What Are the Products or Services for Which Generational Marketing Might Be Effective?

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To find the answer to the question ‘what are the products or services for which generational marketing might be effective’ you just have to continue reading our article. It has the information you are looking for when you want to target specific generations in your online business.

Every generation needs products. Life would not go on in many industries if the majority of products were not multi-generational. To perform specific tasks each generation needs to have access to the same products and these products are not what is being talked about in this article.

Products and Services for Different Generations

As we have said, there are multi-generational products and services that will never disappear. Simple items like tools, shovels, gardening equipment, and so on will always be around.

So will services like gardening, lawn care, handyman and so on. They say that the more things change the more they stay the same so you will find that a lot of products will appeal to or be needed by every generation.

This section targets those specific products each generation still likes and uses almost every day.

#1. The Pre-depression Generation

There are not many members of this group still around and it may be rare to find one in good health. That limits the types of products that they will be interested in and buy. Most likely, their grandchildren or children will buy the products for them.

Walking is their main source of exercise so good shoes and socks would be prime products to market to them. Also, they like security so honest legal and financial products would be within their interests.

Then, they spend a lot of time listening or the radio or watching t.v., reading newspapers and magazines so these products would be good to highlight. As for services, most look for good nursing care, nursing homes, and medical products.

#2. The Depression-Era Generation

This is the time frame for those who fought in World War 2, the Korean War, and lived through the depression as children. Their ranks are getting thinner as well, but many are still active as well as getting in need of good medical care.

The products they are interested in are more for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren than themselves. These include clothing, car seats, toys, strollers, and so on. As long as they are made in the U.S. and are top quality, this generation is interested in those products.

They also like second homes, RVs, new cars, travel services, and adult recreational activities. Also, traditional products like TV’s, radios, newspapers, and so on are some of their favorites. They are also at an age where medical services and products are very important.

#3. The Baby Boomer Generation

They call this generation the ‘me generation’ or the selfish generation as their focus and preferences target themselves instead of other people. They are very interested in anti-aging products and take great strides to remain youthful.

Exercise equipment is one of the favorite products as are vitamins and mineral supplements. Then with many baby boomers the primary caregiver for their parents, they need medical products and since some are aging, they need those same products for themselves.

Other products would be a second home, RVS, better cars, and upgraded electronic equipment including security devices. Services would include travel, health, legal, and financial. The last two are most important as this is the generation that is seen with the most wealth.

#4. Generation X

This generation is also called the latch key generation and they have spent more time raising themselves than any of the previous generations. One place they like to shop is at value-oriented shops and other outlets.

Their focus is on products that help them set up a home and they do like good cars. Appliances and children’s products are also on their radar as are home improvement products. They do enjoy entertainment but through cable and internet services instead of traditional television stations.

Other products would be computers, DVD players and similar items. including MP3 game boxes, and other entertainment options.

#5. Generation Y

Otherwise known as the millennial generation and they are probably the most tech-savvy of all the generations. They grew up during the technology explosion and are seen as being a carbon copy of the baby boomer era.

Along with electronic products, all variations, this generation likes tattoos, piercings, and brand name products. They also like green living and energy efficient as well as eco-friendly products.

Then, they prefer services that are not concerned with the bottom line but prefer prestige products over practical and expense. This generation also prefers their cellphones to regular phones and other popular electronic communication devices.

#6. Generation Z

This is the youngest generation to date and the members of this era are just graduating college or still in their teens or childhood years. All they have known is the technology age and have not lived at any time without the internet.

Some of the key products this generation prefers are related to music, fashion, cosmetics as well as video games. They also like to have the best haircut that is trending so good barber or salon services go over well with this age group.

Products that are highly technical and provide instant gratification are also on the top of their preference list. Gym memberships and health insurance are good products as this generation is seen as the unhealthiest of all.

Summary: What Are the Products or Services for Which Generational Marketing Might Be Effective?

It is impossible to list all the products each generation likes. As each generation comes along, the product choice is not so different from their parents’ or grandparents’ generations. A phone is a phone, a car is a car and news is news..

What are the products for which generational marketing might be effective? The basic difference in marketing to each generation is terminology. Each responds to their own accepted method of communication and to market to them effectively one needs to learn their language. The products basically remain the same.

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