Upwork Review

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Freelancers need resources. If you are not familiar with the term freelancer, it simply means a contract worker. Contract workers need agencies or platforms to connect with those businesses that need short-term workers. In this Upwork Review you should be able to tell if this company is a good source or not.

As a retired person, you could do freelance work and make enough money to put the golden back into those golden years. Working for yourself is a great way to get some extra cash to cover those expenses your pension will not cover.

Keep reading to find out about Upwork and its resources. It may be a good source for you.

What is Upwork?

This is not a new company, but it did get its start in 2013 when it was renamed Upwork. The founders joined two companies, Elance and oDesk, and made it into one big resource.

All this company does, is connect freelance workers with those clients who need help on short-term projects. It is solely an internet-based platform that is not always easy to become a part of their program.

Plus, it is not limited to just freelance writers. There are many opportunities in different fields where all sorts of talented seniors can ply their creative nature. The key is to watch out as scammers do get past the Upwork screening process.

How Does Upwork Work?

Like most platforms you find on the internet these days, you have to sign up. Upwork seems to have 2 membership plans, the free and the paid. the latter option costs $14.99 per month and will give you access to more and better opportunities.

After signing up you will need to complete your profile, select a payment method and then decide how you want to be paid. There are different styles of jobs, from hourly to fixed rates, and Upwork handles the payment process like any platform does.

Once you agree to a contract, you do the work and then submit it. Do not go offsite though as your membership will be revoked and you will lose access to all those jobs.

Can You Make Money with Upwork?

Yes, you can but it is just making money the traditional way. The only difference between that and Upwork’s way is that it all takes place online. Making money through this platform may take time as clients do look at your ratings and if you have not had any work, they will pass you by.

There are problems with the Upwork system which do hamper how fast you can make money. But that is par for the course as well. Clients may disappear without notice, and you may have wasted hours of hard work doing it for nothing.

It is a difficult place to work as you always need to keep your eyes open and watch for warning signs

Examples Of How to Make Money with Upwork

There is only one way to make money through this platform. You have to find the right job and get the client to accept your bid. Then once you have completed the task, you upload it and wait for the approval.

This is one of the issues with this system as you do not get paid until the client approves the finished copy. Then, as you wait, you may find that the client is no longer on-site, and you will never be paid.

Until you get a good Upwork rating, your job opportunities may be limited.

Upwork Review Pros:

wide variety of jobs- writing, graphic arts, event planning, and so on
a good sign-up process
vetting of both freelancers and clients
different payment structures for jobs
supposed payment protection plan so everyone gets paid
Better Business Bureau rating of ‘A’
International opportunities
lots of tools to use

Upwork Review Cons:

lots of cracks in the system
you may not get paid even with their payment protection plan
memberships canceled for no reason
memberships canceled for no work success
lots of competition so hard to get ranked and work
scam clients do abound on-site as do scam freelancers

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

There are lots of negatives that are a part of this company aside from the standard complaints you hear about any online platform. We found one lawsuit, but it is too complicated to try to explain here.

There are other issues that cause us to pause before considering them a good platform to use. You have to be careful of phishing while a member of this site and many other illegal or unethical behavior.

That is never any good when all you are trying to do is find some good independent work you can do at home. While it sounds like a good opportunity, keep in mind nothing is perfect.

Is Upwork Legitimate?

Technically, yes, it is and that in and of itself is a loaded statement as it is a platform where people claim to make 6 figures doing contract work. One issue that makes us word this section in this manner is that their support system does very little to stop the scammers from taking you for a ride.

You can make money, you can get work there but the large amount of competition, the rating system, and Upwork’s own admission that they match different clients with specific freelancers make it a difficult place to work.

While it may be legitimate, there are just too many issues that cast a shadow over this platform.

Upwork Review: Final Thoughts

Upwork has lots of competitors in this portion of the freelance industry and they are all basically the same. You take your chances in signing up and it takes a while to create a good reputation where you will get lots of job offers.

It is just one source you can use to get work. Do some more research as this Upwork review can only go so far. For seniors, this platform is as good as almost any other. No matter where you sign up, you need to watch your step.

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