Will Making a Website Cost Money?

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Seniors will find that making a website can be a cost-effective way to stay connected with friends and family. If you want to make money with a website there are many ways to do that as well. There are a number of free web-building platforms available, and seniors can also take advantage of discounts on web hosting and domain names.

In addition, seniors can use their website to promote their hobbies or businesses, which can generate income to offset the costs of website development. Overall, seniors will find that making a website can be a great way to stay connected and active without breaking the bank.

TeamSchuman.com spent around $35 to get our website going. We bought our domain name and host our site at GoDaddy. We got our header designed at Fiverr for $5. WordPress is what we use to manage our content and we bought a premium version of the Generate Press Theme for $47.

All totaled we have $82 plus a little bit of time into getting TeamSchuman off the ground.