Wealthy Affiliate Review For Seniors

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Uh oh, not another Wealthy Affiliate Review. As if there is not enough of them around already right! Yes this is another Wealthy Affiliate Review. However, we will look at it through the eyes of a senior who loves what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Team Schuman was founded and is published by me…..Jeff Schuman. As a 20-year Internet marketer and blogger I have seen a lot and I bring a fair open mind to this Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Because many reviews out there do not agree with the ability of this affiliate platform to come through on its claims, we thought you should hear the other side.

It is a good thing there are differing opinions on this affiliate platform. That way you get to see the whole picture warts and all. You will be able to get all the information you need and be able to discern fact from fiction before you make the leap and join Wealthy Affiliate for free.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

This company is what is called an affiliate marketing platform. Not only does it help you tap into the 4,000,000,000 strong audience that is connected to the internet it offers you access to over 500,000,000 products they eventually can use.

What Wealthy Affiliate does is give you 2 free websites, a lot of free education and training, as well as supply a community of support to help you solve problems and overcome difficult challenges. Then they help you select the products you can represent through those education and training classes. Not all classes are free, but you can get started without paying a dime.

Signup is free and that is the way to start. The company provides you with a lifetime free membership, so you are never without an employment opportunity, even if you fail the first time. The paid premium membership gets you to more training and more options.

The good thing is that you can start earning while you learn. This is perfect for seniors.

The key to all of this is to know what niche you know most about and look for products that are in that niche. The company states you should not pick a niche you know nothing about or not interested in because that lack of passion will hinder your success.


Here are some stats to help you see what makes Wealthy Affiliate a go to affiliate marketing platform.

– The numbers
– 14 years in business
– 193 countries
– 1.4 million+ members
– 1800+ expert coaches
– 10,000 new businesses built monthly
– 23,000+ people helped daily
– 1.4 mil

A Little About Wealthy Affiliate Founders Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim

Not every inventor or founder of a company is from America. The co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, grew up in British Columbia, that western most province in Canada that sits just above Washington State.

The province is rugged, filled with tall mountains, crystal clear rivers and lakes. That environment helps boys to grow up and be men. It takes real men to start a new business. That is what both Kyle and Carson did.

These two men were already working online and one day decided to o help others find financial success through the internet. They have done that as they have helped their members start their business through providing top training material, an easy platform to work with and even a free membership so you have time to figure out if this opportunity is for you.

The two men started Wealthy Affiliate as a place to get a list of keywords. Then as the years passed the company grew into what is now wealthy Affiliate. Along with Wealthy Affiliate, they also own Jaxxy the keyword generator and a once viable SEO tool called Street Articles.

Sadly, Google changed its algorithms one day and the latter tool is not that vital and rarely recommended. What has transpired over The past 15 years is a lot of hard work searching for the right tools and products that make Wealthy Affiliate one of the most popular and largest affiliate marketing platforms in the world.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate?

There is always the concern that when two men from beyond America, and possibly from small towns create something that is profitable, lucrative and helpful. There have been so many scams and illegitimate business pop up on the internet that just about everyone who is successful is under suspicion.

The key thing you need to remember is that Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing is not for everyone. It is a highly competitive industry and not everyone is cut out to be their own boss. It takes alot of patience, dedication, and business smarts to make a go of affiliate marketing.

Those that do not have those skills or characteristics, and did we mention integrity, may not do so well and failed. Once they did not suceed they started calling Wealthy Affiliate a scam, not legitimate and other criticisms. These things happen and it comes with the territory especially when you are viewed as a success.


Wealthy Affiliate uses the simple affiliate marketing structure that is Illustrated in the image immediately below.

This image was taken from the free training web pages that the company has at this link. As you can see the affiliate marketing industry does not operate on complicated business schemes or get rich quick models. You have to be prepared to do your work and make the training you get work for you.

One reviewer said he put in 40 hours of training and decided without implementing that training that the information was not useful and a hindrance to success at affiliate marketing. That same training has helped many others succeed and did not hinder their ability to run an online affiliate marketing business.

Whether Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate or not will depend on what you do after you sign up and your own attitude. No one is saying this is the only way to do affiliate marketing, they are saying it is one of the best ways to work in the industry.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Scheme?
No, it isn’t. The Oxford Dictionary defines a pyramid scheme as an enterprise where one person recruits others and the money for signing up is divided up by members who signed up earlier. Then for the new members to get paid, they need to recruit more people and share in the bounty that comes.

While you are paying for a membership with Wealthy Affiliate you do not need to recruit other people to get paid. In fact, there is no recruiting involved unless you are acting as an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate.

Then you would be paid a commission for the people who used your affiliate link, just like you would if one of your website visitors clicked on an affiliate link for dog food you had placed in a key area. If they buy the dog food, you get paid an agreed upon commission. Just like a traditional salesman in department stores, fashion houses and so on.

There is nothing illegal going on at Wealthy Affiliate, unless you willfully break the laws of your country on your own. You have two ways to become a member, one is free and the other has a monthly fee attached but you know about these fees before you sign up.

Then you have access to the niches and products, and you pick the commission rates the different vendors offer and you go to work. Your commissions are yours to keep and you do not need to pay any uplines nor do you get commissions from any downline sales because there are neither in Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Products

What products does Wealthy Affiliate have to offer you? To answer that question, we must draw a definitive line here. The products we are about to discuss are the ones that are directly associated with the company. Not the ones they have for you to represent nor the niches those products come in.

The latter two categories are found in just about every major affiliate marketing platform and are not unique to Wealthy Affiliate. The first product you get by signing up to this company will be one free website in the free membership and 10 in the paid or premium membership.

Their website states it takes an average of 34 seconds to get those websites built and ready for service. They also have 3000+ templates you can choose from. On top of that the company handles the technical aspects and give their affiliates roughly 99% up time and have blocked over 27 million hacking attempts.


Now there is the training, and you get choose one of two ways to get the information You need to start your affiliate business. The first is Online Entrepreneur Certification and the second is Affiliate Bootcamp.

Both of these options are filled with important lessons about affiliate marketing, how to get started, and more. Your free membership only provides you the first ten lessons in the getting started class in the Online Entrepreneur Certification program.

Then you have the two membership programs. The free is good if you are not sure if affiliate marketing is for you. It gets you started, lets you test the waters and provides some basic services like 7 days of 24/7 live help, training help for 7 days, networking help for 7 days, 20 lessons of training and much more.

WA Premium

The premium membership is stock full of help, benefits, and aids that will get you moving up the ladder of success if you make the right business decisions. Obviously, the paid membership is worth the money once you see all the items you receive.


Wealthy Affiliate also has web hosting which allows 25 websites under the premium plan. It works out to $2/mo. if you want to build an online business with that many websites.

That is the more you will find with WP Engine and Kinsta. The domain price tag is set at $13.99 per year. That is just over a $1 a month and very affordable. No upsells are a part of Wealthy Affiliate that we have seen.

These are the core products that you will be encountering when you go to the Wealthy Affiliate website. Plus, you get a lot of support through their community web page. That is priceless when you encounter problems or other difficulties throughout your affiliate career.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Pricing

We have already mentioned the pricing for two of the products Wealthy Affiliate will sell you. The first price is the domain name, and everyone has to have this. But at $1 per month approx., you cannot go wrong with that cost. It is probably one of the cheaper domain prices you can find around the internet.

Then there is the free membership, and you will get what you pay for. Not that what Wealthy Affiliate offers in this program but that you will only get the basics. The rest is saved for those who are going to invest their time and money and make a serious run at the affiliate marketing industry.

That does not mean that you will get nothing when you sign up for free. You get 7 days of 24/7 support, limited training and education classes, as well as other services that are helping you build a good affiliate foundation and see if this business is for you.

90% Quit

Roughly 90% of affiliate marketers quit after a few months. There is no sense in casting pearls in front of those who find out that affiliate marketing is not their cup of tea. If you want the good information beyond basic levels, then you are going to have to show some commitment and sign up to the paid membership.

The first month of the premium paid membership has been advertised at $19 and then the regular fee kicks in on the second month. That regular fee is $49. There is word you can pay that monthly or add 6 months of fees together and pay that amount ($294) or pay the fee in one annual installment of $588.

How you go about paying for your membership is up to you. The good part is you get access to a lot of help, training, and tools to make your investment sound and not a waste of money.

Wealthy Affiliate Features & Benefits

We copied this list from Wealthy Affiliate’s sign-up page and you can view the whole page just by clicking here. Take a few moments to see what you get when you sign up at this affiliate marketing platform:

Premium For Those Who are READY for Success! $49/month

– Live 24/7 help
– Private coaching
– Network with experts
– Private Access to Kyle & Carson
– Accelerated Help
– 24/7/365 website support
– Integrated training help
– Networking capabilities
Website Builder
– Security Package SSl
– Feedback Platform
– Engagement Platform
– Analysis
– SiteSpeed Performance Boost
– Site Speed Extreme
– High Resolution Image Database
– Automated Image Compression
– Duplicate Content Checker
– Server Class
– Amazon c4.large
– Amazon c4.large (dual servers)
– Hosting Speed
– Fast
– Extreme
– Website Backups
– Bandwidth
– Instant DNS
– Botnet protection
– DDoS protection
– Website Installs
– Host Your Own Domains
– Core Certification Course
– Affiliate Bootcamp
– Personal Affiliate Blog
– Weekly Live Video Classes
– Training Modules
– Live Class Database
– Video Walk-Throughs
– Training Classrooms
– Keyword Research Tool
– Competition Analysis
– SiteRank Tracking
– Brainstorm Engine
– Alphabet Soup
– Keyword List Management
– Niche Keyword Lists
– Affiliate Program Search
– Affiliate Program Management
– The Affiliate Program
– Earn While You Learn
– Training Cash -Credit Program
– SiteComment Cash Program
– Super Affiliate Incentive Program

We must remind you that affiliate marketing is not for everyone and before you do too much research and comparing, make sure you have the skills, the personality and so on to handle the tough affiliate marketing life.

There is no point spending $49 a month if you are not equipped to handle the stress, the decision making and the strategy building that takes place in this industry. So go through this information and make sure this is something you want to do.

Just like building a traditional small business, you need to invest a lot of time, sweat and frustration to get it to where it is a viable business.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Pros & Cons

No company is perfect, no matter how hard they try. Wealthy Affiliate is no exception to this fact. There are good and bad points to this company, and you need to be aware of them all before you sign up. Do some research to see if the majority of people agree with these points or not.

Then use the information to help you make your decision. Nothing worth its weight in gold is going to be easy or without issues to solve.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Pros

– Free lifetime account
– Great support system
– A legitimate business to be involved with
– Good training sessions and lots of educational material
– Millions of products to represent
– Hundreds of thousands of niches to work in
– 2 membership plans
– Free websites
– Website building help
– Easy sign-up process
– No pressure, no hype and no recruiting
– Do not have to keep stock on hand
– Hosting for up to 10 websites
– No spam allowed
– Access to the owners
– One stop shopping
– Good for newbies
– Up to 25 website hosting with SSL certificate for $49/mo.

Wealthy Affiliate Cons

– Too much information and you could feel overwhelmed by it all

– Affiliate marketing is not for everyone
– No free membership in Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines, and Vietnam
– Core training possibly missing information
– Training is misleading in its claims
– Core training gives bad advice
– Members do a lot of bashing of other websites and platforms

Keep in mind that many of the cons listed here are from disgruntled people who could not make a go of it using the Wealthy Affiliate process. Take those cons with a grain of salt and investigate them first before letting them influence you.

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

Aside from the cons listed above there are some negatives that take place inside this company. One such example is that Wealthy Affiliate is a very large platform. It is sometimes easy for illegitimate vendors to sneak in and con some of the unsuspecting affiliates and in turn they get screwed.

Another negative is that the company has an internal rating system based on the amount of help you give other members. The ones giving the help earn credit towards their ranking and the community may be too close knit for its own good.

Then success is not going to happen overnight. Even on the internet success takes time and it may be a good 6 months before you see any consistent income coming from your affiliate links. This is where you may need a wakeup call as about 90% of people signing up with this company do not make it in this industry. They quit long before they see any success.

Also, the many negatives you may read about this affiliate marketing platform may be generated from the affiliates themselves. These negatives have no real connection to the company nor were ordered or asked to print such information on the individual websites.

Sometimes individual affiliates get ideas in their head, and they go with those ideas without checking them out to see if they have a legitimate right to publish such data.

Wealthy Affiliate has been sued at least two times that we know of. The second time the Plaintiff was MOBE and the court gave the owners of Wealthy Affiliate $130,000 reward which they immediately sent half to victims of a scam that came through MOBE.

It turned out that MOBE was a scam, and their dirty little secret was exposed in court. The FTC eventually shut it down. MOBE filed the first lawsuit against Wealth Affiliates as well. They lost big.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Make You Money?

No it does not. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate platform only. It does not get customers for you, nor does it help you generate money. Its business is offering you training, websites and website building along with domain names and so on.

Then it provides you support and is a source for products and niches to represent. The money-making part is left up to you and it is on your shoulders if you make money or not. With that said, you can make money through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The way to make money is to follow the rules, make good product and niche choices as well as do other SEO strategies like you are supposed to. Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive industry, and this platform has over 1.4 million members. Then there are other platforms with thousands of more members all trying t make a buck targeting the same audience.

Who comes out on top depends a lot on how you market your website content, the affiliate links and so on? It also depends on how good your content is, if you provide solutions for your audience to benefit from and on it goes. Wealthy Affiliate is a helping hand but the money-making part depends a lot on your personal business skills.

It is possible to say that Wealthy Affiliate is the tool supplier and trainer and not the money-making end of things. They have the knowledge, the tools and the support system in place so you have the best opportunity to make the money you need to in order to meet your financial goals.

The platform is an opportunity to make money and you can do that if you do your business right. There are lot of people who have made it using the Wealthy Affiliate way. You can to if you have the skills and the patience to make it all work for you.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Outdated?

That is an interesting question. As a senior are you outdated 🙂

There is one negative reviewer on the internet who has made such a claim. He claims that the training and education material has not been updated since 2015. Then he claims that the co-founders have not had affiliate marketing success since 2016.

For the later claim, the co-founders do not need current success in affiliate marketing because they are successful in their Wealthy Affiliate business. The accusation is a moot point that has no merit. As for the former claim, he feels that a lot of the material in the premium training sessions will not work in 2020 like it did in 2015. (A link to his review is in the introduction section of this review)

This is all said in contrast to other reviewers and the Wealthy Affiliate website that says the material is constantly updated. Then why not learn old techniques? Search engines change their algorithms all the time. Who knows when they will accept an old way of doing affiliate marketing in the future?

Knowing what does not work anymore also spares new affiliate marketers the time and trouble of trying out such strategies. In other words, if they are told they are not going to work because of algorithms changes, etc., then the new affiliate marketer can implement a better strategy.

Being forewarned is always a plus.

Then you can always ask the community if the information is viable or not. This helps you avoid implementing something that will not work anymore. All information is beneficial in some way even if it is outdated. At least you know what to avoid and keep you searching for the right method to try.

That same reviewer complained that the core training material was missing vital information and poorly organized. That is his opinion and may not be as accurate as he would like it to be. Since Wealthy Affiliate allows you to ask questions an interact with the educators, there is a good chance these issues have been addressed already.

You just need to sign up and ask your own questions to find out. But as it stands, the training should be up to date even though search engine algorithms and affiliate marketing are constantly changing. It is hard to stay up to date when these changes are made in a day, a week, a month or a year.

Wealthy Affiliate Review For Seniors Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate may or may not be your cup of tea. It is a difficult industry to work in even though the audience is growing every year. More and more people are getting connected and looking for products they can get cheaply. You may be happier doing a traditional business and that is fine.

One thing about Wealthy Affiliate that makes it stand out is that it is a one stop shop for all your affiliate needs. That can save you time, money and hassles. As far as we are concerned it is a legitimate business opportunity that puts the tools in your hands and lets you be a success or failure on your own terms.

You cannot ask for more than that. Whether you sign up or not is up to you. The best we can say is that if you have the business skills, character and integrity then you may be a success through affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate.

If you don’t come in with a business background that is ok as well. Team Schuman loves Wealthy Affiliate for senior citizens. Do niche marketing, promote the affiliate program, and work at your own pace. It is a great way to make money online for people in our age group.

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