What Business Is Right For Me?

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When you consider what business is right for me look at the online marketing category and the blogging niche specifically. There are many advantages seniors have doing blogging as a home business.

So how does blogging and online marketing work?

In the old days we had to have a web page and an email account for our business. Today if you want to have a web page or a snail mail list or advertise products online you do not have to do any of that you can have your blog and you can advertise your business.

If you want to start a home-based business without the overhead that comes with web pages and mail you can use blogging for your online marketing.

How Does Blogging Work?

The way blogging works is you post new content on your blog and anyone who has an interest can read it.

Your posts are like mini articles, and each is little article can stand on its own. If you are talking about advertising on your blog, you can put your email address at the bottom of the post.

This way people who like your blog will be able to know about your business. They will be able to see your business and purchase what they are interested in.

The advantage of this is you can keep your materials simple and clear. You do not have to clutter your blog with fluff.

You can write informative posts about your business and let your posts stand on their own. This way you will get a better readership and your traffic will grow.

Here are some tips to make your blogging easier.

* Keep your keywords in mind all the time. Your keywords are the words or phrase that people enter when they are searching for your goods or services.

The way you keep your keywords in mind is you enter the words or phrases that you think are important when people search for your products or services. Your keywords are the words or phrases that you have on your mind and when people are searching.

* Keep your content short. Your content should be short and concise. If you put too much content on your blog, then your readers will be able to read all of it and get bored with your post.

* Use tags. Tags are tags that you add to your blog posts. This will allow your readers to receive updates by subscribing to your RSS Feed.

You can create different tags such as business, products, service, etc. This will allow your readers to receive updates even if they miss your posts.

Blogging Is Simple

Blogging is a very simple way to make your business and life easier. However, the great thing about blogging is you do not need to be a good writer to do this.

All you need to be good at writing is reading and writing. Your blog can be written in a short time and then published on the internet.

That is what is called fast blogging. Also, blogging is easy for your readers to subscribe to your blog and read your posts.

How to Find Your Own Next Great Idea

People say that they know exactly what they want (their Big Idea), but they don’t know what to do next (what to do Next). I like this idea because it is a lot of fun to go back and forth.

Like on the train, if I am thinking of my next project or research paper or test for an exam, then all of a sudden, I find myself imagining taking a drive down to the beach, taking a dip in the sea and just being, immersed and enjoying it. It is such a release.

I want to do this kind of work for as long as I live. I can only imagine what this kind of research would be like.

How will I be able to find my research subject?

What time of year will I be able to do that?
Can I  to afford it (or what my budget would be)?
What clothes will I be able to wear?
What food will I be able to eat.

My life would be completely transformed.

Endless Potential

As humans, we are amazing at combining things together to come up with new solutions and new combinations. I think that the potential is endless.

I will never stop thinking of my next project, my next research topic, my next test. And I won’t have the time to ever get bored with it.

I don’t mean this in a too goofy way, I mean this in a way that is really inspiring. It is amazing what a thought you can think of when you are not fully engaged in the present.

I do think that now is a great time to focus on yourself. In this moment, you can see all of your strengths and weaknesses and challenges and opportunities. And it is important to focus on what is holding you back.

No one can say what the next step for you is. You have to go into the moment and see what the next step will be for you.

Be A Solutions Oriented Business

So now is a good time to stop thinking about your problems and to start thinking about the solutions. It is a great time to focus on your strengths.

If you focus on your strengths, you will realize that you have amazing strengths and that you are pretty darn good at doing the things you were doing before. And that’s why I tell you to stop worrying about the future and instead think about the past.

What Do You Enjoy?

So, for starters, do what you like to do. Work on a hobby, but do it for you, for your own self development and for your own self-image.

This will open up new doors to you, new channels that you can use to get your message out. If you keep thinking about your problems, you will keep having the thoughts of “What if…”, etc. That is exactly what is going to stop you in your tracks.

Think about the past, the present, and the future, but focus on your strengths. How are you doing in those areas and focus on how you are doing it, how are you doing the project?

If you can’t even get started, try doing a little brainstorming, look at what you love to do, what brings you joy, what brings you excitement? Then look at how you can do that in a way that will make you money and bring you audience.

Then put that in writing, make a contract. And keep writing.

Add Online Marketing to Your Blog

You can monetize any blog by using display ads with it. This is a very simple way for seniors to start making money as they blog.

How do you sell the ads? You don’t

Join Google Adsense or Ezoic after you get a few posts on your blog. They will sell the ads for you.

You just ad a small piece of code to your blog and relevant ads starts showing up. These ads match the theme of your blog and your blog posts!


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