Why MLM Recruiting? Discover How to Do It

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Network Marketing is a direct sales business model first and foremost. The reason MLM companies and independent distributors get in trouble they forget this. They focus on MLM recruiting and not selling the great products their company offers.

A company’s main focus is on selling their product and not recruiting. The way they make their money is by selling the product to customers, and the distributors or independent distributors are just meant to help customers with the purchases.

The one thing I will say is you will need a lot of patience and determination. You do not make it by relying on your upline or your upline’s downline.

It takes a lot of work to be successful in network marketing. It is not possible to rely on anyone for your success.

Just remember this…

The two most important skills you will need are:

1. Communication skills

Communication skills you will need with your customers. This means understanding the products and the business.

You will need to be able to answer questions from your customers. This is why it is vital that you ask every question to the potential prospect.

You need to know exactly what they want to know, and what they need to know. You will have to be able to answer any question they might have.

Persistence is a must. This is why you will need to believe in yourself.

You will to be persistent and understand that some people will not want what you are offering. Also, you will also need to understand that not everyone will join your opportunity.

You will find that some people will join your opportunity, however, they will not buy the product because they think it is not enough value for the price, they are paying for it. Some people will not even be interested in the opportunity. This is normal.

Many people will give up. The only thing you need to do is understand this and Persistence will make you succeed.

2. Selling skills.

This is the real skill. This skill is what will make you succeed. It is the selling skill that will make you to sponsor 100’s of people into your network marketing business.

It is the selling skill that will also make you to get people to do everything for you. They will do all the talking, they will do all the selling, and they will even get people to come to you.

The basic selling skills are;

1. Tell Me What You Are Selling.

This is the selling skill that is vital. People need to know exactly what you are selling. You need to know exactly what you are selling, and it must be compelling enough to make them buy. It must be compelling enough to get them to say yes.

You will need to have a presentation that teaches how to sell. It is also important that you get your audience to participate in the selling process.

2. Can You Explain It To Me?

Can you explain this to me? The can you explain it to me is a very important question.

You need to be able to articulate exactly what your product or opportunity is and how they are going to benefit from it.

It is also important that you have a system in place to generate interest in your product or opportunity. This will get people to ask you questions about your product or opportunity.

3. Can You Share It With Me?

Can you share it with me? You need to be able to show your audience exactly how your product or opportunity will change their lives.

It will also be important that you have a system in place to build up to your closing. You also need to be able to ask your audience questions to get them in the driver seat.

This is a critical component of effective MLM recruiting. You will need to know how to ask your audience what they think.

Your aim is to have your audience as a group vote yes or no.

This will ensure you have the numbers in your favor. Also make sure you have a good follow up. It will be important that you know what to do after you have had your yes.


Your closing should be a good follow up to your introduction. Your closing should be all about getting people to commit and make the purchase. For the majority of your business, it is about closing the sale.

MLM or Network marketing recruiting may seem like a difficult thing to do. You have your warm market; you have your intimate friends and family.

How do you get strangers to buy something from you? The idea of being a stranger just doesn’t appeal to us.

We would like to know how we will be compensated for this venture. There are many ways you can get yourself on the right track.

First and foremost, you need to have the correct MLM recruiting mindset. Secondly you need to be using a system that is able to help you grow your business. The most important thing is to follow up effectively.

MLM Recruiting: Buy MLM Leads

One way to do MLM recruiting is to buy MLM leads. This is a good idea if you are comfortable following up via email, text and calling the leads personally. You can also buy bulk list of phone numbers, IP addresses, etc. These are leads that have been pre-sold and should be treated as such.

Ray Higdon is a famous MLM trainer. He talks about buying MLM leads. He even refers a lead company if you want to buy leads and work them.

Rob Fore talks about attraction marketing. This has been covered a lot over the years.

Building a blog in the MLM niche is one way to make yourself more attractive to people interested in joining an MLM company. What does Bizzy Seniors think?

Using the Internet in social media, YouTube and blogging is the way we would do it if we wanted to do MLM recruiting. A google search will overload you information!

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