What Is the Advantage of Blogging For Seniors?

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I just have 3 words to say: Seniors, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing. OK that is 4 words, but 3 keywords. Put it altogether and you have a great trio! So, what is the advantage of blogging for seniors? Let’s look at these advantages!

What is this ‘Blogging’ thing for seniors?

It’s an umbrella term for independent blogs, on-line businesses, and other online media such as video streams, blogs, podcasts, webcasts, and even the old standby; newspaper diaries.

But aren’t those things typically frequented by people over the age of 55? Yes, they are, but it doesn’t have to be that way! So, what can be done instead? If you’re capable of learning how to blog, then you have no reason not to begin.

In fact, it’s a great way for the young and inexperienced to begin and maintain their online businesses, and I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s also a great way for the older ‘retired’ to stay in the online marketing game! Plus, the benefits are pretty darned obvious.

What are some of the keys to successful blogging?

Let’s start with the obvious. The most obvious is that you need to have a passion for writing!

I’m not talking about your average blog post either; I’m talking about a passion for it.

You’ve got to have that idea that you’re going to make a difference. You’re going to make a difference in this world. Blogging is an excellent medium to do just that.

I mean there’s so many great aspects to it, but one of them is that it gives you a platform to inspire and inform. Inspire and inform.

Invest Your Time & Energy

Then you’ve got to have a willingness to invest the time and the energy. I mean it’s going to cost you just that much to get started. Not money, but time!

You’ve got to be willing to invest that time and that energy into it. Because there’s a lot riding on it.

Be Original

Then you’ve got to have the ability to create original, informative content, and to write it. Blogs have no problem with this, newspapers need others, diaries need others, and on.

It has no problem with diversity. And don’t worry; it loves it diversity. And finally, and most importantly you’ve got to have the ability to market your blog, and to make money off of it.

Retirees Are Blogging

Blogging has made many ‘retired’ individuals, who were before, able to stay in the online marketing game. They are able to write blog content and to make money with it.

It’s not for everybody! That’s okay, because there’s a different type of blog for everybody.

That blog can be created at the same time that you’re able to identify your niche, your target market and your audience. Those two things are really what you’re trying to identify and define.

This I Fun

It should be noted that you can have a lot of fun with this. Blogging should be fun if you are doing it right.

In fact, one of the most enjoyable things to do, if you’ve got the time, is to do your blogs in stages.

The stages being:

– identify your niche
– define your target market
– define your audience- define your niche.

Do your blog in that order. As long as you’re able to say that your blog is original, informative and profitable. Then you’re good to go!

What Does Blogging Mean to You?

As a business owner, it’s vitally important that you take some time to think about how to become a senior blogger. Blogging means a lot of different things to different people.

Sometimes it’s being able to sit back and relax with a cup of tea while having a look at the blogs that are spinning around the World Wide Web. Sometimes it’s being able to blog and be able to sit back and have a cup of tea while having a look at your blog and knowing that it has got over 1,000 followers.

Write An eBook

A lot of seniors that blog are able to blog because they have managed to put together an eBook. If you’re able to create an eBook that has been promoted and sold, then you are able to blog.

If you haven’t managed to do this then you shouldn’t be planning to blog. I usually just do a Google Doc and write my content in there.

I do this because it’s quicker. Plus, I write my content more quickly than I would if I was looking at a site.


When I put my links on my blog page I usually blog using a theme that has a lot of images and it’s very easy for people to put up images. I usually just put the keywords that I want indexed on the images.

I get traffic back to my blog very quickly and with a lot of people coming. I can often make money from a blog within a few days.

Affiliate Marketing Income

I also use Affiliate Marketing to generate a lot of my income from my blog. I join some affiliate networks in my area and work out a deal with them where I agree to advertise their product and they agree to promote my blog post or page. I don’t get paid very much for this, but I know that I’m helping them keep track of their customers.

You can do all of these things and other things, but there is a rule in affiliate marketing that says that if you don’t have your own product that you shouldn’t be planning to blog. If you’re using someone else’s product then that’s a different matter and you shouldn’t be blogging.

If you’re using someone else’s blog, then there’s no point in blogging because you can just put up your own product and make money from it and you’re still just using someone else’s blog and not gaining any equity from it.

Fresh Content

As long as you’re not using content that someone else wrote you should be ok blogging because it’s your own original content that gives you the equity from the blog.

Once you do that there’s no going back. Once you’ve blogged for a while then you’ve got yourself a blog full of your own content that people can use, and you get any traffic that you might get that way.

Another advantage to blogging is that you can always add more content to your blog. It will always be fresh, so you always have fresh content on your blog that people can always use.

The advantage to this is that you can make money from it.

With affiliate marketing there’s the main disadvantage is that you can’t make money fast. With blogging you can make money really quickly, but the reason why many bloggers write is because it’s a great way to generate passive income.

That is to say write a lot and make a lot of money. With affiliate marketing sometimes it is slow. You can’t always make money fast.

Summary: What Is the Advantage of Blogging for Seniors?

If I was to summarize the advantage of blogging for seniors into one advantage it would be this. You are capable of doing this. Senior bloggers of ages from 55 to 85 or even older are blogging!

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