What No One Tells You About Seniors Starting A Blog

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First let me give you the rah, rah part which I happen to believe. Seniors starting a blog. It’s not as difficult as you might think. In fact, seniors have a lot to offer when it comes to blogging.

For one thing, seniors are often more mature and have a better understanding of the world around them. This can be a valuable asset when it comes to blogging, as seniors can offer a unique perspective on current events and social issues.

Additionally, seniors often have more free time than their younger counterparts, which means they can dedicate more time to writing quality content. And finally, seniors are usually quite tech-savvy, so they won’t have any trouble getting started with blogging.

So if you’re a senior who’s interested in starting a blog, don’t let anyone tell you it’s too late. Go for it!

Whoa……..what about the part no one tells you? Here is what I wish I had known in the beginning.

Why is it hard for seniors to get traffic to their blog?

Build it and they will come doesn’t work. Getting traffic to a new blog is slow and that is why most seniors quit. It isn’t not making money at first. It is that you are posting new articles and no one is reading them.

Here is what I liked at first. Starting a blog can be a great way for seniors to connect with their peers and share their experiences.

However, it can be difficult to get traffic to a new blog. One reason for this is that seniors are not as active online as other age groups. They are also less likely to use social media and other online tools to promote their blog.

In addition, seniors tend to have less time and energy to devote to their blog than younger people. As a result, it can be challenging for seniors to get the word out about their blog and attract new readers.

However, there are some things seniors can do to increase traffic to their site. For example, they can guest post on other blogs, participate in online forums, and use search engine optimization techniques. Seniors can also do paid advertising which we cover in depth in other blog posts.

With some effort, seniors can build a following for their blog and reach their target audience.

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