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When you are not technology savvy, for seniors who grew up in the old-school world, becoming technology capable can mean going through a long learning curve. It can be done, and you should be able to master the process. This WordPress review helps you see if this website building option is for you or not.

That is one thing about WordPress that is beneficial to seniors who are not familiar with internet technology. It is easy to use, most of the time it is free, and you get to use one of the world’s most popular webs building websites.

Team Schuman uses WordPress and has for as long as I can remember blogging. For our blog here we are using the Premium Generate Press theme which has a lot of features and is easy to use.

Let’s get into this review and look at the good and the bad of WordPress, which will be mostly the good as I see it. 🙂

What is WordPress?

For those that do not know, WordPress is actually two different companies. There is a WordPress.org, which is a self-hosted software option and there is a WordPress.com which is more of a content-based management system.

The main difference between the two types of hosting options is that in the WordPress.org, you have complete control over every aspect of your website. That means you have access to all the bells & whistles that come with this company right from the time you create your website.

The WordPress.com side of the company does have some limitations to it. You would have to explore both sites to see if one is better for you than the other.
Is WordPress free

How Does WordPress Work?

The simplest way to answer this question is that all you have to do is go to their website and create your own personal website or blog using their system. You will have to do some signing up, but the good news is that this company’s sign-up is free for the basic package.

There are paid upgrades you can turn to if you want to monetize your website and make some money off of it. Once you have signed up, you can create just about any type of blog site you want.

There is not a council or one person monitoring the content you place on your web pages. Of, course, you have to stay within legal limits and within reason as well.

Can You Make Money with WordPress?

Yes, you can do this, but you are not using any affiliate marketing representation. There is no money to be made representing a free software system. The way to make money is to pay for the upgrades and move your website up a notch or two.

Once you get up a level or more, you can monetize your website, add a checkout and payment methods. This company uses the old business adage, it takes money to make money. You do need to pay something in order to make some money through your blog site. There are other options but that will be explained in the next section.

Examples Of How to Make Money with WordPress

The ways to make money through a WordPress website are first, as already described, you can upgrade in order to monetize the site. This upgrade gets you access to different options that allow you to make money while just typing out what you want people to read.

Another way to make money is to sign up for Google AdSense but this option has to wait till you upgrade as well. Then you can add a web page that allows you to accept sponsored posts. Advertisers and other people would pay you a set fee that you agree on and then they provide the content for that post.

Or you can simply, promote any products you are making. Then have a way for your readers to contact you to make payment.

WordPress pros and cons

WordPress Review Pros:

it is free to use for the most part- you may have to pay for the domain name and web hosting as well as other products but you can blog for free
freedom – you get to post what you want on the site. It is yours to do with as you please but within certain limits
lots of customization options available
unlimited plug ins
easy integration

WordPress Review Cons:

no direct support which means no live chat, e-mails or phone help
there is a learning curve
you are responsible for maintenance and security
upgrade needed to monetize your website
no drag and drop system

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

We found no lawsuits against the company. But then if there were any it would be against their paid-for products and not against the free portion of the software system.

There are some negatives you should be aware of. The company does offer different products that can cost a nice sum of money. The upgrades may seem cheap but they are charged by the month which adds up quickly for seniors on a tight budget.,

Some courses range between $5 and $50 while some themes can go as high as $5000. Plug ins and technical support costs are not exactly cheap either

Is WordPress Legitimate?

Yes, it is and it is a company that has built about 39% of the world’s websites. If you think about how many people are online, that translates into millions of websites the company has built for free.

Also, you do get to put the content on your website the way you want it to read. That freedom is very valuable when you are not the most refined in your writing style. Also, you do get what is advertised and at the cost advertised so there is nothing scammy or illegitimate about this company

WordPress Review Final Thoughts

When you want a voice and you want the world to hear your voice, WordPress is one software option to go to to be heard. The sign-up cost is perfect for seniors who are living on a tight budget, and you can sell items without monetizing the site to help you get by. it is just more difficult to make sales.

But the exposure is worth it as it can be seen as free advertising which any senior can use when they want to start an online business. This WordPress review is positive, and it is worth checking the company out.

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