes commissions from time to time.

#4. CJ Affiliate

This platform works with almost 2700 different merchants and has some of the biggest names in consumer products ready to work with you. The biggest drawback to using this platform is that the dashboard is a bit complicated.

If you want to be paid by check, the minimum balance you need in your account is $100. However, you can get direct deposit which has a $50 minimum.

#5. Rakuten Marketing

This company changed its name as well. it was formerly known as LinkShare and it works with companies like Walmart, Papa John’s. Their market share is only around 1000 merchants you can work with but that is still a good number.

What you have going for you when you sign up with this platform is that it is a trusted company and has a good reputation.

#6. Avangate Affiliate Network

This platform is for those people who prefer representing digital products, not physical ones. There are over 22,000 of them on this platform so you have a good chance of making some money.

Plus, you can get between 30 and 180-day cookies along with a very high commission rate. Some products pay up to 85% of the selling price. The minimum payout is high as well at $100.

#7. ClickBank

While this platform lets you cash out at $10 and it works with smaller companies as well as digital products, its generous return policy means you may lose money.

It also has a very bad reputation for letting frauds and con artists work through its program. This is where buyer beware is most important. You never know if you are being scammed or not until it is too late.

#8. Flexoffers

When you want variety and choice, this is the platform to turn to. It works with over 12,000 vendors and that means you get plenty of choices. Then you get an account manager assigned to you to help you navigate all the twists and turns.

Also, this company is really established and has been around for many years. For those outside of America, you get paid through Pay Pal when you reach the $100 minimum.

#9. Walmart Affiliates

This platform works through Rakuten marketing, but it provides you with a big-name retailer that competes directly with Amazon. The good news about this platform is you get a little higher commission payment than you would at Amazon for the same niches.

You get a 3-day cookie with Walmart instead of just 24 hours with Amazon. Its $50 minimum is higher than Amazon’s as well.

#10. eBay Partner Network

When it comes to retail market share, Amazon is first, this platform is second and Walmart is third. However, the gap between 1st and 2nd place is huge. Yet, you can still make some good money using this opportunity.

It’s cookies last as long as Amazon’s does, and they have the same payout minimum. The biggest drawback is that your commission is a cut from eBay’s commission and not from the total purchase price.

Some Not So Good Alternatives

If you do a search for alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate, many of your results take you to organizations that are not true affiliate marketing platforms. They take you to ‘training’ organizations where you pay a lot of money for what you can get for free or a small fee at Wealthy Affiliate.

These organizations say they are better than WA but they do not offer the same things as WA does. You really have to be careful as their ‘fees’ are very expensive and what you get may not be worth it.

Some Final Words: Top 10 Alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate

You are not locked into Wealthy Affiliate when you enter the affiliate marketing industry. You do have some great platforms to choose from.

Make your comparison and see why Wealthy Affiliate is the best option for you. It is hard to beat what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

They have 3 programs you can get started with. Bizzy Seniors started with the free membership and currently are Premium Members. All you have to do is be wary of the many pretenders who over charge for the same materials.

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